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8 Famous Places To Get Best Delhi Street Food

delhi street food guide

One of the best gifts that Delhi has bestowed on each one of us is the multitude of street food it offers. From Tibetan momos to old Delhi chaats and rolls calories always get trivial before the mouth-watering food stocked in its streets. Delhi sure knows about flavors and has a way of mixing the old with the new ones. Old Delhi street food especially has a very long history with food and is undoubtedly one of the best street food places in the world. So let us have a look at some of the best places in Delhi to tickle the foodie in you. One can visit these place by renting a self-driven car in Delhi or bike. Delhi Metro is also available connecting the corners of National Capital Region.

8 Amazing  Places For The Best Street Food in Delhi


So you think you’ve had the best butter chicken in the world? Well, you should try Aslam chicken corner for a change in opinion. Garnished with twenty-two secret spices, six types of paste and oodles of butter Aslam chicken corner is a divine blessing from the food gods. This experiment version of butter chickens just melts in the mouth to be savoured. Located in Chandni Chowk, it should be visited by dedicated foodies to know what they have been missing.


Roshan di kulfi is equally famous for two equally delicious food: chole bhature and kulfi falooda. While chole bhature needs no introduction if you are from north India since it is so special. Kulfi falooda is a delight to taste buds too. Spice up your life with some tasty chole bhature from Roshan di kulfi and then compliment it with Kufli falooda to satiate the spices in your palette. We promise you will keep on returning to Karol Bagh to have this unusual combo whenever you are in Delhi.


It would be hard to believe that it just a food stall but still one of the most cited and talked street food spot in Delhi with spicy chole and soft kulche. Lotan makes Chawri Bazaar and Chandni Chowk because of his stall. You can see a dense crowd outside the stall with bowls of chole and kulche and the best part Lotan’s chole is that it comes in three different level of spices: mild, medium and hot. Lotan’s chole will surely get your tongue and stomach on fire and want you to have more and more.


Chandni Chowk and its narrow streets and food stalls hold the crown for being food capital of Delhi and are therefore jammed by Delhites. Natraj Dahi Bhalle is one such place. In mere 60 rupees, your taste buds will thank you forever for what you just had. With bhalle with curd and chutni on top garnished with masalas, Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala is one of the most visited street food place in Chandni Chowk.


Awadhi kebabs and rumali roti with chutney. You can find this sensational treat at Kautilya marg in Chanakyapuri. With a decent crowd always waiting for their turn these kebabs are really good. Blending more than 50 spices together Al Kauser brings you kebabs that make you lick your finger.


When generation of your family is perfecting the craft, you have got to be good at it. And khandani pakode wala is one such story. Situated in the busy street of Sarojini market this shop serves a variety of pakodas that will leave you in awe. From basic aloo pakoda to loyis stem pakodas.This shop will astonish you with their taste and perfection. Compliment it with badaam milk from the same shop and you just had a quintessential evening snack.


These thick JALEBI with Rabdi at the top is exactly what your sweet tooth has been missing. This famous jalebi shop is situated in Chandni Chowk always surrounded by customers waiting for their crunchy jalebi. Undoubtedly Old famous Jalebi Wala makes the best JALEBIS in Delhi and one of the best in India.


Paan has been one of the gifts of North Indeed and Delhi has not forgotten to keep it alive. For your tongue to savour a handful of varieties of paan visit Odeon paan shop. Situated at the heart of Connaught place Odeon paan shop offers some special plans like chuski paan, chocolate paan, fire paan, strawberry paan. And the way the shopkeepers make you eat the paan is one big experience in its own self. For one unique experience, you should for sure visit it when in Connaught place.

Street food joints in Delhi are too much to be counted and flavours in its streets are too delightful to suffice into single praise since every road has a flavor for you to cherish. The above mentioned just being places that would bring regret if not tried once in life.

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Places to Visit in Dehradun for Couples

Places to visit in Dehradun For couples

Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand, is one of the favourite places among tourists across the nation. But when it comes to spending quality time with your love or spouse Dehradun is a number one choice for couples. Dehradun is famous for its natural beauty which beautifies the time one spends with his/her partner. There are so many places in Dehradun which provide romantic yet mesmerizing ambiance to the couples who come here from across the nation.

Perhaps you a car owner, which is a great thing, but still you could see couples on the bike. If you are a tourist and you don’t have a bike then you can see bike rental in dehradun. Before you visit our city, you can read this article for the same.

Here is the list of top 10 places to visit with your loved ones in Dehradun.

  1. Buddha Temple

buddha temple-dehradun

Buddha Temple is one of the famous places of Dehradun to visit. It is located in Clement town which is 1 Km away from ISBT.  This place provides a peaceful and calm environment for people who come here. This place is ideal for couples who are in search of a place where they can spend some time with their loved ones. The main attraction of this place is Buddha’s idol which is 50 (approx) meter long. There is also a building where Buddhist philosophies and teachings can be seen. Buddha temple is the largest Buddhist sanctuary of Asia which makes is the most visited place of Dehradun.

  1. MDDA Park

MDDA park-dehradun

MDDA Park is one of the most sought places of Dehradun for couples. It provides a romantic and peaceful ambiance to the people who come here. In MDDA park people feel being in love with nature. This place is good for Individuals, couples, and families. This place is located at Rajpur road which is a heart of Dehradun.

  1. Malsi Deer Park / Dehradun zoo

malsi deer park-dehradun

Dehradun zoo whose previous name was Malsi Deer Park is a fabulous place to visit for couples. One can reach here through public transport; it is located at Mussoorie road.  There are so many wild animals in this place that are caged for people’s safety. The ambiance of this place is very calm and peaceful which is conducive to spend quality time with your loved ones. There are many swings and benches which make one comfortable to stay here. This place is surrounded by forest which gives a close to nature feeling.

  1. Maggi Point

Maggi Point-Dehradun

Maggi Point is located at Dehradun- Mussoorie road. There are many shops that serve hot and spicy Maggi to customers at this root, therefore, it is called a Maggi point. This is an idol place for lovers and friends to hang out. This place has a great natural sightsee which makes one’s experience memorable. People who go to Mussoorie or come from Mussoorie usually stop at this point and enjoy hot and spicy Maggi in its cold atmosphere.

