10 Ingenious Tips To Survive Long Flights

10 Ingenious Tips To Survive Long Flights

A long haul flight doesn’t always have to be a nightmare.

You either love a long haul flight or loathe it – there’s really no in between. In this article, we bring you ten brilliant tips plus one bonus tip that will make you enjoy your journey.

These travel tips apply to everyone from first-time travellers to frequent flyers:

1. Be Nice

First and foremost: be polite. Did you know that your behaviour could you bumped to the first class? And even if you’re not lucky, it’s always good to be nice to flight attendants since they are responsible for your travel. Appreciate them by smiling and being pleasant.

2. Sleeping Pills and Sleep Assistants

The key to having a pleasant flight is to get the much-needed shut-eye. Consult a doctor before you book the flight so that you have everything you need.

In addition to that, always carry a device that provides lumbar and neck support. This will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your flight. You can even pick up a simple (and cheap) travel pillow as long as it makes you comfortable.

Another way of securing a pillow without purchasing one is to request the flight attendant as soon as you step in so that you’re the one who still gets it (if they have a limited number of pillows).

3. Buckle Up

If you plan to catch up on your sleep during your flight, make sure your seat belt is in sight. If you’re wearing a jacket or a blanket, find a way to go under the seatbelt. That way, co-passengers or flight attendants won’t have to disturb your beauty sleep when the seatbelt sign goes on.

4. Pick Your Seat Carefully

If you’re planning to be awake during the flight, it’s better to take an aisle seat. If not, then opt for a window seat where you won’t have to worry about co passengers troubling you every time they want to head to the loo.

5. Carry Water and Snacks

Your food schedule will not always match up to the flight’s food schedule. Also, it is common for a flight to get delayed at the runaway. You don’t want to be sleep deprived and hungry, now, would you? Besides, in-flight snacks and beverages cost an arm and a leg. Don’t waste your hard earned money on a bag of chips half filled with air when you’re in the air!

6. Carry a Book/Games

Portable games, a deck of cards and books make up for good entertainment when on a flight. Scrabble dictionary, Travel Scrabble, Ludo are popular game options for people of all ages. If not, you can always go back to listening music and watching movies on the in-flight screens.

7. Pack a Sanitizer

It comes as no surprise that aeroplanes make up for one of the dirtiest and germy places. We recommend carrying anti-bacterial wipes and sanitizers. Additionally, we strongly suggest packing a toilet seat sanitizer so that you can use the loo without having to worry about the nasty infections you might catch otherwise.

8. Noise Cancellation Earphones

Where else do you find screaming babies apart from the hospital? In flights. General earphones will be your BFF until there’s a baby screaming right next to you or there’s a couple arguing over something silly.

In that case, your noise cancellation earbuds or headphones will come to your rescue. You can play your favourite music or meditation music or even an audiobook while parents shush their kid to sleep.

If you ever end up forgetting them, request the flight attendant to get you earplugs; they usually have an extra pair.

9. Comfortable Clothes

The temperature on the plane is always too hot or too cold. You could be sweating like a pig while another passenger behind you could be freezing to death. You just never know what you’re getting into so it’s best to be prepared.

Celebrities like Miranda Kerr pack their PJs and change once they’re ready to doze off. Throw in a pullover or a blanket scarf for times when you feel cold and just want to layer up a bit. Time to show off your pretty nightsuit and cute socks!

10. Power Up

Ensure that your devices are fully charged before boarding the flight. You can pack a few batteries or power banks to be on the safer side. You don’t want your devices to be dead and leave you bored and grumpy especially on a long haul flight.

Keep all your portable devices and chargers in a case so that you don’t end up losing one of your favourite (and expensive) gadgets or are left stranded on your trip without your USB cables.

You also want to load up all your devices (e-reader, smartphone, laptop, tablet) with your favourite books, music, TV shows, movies and games just in case the airline’s app fails to work.

Bonus Tip:

Move Around

Stretch your body after every two to three hours to maintain blood circulation. If you find it embarrassing to stretch, just do some gentle exercises.

These are our top eleven travel hacks for long flights. Please comment and tell us if we missed anything or if one of these tips made your flight better. Also, tell us your tips for surviving long haul flights.

Have a fabulous flight!

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Shristi Patni is the Chief Content Officer at Raletta and Content Creator at Fun Travellers. She enjoys writing about food, fitness, finance and everything in between.

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