  1. Mussoorie


Mussoorie is one of the most sought places among tourists all across the nation and world. Mussoorie is 45 KM away from Dehradun, one can easily come here either on their personal vehicles or on public transport. Buses and Taxies can be boarded to visit Mussoorie from Dehradun Railway station. The environment of this place is always cold, especially at night. Newly married couples come here to spend quality time with their spouse. This place is also ideal for couples who are in the relationship or who are tired of their hectic lifestyle.

  1. Rajpur Road

Rajpur Road-dehradun

Rajpur Road is the heart of Dehradun. This road runs from the clock tower to Rajpur. This is a place where couples can roam freely and have foods and snacks. There are so many clubs and bars at Rajpur road which makes it a first choice for having fun. Mostly, couples wander and shop at Rajpur road. There are many Malls and Multiplex at this road where one can go with loved ones. It is a most favourite place among youngsters.

  1. Cloud End

cloud end-dehradun

Cloud End is located 6KM away from Library, Mussoorie. This place is covered with clouds, therefore, it is called Cloud End. The atmosphere of this place is cold which makes it a good choice to visit in the summer season. The natural sightsee and sceneries of this place make one’s experience memorable. This is an ideal place for couples to spend some romantic and quality time with their lovers. One can easily reach here in one’s own vehicle or one can also board a taxi from Mussoorie.

  1. Robbers Cave

Robbers Cave is a cave which is believed to be a hideout place of Robbers in British raj. This place is located 4-5 Km from Garhi Cant, Dehradun. One can easily reach here through public transport or one’s own vehicle. This is an ideal place for couples to wander freely holding each other’s hand, enjoying the natural sightseeing. If someone is looking for a place to rebuild one’s relationship with his/her partner this place could be proved fruitful. People can also come here with friends and family to enjoy the waterfall and pool of water.

  1. FRI (Forest Research Institute)


FRI was established by the British Empire in 1906. This place is one of the cleanest places of Dehradun. The main attraction of this place is its greenery and peaceful environment. FRI is one of the favourite places among couples who want to spend some time with their lovers. The whole campus of FRI is mesmerizing because of its beauty. One can roam throughout the campus holding one’s partner’s hand. This place is also good to visit with family and friends. There is also a Museum in the building which people love to visit.

  1. Maldevta


Maldevta is located in Raipur, Dehradun. One can reach here through one’s own vehicle or through public transport. This place is one of the favourite places among couples who want a peaceful and refreshing environment to rebuild their relationship. Couples who want to spend some quality time with their lovers or partners can come here and enjoy the natural beauty with fresh air. This place is a perfect relief from the life of polluted cities and work stress. People who come in Dehradun must visit this place for a memorable experience with mesmerizing natural sceneries.

Times spent with a lover are the most memorable moments of human life. When these spent times are accompanied by romantic and natural places this enhances one’s experience and memorable moments. Visit all these places for romantic and memorable moments with your lovers, family, and friends. And enhance the quality of your life.

This post is written by Vanshanu Raj a blogger from Dehradun. For more details, you can Google my name. Thank You.

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Espresso Lovers Need the Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine

People always get confused between authentic Italian espresso and American beverages with this easy-to-use Nespresso Lattissima Pro by DeLonghi that is one of the best home espresso machines. A lot of people use this Authentic Espresso Machine in their office. Not only in the office but also this famous machine is most popular as the best home espresso machine. Most of the people of United States girls and boys maximum time wants the best espresso at home in the morning. But it is one of the great problems they can’t enjoy the real taste of espresso. Why? You should know if you can choose the right espresso maker you must enjoy the original taste of flavor. This is that coffee or espresso maker which is able to adjust all elements of espresso and 100% accurate its flavor which is needed for best cup. This traditional design espresso maker is accurately mixing the milk with espresso with its own technique. The Manufacturer gives its shape for home use and official use.  These capsules are designed to take off the extra effort with traditional espresso brewing and provide the secure cleanup system.

Nespresso Lattissima Pro Features

The Nespresso Lattissima pro from Delonghi is the surely high reliable machine which is enough to fill up your demand by making latest espresso and cappuccino.  With its powerful automatic cappuccino system provides you perfect layers of espresso with dense, long-lasting and rich foam in every cup.

This is the newly discovered traditional espresso maker which is a pro model and inspired by the professional machine quality. The coffee and espresso making system is given by the manufacturer is a high level of simplicity more than other general espresso machines.

Need more effective and faster espresso maker? Don’t worry! This Nespresso Lattissima Pro quality espresso machine is made with the advanced technology and modern features with a fresh effective touch screen.

This machine does not produce a bit of sound so it is another great feature for you and this is why it will be a perfect choice for your home and office as you want. This model is not so heavy so it will be the best model if you want to use it in a different place because it is a suitable portable espresso machine.

With the robust design, sleek touch screen, pure aluminum body shape connects with only 1300 watt electricity this machine currently presents you the latest and original Cappuccinos, Lattes or Coffee by just touching a button. The manufacturer directly produces its all parts and supply around the world, so you don’t need harassing to find out its any parts if you need any time.

 Its Nespresso aluminum capsule system is an ultimate convince that provide authentic tastes. Water flows with the pressure of 19 bars and extracts a little bit flavor of espresso at the precise temperature. With integrated carafe dispenses milk for coffee according to adjustable taste. The unit is completely secured and made with unique design, so no milk allocates on the machine. The machine gets heat up in no seconds with the high-quality thermoblock system. So you don’t need to wait a long time to get your favorite hot espresso with original taste.


  • Capsules are easily recyclable and provide finest and authentic espresso tastes.
  • Easy-to-use with the simple touch of one button.
  • Without cleaning it is able to give you the real taste for a long time.
  • The dishwasher is completely safe.
  • This hot machine works with Rapid heating system so you will be able to heat up within seconds.
  • The integrated system of milk dispenses accurate amount for every level.
  • Provide easy selection between regular and bold strength.


  • Rapid heat up system sometimes collapse and cause overheating
  • Because of over-pressure water overflows from the machine

This heroic espresso machine is 10.8 x 7.6 x 13 inches in measuring and weight is only 12.6 pounds. The famous manufacturer Delonghi America has produced this machine and directly supply all over the United States of America. Till now this company doesn’t supply directly internationally but they make a plan to supply this espresso machine maximum country in the worlds. See more Powerful Espresso Maker and Coffee Maker on

How to choose the Best model:

There are too much espresso machines in the market with low quality and best quality. This is really hard work to find one best and right machine from the various kinds of espresso making machines. You should buy the right machine to get the bold taste of espresso flavor. Otherwise, the right model you can’t make the finest espresso to get original taste. I can challenge you with this Nespresso Lattissima Pro must fill your demand by serving the original espresso.

Now I am going to tell you how to choose your best espresso maker easily. Please read these tips first to last with minds. You should find out some different affordable features for choosing one.

Is this machine is manual: You should to find the machine which can operate manually. With this machine, you can easily be done any espresso manually step by step.

The Machines management system: Management system is another vital feature for espresso owner. If the management system is complex then you can’t operate this machine easily. So you need to buy an easily operated machine for better use.

Hit up timeframe: Time maintain is the root of all success. Many coffee lovers can’t drink their favorite espresso or coffee for the lack of time, because they are all time busy in their own work. So take the machine which can hit your espresso in no time.

Power Cable Length: For the short length of power cable many users can’t set the machine in their table’s best place easily. So, try to use the long cable all time.

Cleaning system and time: Many espresso and coffee machines have a complex cleaning system and this is why the users can’t clean their machines easily. For the complex system, they don’t want to clean their machine regularly. When they don’t clean it regularly so people don’t get the best taste and sometimes it produces a bad smell.

Capacity: Espresso machines capacity is a strong lockable feature for user experience. First, you think the espresso machine you use in which section or how many people? Then you decide how much capacity will be right for you.

Please see the pros and cons before buying your espresso maker. If you required the above choosing tips before buying one I believe you will be the best owner of your right espresso machine.

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How to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Wider?

Small Kitchen

The Perfect Classy Kitchen that Any Housewife Would Love!

Nowadays most homes will have a really small kitchen. My grandma was totally shocked to see the kitchen size we have as it was twice smaller than the one she used to have. However, that’s how it is and still, we need to figure out how to organize it the best way. Eventually, when I added too many new items to the kitchen it began to seem even smaller. And so I did some research and found out some kitchen organization ideas small spaces to make it look wider. Try this out and see how well this help!

Make a Tool Belt around Your Stove

We want to have our “go to” items within the reach when we are cooking. These items are of course the regularly used ones and having them anywhere good for easy access will work great. Suppose you have bottles of oil, pepper mills, and spices and of course salt as your essential items, think about having a tray to keep them all in one place. It doesn’t matter if you use an ordinary tray or something fancy. Just have any tray that meets your décor expectations. Think as the area beside your stove as the tool belt for your cooking. Having most important items here will help you as well as give your small kitchen a more organized look.

Hang Your Pots & Pan

Hanging pots and pans are something that most of the chefs will do and you will obviously notice that in pictures or cooking shows. Well, utilize that idea! Don’t worry if there isn’t a large area to hang them. Any small corner or free ceiling space would do great for the purpose.

You can have some S-hooks and screw them in that space. This is one of the most creative and effective hanging ways. Also installing a handrail against a wall and then placing few S-hooks will also make a way for hanging your pans and pots. These two ideas are the one that helped me to free up space from my cupboards. Also, they become more accessible than before. That’s how you get a classy decorative statement with effective space saving. Amazing right?

A Clutter-free Sink!

Do you dream about having a great sink that doesn’t become a depot for tools such as a scrubber, moisturizer lotions, and hand wash bottles? Well, just get another pretty tray or some pretty tiny containers. Place your brushes or sponges whatever you have in these containers. A glass dispenser would hold your hand soap with grace and make less mess. Also, you can use containers to hold the cleaning and scrubbing items. These tools won’t cost you a lot and still give your sink an uncluttered but unified look.

A Better Recycling Plan

Recycling has become so much more important and sometimes too challenging. A pull out trash bin with multiple bins will make sorting easy. But if that doesn’t sound right to you then maybe you can also make a corner with nice looking containers or baskets. These would grab all your glass, paper or other wastes and keep them in one place without making a mess all over the kitchen. Also, you can label them and then it would be much easier to know which trash bin is for what trash items. And that way you’ll get rid of piles of trash jamming in your kitchen.

Spice for Your Spices

Storing condiments and spices in canning or glass jars is another great organization idea I personally loved! Because these jars add a bit of decoration to my kitchen which I really appreciate. Also, it gives a more uniform look than just keeping them in the packets they come in. Simply put these jars on a shelf or maybe a drawer and save a lot of space. Another important point, label them up! This will make access easier when in need. Some of the spices might be your daily used ones, have them on your stove area which I already explained.

The Triple E

Better kitchen space is EASY, EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE to work in. These are the triple Es you need to remember. And to follow the rule, you need to do regular decluttering. Ten minutes of pruning the chunks out every once in a week would give you the sort-out kitchen you need to have. So make sure you give the attention your kitchen deserves. It would make a great impact on the overall organization and decoration!

Get Rid of Junk Drawers

And now let me name one thing that is a common trouble for almost everyone. Junk Drawers! There is a very good reason why we call it that way. These drawers hold everything, starting from scissors, knives, spices, bottles of vinegar and literally anything. Don’t use one space for multiple uses. This will only lead to muddling up everything. Having a drawer or cupboard space for specifically one or two items will make things so much more mess free.

Have Some Emotional Décor

Organizing doesn’t mean you’ll have to follow disciplines and rules only. We have special attachments to the stuff we get as a gift. Maybe a blender, the magnetic knife rack or simply the wine glass sets. You don’t just stuff them up in your cupboards. Try to bring it up and show off some decoration skills! You’ll find so many ways to use these stuff and make your kitchen look smarter. One idea is to empty an existing shelf and stuff some of them in that area. Now don’t use too many items or it might look cluttered. Go for the minimum.


Organizing your small kitchen is a part of decent home décor. Don’t think you won’t be able to have a good looking kitchen if the size is small. Try these kitchen organization ideas small spaces and also go for your own creative ideas. See how it changes the whole feel. Remember a kitchen with a small body but a large heart is all that really matters!

Author BIO

Hello, This is George. I am a blogger and my vocation is Engineering. I am a Sink & Faucet Expert. Working as an Associate Engineer at SS Industry. Keep on visiting my website for more Solution. Thanks.

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5 Must See Places in Shimla

Places in Shimla

Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. It is also the largest city in the state. Shimla, in the year 1864, was declared as the Summer Capital of the Indian Subcontinent under the reign of the British. Since then Shimla has been seeing more and more tourists every passing year. Not just being a tourism heritage, Shimla is also the commercial, educational and the cultural center of Himachal Pradesh.


Take a look at the 5 places in Shimla that are not worth missing


Why visit there?

The mall road at Shimla is the picturesque shopping destination in the city. The road is an abode to various restaurants, clubs, banks, tourist information centers, shops, handicrafts and post offices. All the main offices of the city are located here, at Mall Road. There are offices of the Municipal Corporation, the police department, and the fire service. Use your redbus coupons to reach the mal road.

What to do there?

All tourists enjoy walking on the Mall road and to see the different shops here that sell different things for everyone’s taste and the beautiful local handicrafts. At the Mall Road, there is the Gaiety Theatre which is a facsimile of the old theatre od the British era. It is also the center to cultural activities.

Look out for

Look out for the Himachal Emporium where one can shop for handicraft products of the state of Himachal Pradesh like Pottery, Jewellery, and woollen clothes.

The Ridge Road is a large and open space that is situated at the heart of the city that runs along east to west along with the Mall Road. The Ridge Road and the Mall Road meet each other at a place called as the Scandal Point which is located at the west side. At the east side of the Ridge Road lies the Lakkar Bazar which is popularly known for wooden Items, decorations, and materials.

Mall Road Shimla

Special attraction

What is more exciting about visiting this place is that the Mall Road has been seen in making movies of Bollywood which went on to be blockbusters like 3 Idiots, Bang Bang, Black, Tamasha, Jab we met, Gadar, Main Tera Hero, and Udaan. So what are you waiting for? use the redbus coupons that you have to go to the Mall Road at Shimla.


Where is it?

The Jakhoo Hill is 2 kilometers away from the city of Shimla. It is located at an altitude of 2455 meters above sea level approximately. Get there by using the redbus coupons for your travel to Shimla’s Jakhoo Hill.

What is it famous for?

The Jakhoo Hill has an ancient temple of Lord Hanuman. The way to get there goes from the Ridge Road aside the famous Mall Road of Shimla. It is a short trek of about an hour. One will come across the dense forest and the make tees of deodar that are found in the forests.

Ideal for

People who love treks and would not want to miss the super tall statue of Lord Hanuman.  One can also hire a pony or a taxi to get there.

Jakhoo Hill in Shimla


Our primitive brothers and sisters, the monkeys are there at the Jakhoo Temple in abundance however these monkeys will give back double of the love that they will get from you. They are friendly and will be glad to get a fruit or some food treat from you.

Don’t wait! Get there by using the redbus coupons that you have.


About the Museum

The museum was established in the year 19774. it is home to many paintings, sculptures and other attractions of the city. The museum is said to host a collection of about 9000 items for the spectators that come here to look at them.

Galleries at the museum are:

  • Indian archaeology
  • Prehistoric objects
  • Himachal archaeology
  • Wood carvings
  • Photographs
  • Wood carvings
  • Bronzes
  • Gandhi gallery
  • Pahari miniature paintings
  • contemporary arts and wall painting.

Apart from this, there are other artifacts too. use redbus coupons to reach to the museum.

When to go there?

The museum is open from 10 am in the morning to 1.30 pm and then it opens after a break at 2 pm and closes at 5 pm. To get discounts on the bookings to use redbus coupons.


Where is it?

The Christ Church at Shimla is located at the ridge road. To get there one can use the existing redbus coupons.

The speciality of the Church

The church is really majestic. It happens to be one of the oldest in the state. It is said that the Christ Church at Shimla is the second oldest church in the whole region of North India.

Look out for

Look out for the glass stained windows of the church that represent different values and virtues like Faith, hope, charity, fortitude, patience, and humility.this is one of the spots in Shimla that one cannot afford to read. Use redbus coupons to reach there and at the same time save a few bucks.


Where is it?

The Tara Devi temple is located 11 kilometers from Shimla. It is situated on the picture perfect view on the top of the hill. It can be seen when traveling from the Kalka Shimla National Highway. Get your tickets booked using Redbus coupons to go and visit the beautiful Tara Devi Temple.

How to reach?

Reaching up to the Tara Devi Temple is not an easy task. The visitors have to trek all the way through the forest and the forest land to reach the top and visit the Tara Devi Temple. While on the trek, one can enjoy the fresh air which is nowadays rarely found in the polluted cities.

Look out for

On reaching the top one can take the blessing of the goddess Tara Devi. After that one can enjoy the view of the lofty Himalayas backdrop from the hilltop.

Shimla Tara Devi Temple

The significance of the temple

The Tara Devi Temple is said to be as old as 250 years. According to a tale, goddess Tara Devi herself came from West Bengal all the way to Himachal Pradesh and to honor this, the Kings that rules the Sen dynasty built this temple here as per the wish of the deity of their family. use redbus coupons to reach the nearest spot from where you can trek your way to the Tara Devi Temple.

All those looking for a cool getaway here’s where you should head to using the redbus coupons that you have.

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Places to Visit in Delhi with Friends

Places to Visit in Delhi with Friends

Delhi is the perfect blend of historical and traditional culture. The city is featured with many attractions including forts, mosques, and monuments. If you want to feel some relaxation and want to explore the history of India then just head and plan a tour to Delhi.

Here’s a list of the top places to visit in Delhi for Delhiites

India Gate

India Gate-India

India gate is the perfect site for a picnic, street, and regional food, you can classify it as an ideal place to visit in Delhi in Summers. You will love heading here if you are in the mood to play cricket or just want to spend quality time with your friends. Lots of people come here with their family to enjoy street food such as chuski-wallahs and bhelpuri. You can also have a visit to Bikaner House and enjoy some Jammu food at Chor Bizarre.

If you are visiting this place in the morning then you must head to state Bhaven to have some fresh coffee and breakfast at very affordable rates, hence it the perfect hangout places in Delhi for students.

Old Delhi

Old Delhi

Old Delhi is the cheap places to go in Delhi, as here where you can get the perfect street food at a budget price. At this place, you will get an overwhelming variety of street foods. This place is located near the Jama Masjid area, so be assured you will get juiciest kebabs and plates of Nihari and Mutton Ishtu. If you head toward the Chandni Chowk from this place you will surely get the yummy fast food including Bedmi Aloo from Shyam Sweets and Dahi Bhallas from Natraj Dahi Bhalla. If you want to enjoy the delicious food at a very cheap rate then must go ahead and enjoy with your friends.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid-Delhi

Jama Masjid is another esteem place to visit in Delhi NCR, as it is the largest mosque of India. The mosque is built in six years and got completed in 1656. The grueling climb to southern tower offers you with grand of Delhi. The courtyard of the mosque can hold more than 25000 devotees. Always be assured to be well dressed before visiting this place, this means that you should cover your head, legs, and shoulder properly. Accoutre are available there for cover.

Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk-Delhi

Chandi Chowk, the main street of Delhi, the oldest and busiest market of India. This place is congested and crumbling but it is captivating too.  Cycle rickshaws, cars, animals, pedestrians and pedestrians compete for space. The main thing is it is the narrow lane with inexpensive shops of fabrics, jewelry, and electronics. Chandi Chowk can be adventure places in Delhi as here you can taste the sample of excellent street food. The Delhi dining institute Karim Hotel is also located here.

Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun tomb-Delhi

Humayun Tomb is just like the Taj Mahal in Agra, as it is the inspiration for the Taj Mahal’s creation. It was the first Mughal Architecture built in India and after this; it was built across all over the country by Mughal rulers. It is situated at Nizamuddin East, New Delhi which is near to Nizamuddin train station of Mathura Road. The opening hours of this elegant place is from sunrise to sunset and the best view is in the golden light at late afternoon.

The entry cost for Indian is 30 Rupees and for Foreigners, 500 rupees. The visit is free for the children below 15.

Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar-Delhi

Qutab Minar is an incredible example of early Indo–Islamic architecture and it is the tallest brick Minar in the world. It was built under the Muslim rule in India. There are many other historical sites to visit nearby this.  This place is located near Mehrauli, south Delhi. The entry fee for Indian is 30 Rupees and foreigner it is 500 rupees.  This site is open daily from sunrise to sunset.

This is the best place to visit with the friend if you love to explore the history of India and very inexpensive food is available here.

Bahai (Lotus) Temple

India. New Delhi, Lotus temple.

The Bahai Temple is widely known as Lotus Temple, as it is in the shape of the lotus flower. It is the best places to visit in Delhi at night as it particularly looks pretty at night with the attractively lit up. It is made of concrete covered with white marble and the temple symbolizes the unity of all people and religions. People from every religion are welcomed here. It is located Near Nehru Place, South Delhi. There is no entry fee and the opening time is from 9:00 am to sunset. This place remains closed on Monday.

Red Fort

Red Fort-Delhi

Red Fort is a reminder of the Mughal era as well as it symbolizes the Indian struggle for freedom. It was built by the famous face Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. If you want to take your imagination back to the ancient era, then you must give a visit to this historical place as there is one hour sound and light show held here each evening.  This place is located Opposite Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi. The entry fee for Indian is just 30 rupees but for a foreigner, it is 500 rupees. The opening hours for this place is from sunrise to sunset and the place remain closed every Monday.

Swaminarayan Akshardham

Swaminarayan Akshardham

If you want to visit the unique places to visit in Delhi, then Swaminarayan Akshardham is a new attraction. It is the spiritual organization opened by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha in 2005. This astonishing place is featured by pink stone and white marble. This great complex includes sculptures, a sprawling garden, and a boat ride.  Do remind that cameras and cell phones are not allowed. It remains open from 9:30 pm to 6:30 pm and remains closed Monday. There are no entry fees but tickets are required to view the exhibitions.

Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Gardens-Delhi

Lodhi Garden is the best place for yoga practitioners and all the young and beautiful couple enjoy the environment of this garden. It was built by the Britisher in 1936.  If you are tired and feeling worn out then come and enjoy the peaceful environment of this place in the lap of nature. There are no entry fees and it remains busy on Sunday.

Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas Lake

Hauz Khas is featured with the rustic charm of the hotel. The beautiful backdrop of the lake makes it the perfect place for the couple to get cosy in Delhi. Whether it is swan or deer or the lush green city, there is something which makes the Deer park romantic. Beautiful rooftop cafe, Amour offers you with a variety of dishes to choose and enjoy your meal while sitting near the lake with your sweetheart.

With the eye dropping view of the lake, makes it the awesome place for a romantic rendezvous with your beloved one. With beautiful the deer and swans, the lush green within the city and the serenity, there are many very romantic things about the Deer Park. Beautiful open roof cafes offer a delectable array of cuisines to choose from while you sit and enjoy the view of the lake with your partner.

Connaught Place

connaught Place

One of the architectural wonders of the city, the place possesses multiple numbers of evergreen specialities including the shake from Keventers and Wenger’s pastry. The best part is that you can grab such luxuries to eat. Along with this, it offers you privacy date conversations.


Rose Cafe

After getting tired from the shopping and walking, Saket is the best place to relax. This lovely little cafe is featured with pastel Victorian interiors and the place is romantic. This can be considered as one of the romantic restaurants in Delhi for a couple.  Rose cafe in Saket offers the couple with quality time and privacy to share their feeling and spend some time with their loving ones.

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is the best place to hang out with the friend, this place open-air food plaza and craft bazaar and the entrance of this place is paid. Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) manage this wonderful Dilli Haat. It is the permanent tradition market located in commercial centres of South Delhi, opposite INA market.

Kiosks and the Small thatched roof cottage provide village environment. Almost all the shops are permanent here but some of the shopkeepers are rotated around by 15 days. Product offered by this market includes sandalwood and rosewood carvings, gems, beads, footwear, fabrics, metals, crafts, brassware and silk fabrics. The major exhibitions are held that promote handcraft and handlooms.

South Ex

Moti Mahal-south Ex

South Extension is a neighbourhood of South Delhi, India and it is considered to be the wealthier area of Delhi. This place is home to the some wealthiest people of Delhi. The area is divided into two parts South Extension I and South Extension II. All the major medical institutions such as Aakash Institute, Achievers Point, Arena Multimedia, NIIT, Aptech and PACE IIT are located at this place

Apart from the study centre, there are many food places including Moti Mahal Restaurant and Haldiram. There are many tailoring showrooms such as a top-notch and Iqbal Bros south ex.

Nehru Place

Nehru Place

Nehru Place is the hub for the commercial, financial, and business centre in Delhi. This place is named after the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. This commercial place was built in the early 1980s. Although now the building has become old, the original structure is still in use.

Along with this Nehru place is featured with small markets from where you get fabrics and jewels at a very reasonable price. The markets remain closed on Sunday.



 Murthal is a pretentious village located in Sonipat, district Haryana in northern India. It is located in the north direction to Sonipat, which is 50 kilometres New Delhi and 202 km from southwest of Chandigarh, the state capital. This is one of the fastest growing villages in the region, here you will get the chance to explore the culture and tradition. You will get to fall in love with the ethical things if you tend to visit this countryside.

Hudson Lane

hudson lane

Hudson lane lounges are the perfect place to hang out with a friend, it is featured with a surplus number of cafes. From the university students to people is a budget friend, everybody will love this place as all the eatable are available a very reasonable price.  After having lots of foods including eatable, drinks and many more you will still find your pocket jingling.

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Plan your visit to desert safari in Dubai for thrilling fun

Desert Safari Dubai

A trip to desert safari Dubai exclusively provide the travelers throughout the world to possess a delightful vacation. But in addition, it support shut areas and people to urge their bread and butter. Those who are moving for desert safari Dubai can presently provide the visit to the side by places like Qatar, Abu Dhabi, to form their vacation extra pleasant.

Enjoy desert safari to the fullest:

These are the places that are placed regarding desert safari and in addition provide good accommodation however as diversion facilities for the tourists. Dubai has the leading and strongest building trade and people returning here.
Desert safari Dubai leads at prime 3 Attractions among the United Arab Emirates. It’s captured the hearts of plenty of tourists worldwide. In addition, these vibes will continue you for life.

Many different activities in desert safari Dubai camp:

Quad Bike Ride in desert safari Dubai, unleash your sporting side by riding a quad bike Dubai on the golden sand of the desert safari Dubai once doing camel riding. After that enter the desert safari Dubai camp and be atoned in Arabic themed Bedouin-style Camp Base. Here you’ll be able to wear some Classical Arabic Dresses to click some smart photos in those dresses to update your social media and circle. You will be having a variety of hot drink selections like Arabic Coffee, and Tea together with access to unlimited Soft Drinks and in fact Water.

You can additionally fulfill your Art Passion obtaining some henna art. Henna is extremely well-known in desert safari Dubai. Beautify your hands with the gorgeous henna of your style. Henna art is totally natural and painless, fun proven fact that this is often an enclosed in desert safari Dubai camp.

Fire Show fun at desert safari Dubai:

The fire show can begin in complete darkness once there’ll be not one ray of sunshine. The hearth show is additionally in Over Night desert safari special package. Someone can enter having fireplace strings in their hands. You’ll observe it by yourself that the person acting the fire shows is the foremost intimate with. You’ll be left in shock whereas seeing his ways that and tricks of displaying it.

But we’ve got unbroken our self altogether completely different from others whereas serving being a business company in UAE Dubai business. Business is open for the traveler coming back from worldwide to serve in higher technique.

A choreography show is extraordinarily well-liked among every evening desert safari Dubai and overnight desert safari Dubai. The evening desert safari is characteristically six hours long. The long desert safari trip includes everything that the morning and evening desert safari Dubai comprise and additional.

You’ll never regret spending money on Dubai holidays as they have a lot for you and things you’ve always dreamt of. Living these moments you’ll always want to stay there forever and spend your leisure time with your loved ones And to get the best package to desert safari Dubai for a thrilling trip contact, for further information please call us at 00971557355443, or email us at [email protected]


Meghalaya Beauty of Eastern India – The abode of clouds


Meghalaya, the residence mists, is a standout amongst the loveliest states in North-East India offering an assortment of sights, exercises, sustenance, and celebrations to the visitors. Surely understood for Cherapunjji, the place which gets one of the greatest precipitation on the planet, Meghalaya can hypnotize you with its slopes, valleys, lakes, caverns and cascades which exhibits a charismatic views and surroundings.

In the event that you need to investigate Asia’s cleanest town, keep in mind to visit Mawlynnong. Lying on the outskirt isolating India from Bangladesh, Mawlynnong is an incredibly spotless town in Meghalaya where every single road corner has a bamboo dustbin to guarantee nature-accommodating transfer of waste. The point of convergence of fascination of this town is the Sky Watch, which is a bamboo structure that offers clearing perspectives of the Bangladeshi fields from the best.

If you are planning a trip to Meghalaya then avail the Oyo Rooms Coupons to get the best deal, promo code, and discount coupon in hotels, rooms, and much other at a lower price.

Things which Attract the Tourist Most for the Meghalaya Trip


With a one of a kind atmosphere talented to the zone, its immaculate magnificence and a domain like the freshest dew drops, Cherrapunjee is certain to revive you back to front. The cascades in the territory just compliment the atmosphere and the complimenting lovely air around. These incorporate the Dain Thelen falls, Noh Kalikai falls, and Noh Sngithiang falls that’s just the beginning. This stormy foggy place is likewise popular for shocking sightseers with the extravagant spread of the Bangladesh fields from its precipices. You can also find various travel planning options to make your best travel plan with Uber Coupons which can give you outstation taxi based upon number of days requirement.


The city turns into a hotbed of traveler exercises particularly amid the spring a very long time as it has the pontoon riding rivalry on the Umngot River. The encompassing greenery, the cool water of the stream and the wonderful suspension connect on the River Umngot make Dawki a place worth a visit.


It gets its name from Lei Shyllong, an icon adored at the Shillong Peak. Remaining as tall as 1496 meters, Shillong gives a help from the warmth the nation over. This slope station is known for its pleasant sights and customs. The calming atmosphere makes Shillong appropriate to visit in all seasons. The light showers and the cooling delicate breeze adds to the delight of visiting this slope station. This place is otherwise called the ‘Scotland of the East’. One can discover relatives of the Khyrim, Mylliem, Bhowal and Langrim clans.

Cuisines in Meghalaya

Shillong cultivates the flavors, hues, components and well-known dishes of real Meghalayan cooking. Do attempt the neighborhood arrangements, for example, Tungtab which is a readiness of aged dry fish, a wide assortment of and also the best found Tarumbai, which are aged beans and additionally the extremely prominent Dohneiiong, planning of pork utilizing nearby flavors

How to Reach Meghalaya

Closest railhead to Shillong is Guwahati, which is at the separation of 100 km. Shillong airplane terminal at Umroi interfaces just to Kolkata, else Guwahati is the closest real air terminal. Shillong transport stand is situated at the downtown area and ordinary transport administrations to Guwahati are accessible. NH 40 associates Shillong to rest of the urban communities in India. There are both private and government transports that keep running from most real urban areas to Shillong. The closest railroad station to Shillong is in Guwahati, Assam. From that point, you could either take transport or contract a taxi or self-drive to Shillong.

Best Time to Visit Meghalaya

A wonderful slope station in the homestead mists, Shillong is best investigated among September and May. The climate stays brilliant amid these months. It does once in a while rain, however, it is moderately lesser than in the storms season, i.e. among June and August. Amid the season, the locale encounters overwhelming precipitation, and it may be intense and awkward to investigate the vacation spots. The excellence in a rainstorm is at its crest as the territory transforms into grand heaven with lavish greenery, lakes, lakes, and cascades springing up. It, along these lines, can be an off-season area worth a visit for a few.

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Before you settle on a decent decision and pick the best Desert Safari deals. Solicit your visit chairman a couple from unequivocal request to decide in favor of alert and value the perfection of a desert to the most outrageous.

The sort and size of the social occasion that you would be offered should be clear to you with the objective that you get the most ideal motivating force for your money in the midst of an Evening Desert Safari. This is much progressively fundamental for overall guest and travel fans as they don’t have the foggiest thought regarding that there are such a substantial number of different sorts of campgrounds open nearby factor size of the get-togethers that stay in each. You may be offered a typical camp with others which are ideal for voyager going under a strict spending plan. Consider the sustenance, the neatness, incitement, and distinctive workplaces already you pick such a campground.

The sort of the drive that you require in the safari would in like manner impact the experience that you would pass on back home. Notwithstanding whether you would be content with plain and fundamental slope pummeling or go for an untamed life safari would depend upon the time, availability and sensibility too. Experience sports are furthermore consolidated into such visits in which you should be fit and sound and especially don’t encounter the evil impacts of any back or neck issues. Kind of Hummer Desert Safari you pick would in like manner depend upon the people from your social event or family just as there are kids and developed then it is best to leave the experience part for at whatever point.

Desert Safari Trip

Before long on the off believability that you require dissimilarity in view and change of climate you without a doubt need to look at the Desert Safari in Dubai. Desert Safari. You can see stunning desert dusk, taste Arabic sustenance, ride the camels, be appreciative for the hip turn, ride on the moving sand rises with regulate. Sandboarding is something exceptional that individuals love to do while they are in Desert Safari.

The nightlife is one hard to think a thing to understand while you are in Desert Safari. There will be a lot of music and diverting to recognize and have a decent end to an intriguing day. Different individuals love to go on developments while on a departure. The Dhow Cruise in Dubai is momentous among various endeavors. You can be appreciative for the lights and the music while eating and having drinks. There is even hip spin on the trek for you to watch. On the off likelihood that you are scanning for a to an incredible degree animating and rich place to visit, the Burj Al Arab is a sublime place to go. It is encompassed by the just shoreline. It has more than 60 stories and is particularly incredible. It is a surprising thankfulness for visit.

This valiant trek starts when the driver who takes you to the Safari lifts you up. They can pick you from wherever paying little respect to it is your cabin or residence. You are arranged on the 4×4 vehicles; all the safari drivers are able and have capacities to drive jeeps on the desert and sand. The master drivers by then make the 4×4 into the Desert Safari and present the aptitudes of Dune hammering by taking guests on a staggering rollercoaster ride-everywhere throughout the slopes of the Dubai Desert. Desert Safari trip isn’t viewed as the power outage warmed anyway this is guaranteed that all age people will value this. After this, the land cruiser will stop on a colossal slope to take a viewpoint of the engaging dusk of Dubai and extra premium delineations to see once back home with your dearest.

Henna painting, quad biking, and camel riding are some additional activities that you acknowledge after slope hammering. Here you no convincing motivation to get destroyed essentially sit back in the camp and value evening with these activities and take the refreshment of your own choice. The visit in like manner joins non-veggie sweetheart and vegetarian dinners buffet a remarkable desert BBQ close by on tap mineral water. Isolated this has soft drinks, coffee, and tea as well. Close by your dinner, you can value the heart shaky hip spin and a greatly boggling and shimmering tanoura move performed by the readied craftsmen. You can moreover acknowledge Desert Safari medium-term this fuses a whole night stay in Desert dozing cushions, pads and packs are given. This is a throbbing foundation to spend a whole night in the sand with a burst to keep people warm, as it might be to some degree fresh night where you rest under the cover under the star sky. Your morning starts with the foremost day break with freshly cooked sustenance. The sustenance is for all people since this is aggregate terrain sustenance.

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Best Restaurants in Delhi for Couples

Best Restaurants in Delhi for Couples

The climate and weather of Delhi changes with time to time basis, and especially in winter, Delhi is at its prettiest because terraces open-up and can soak in some much-needed romance. And food and romance goes hand in hand when it comes to romance. It, therefore, acts as icing of cream on a cake. Sometimes, mall starts seeming drab after a couple of dates for some people and for some even after that. And nothing can be more romantic than a cool breeze, fresh, golden falling leaves and the beautifully scented aroma. Even in a place like Delhi, people can take your loved ones for some kind of adventure or have some patience of learning and joining some Salsa Dance Classes. Though Delhi has many places where you can hangout but there are surely many food joints, restaurants, hotels, and street food centres. And here we have made a list of the top fining restaurants for marvellous dining and therefore also experiences the best of romantic candlelight dinners in Delhi. From the must visit Romantic restaurants in Delhi for couples to the romantic places in Delhi to celebrate birthday parties, and private candle light dinner in Delhi, there are a list of restaurants in Delhi to choose from.

Some of the best restaurants in Delhi for couples are listed here.

  • Sevilla, Claridges

Sevilla, Claridges

It is the most beautiful restaurant in the city, which therefore makes your dinner even more beautiful and special. It’s a perfect combination of outdoor and indoor seating, where the charm is very much hard to escape in the evening, especially with the soft lighting of the restaurant. One can sit on the bar for some cocktails and then move into a cabana or in a private table and can load up on the wine and the sangria and also can order some tapas, grills, and paella etc.

Location: The Claridges, 12, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Road, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi

Cost for Two: ₹4,500 (approx.)
  • Kylin


This place is mainly known for their lip-smacking Chinese food and also the best place to go for if one wishes to slurp up some authentic Asian cuisine without coughing up a lot of dough. It offers a number of good varieties of food on the menu with pocket-friendly prices. As well as on the other hand, the prompt services allow a quick fix for hunger pangs. Some of the famous dishes for which this place is known for are the Chilli Garlic Noodles, Schezwan Prawns, and the Khao Suey.

Location: T-302, 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Cost for Two: ₹2,200 (approx.)

  • Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive Bar & Kitchen

In this alfresco Mediterranean restaurant, the world collides and time stops with its beautiful white walls, white pebbled courtyards, a canopy of the Banyan tree and the star-lit treetop terrace bar. And this was set in the time of the prohibition era when cocktails were therefore served in teacups and the entertainment was live bands, silent cinema, and floor shows. One will also find here the best martinis in town which was whipped up by some celebrity bartender along with delicious food and eclectic music in a beautiful setting.

Location: One Style Mile, Haveli 6, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Cost for Two: ₹4,000 (approx.)

  • Lavaash By Saby, Mehrauli

Lavaash by Saby, Mehrauli

It is one of the perfect place for casual dining and a date night dinners. This place, therefore, offers with the best Armenian and Bengali food on will ever have. The food which is served here is thus inspired by the Armenian community that stays in Calcutta. This is actually the most romantic rooftop restaurant in Delhi with the Qutub Minar in the background view.

One will be able to have their conversation at ease because it has both indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements. Some of the topmost dishes that one should try if visiting the place is Mutton puff, my egg Devil, Hye rollers, Mutton Rezala, Orange Pound Cake.

Location: H-5/1, Ambawatta One, Kalkadass Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Cost for Two: ₹2,000 (approx.)

  • Lodi, The Garden Restaurant

Lodi, The Garden Restaurant

It is situated adjacent to the famous Lodi Garden. And if you are an organic food lover with tranquil ambience, then undoubtedly this is the place. This place offers Lebanese, European, and Mediterranean cuisines along with the bar menu. The place houses century old trees, delicately decorated tombs which therefore date back to 17th century Mughal architectural styles and small water bodies which keep the ambience pleasant even during the summer and thus noted as the most romantic places in Delhi to celebrate one’s birthday.

Location: Opposite Mausam Bhawan, Near Gate 1, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Cost for Two: ₹2,600 (approx.)

  • Rose Café

Rose Cafe

Being a café, this place serves you with a full course meal, that too, in pocket-friendly prices. Apart from the salads and the usual dishes, drinks, and mocktails, they offer you with Lebanese, Continental and Mediterranean cuisines. The speciality of the place is that it is noted as one of the best romantic places to eat at. Spaghetti Aglio Olio is one of the must-try dish of this café. This place’s pastel walls, décor, wooden walls, and the antique chairs, therefore, remind you about the 60s. This place also offers you with a vegetarian menu along with the non-vegetarian menu. So if your date is strictly vegan, then now you know the place where both can thus enjoy the food of their choices and therefore noted as one of the best café in Delhi for couples.

Location: 2, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Saket

Cost for Two: ₹1,000 (approx.)

  • Hauz Khas Social, Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Social

This restaurant generally flaunts a vibrant ambience and a refreshed atmosphere in one of Delhi’s most dynamic and artistically inclined neighbourhood. This is definitely a place to look out for which boasts of wooden décor, and furnishing. Even you can always savour the moment with a nice drink and enjoy the specialities of the restaurant food that is American, North Indian, European and Chinese.

Location:9-A & 12, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Cost for Two: ₹1,300 (approx.)

  • Masabaa, The Treasury

Masabaa, The Treasury

Be it is Continental, Indian, and Chinese or Italian everything is available here at great prices. Masabaa is a place where you can enjoy the royal experience of the ambience as well as with the food too. In between the busy hustle bustle of the city, this place has thus managed to create the magic and stand out from other restaurants and cafes. They offer you with both food and bar menu. Dahi Ke Kabab is one of the most must try dish of this place. So, if one is thinking to celebrate a romantic dinner or candle light with their loved one, then Masabaa always welcomes everyone with a warm and homely feel.

Location: 37, Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

Cost for Two: ₹2,300 (approx.)

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