13 Cheap Alternatives to Hotels That’ll Save You Big Bucks While Traveling

cheap alternatives to hotels-Khyati Taneja

For the uninitiated, there are some pretty cheap alternatives to hotels that can save you big bucks during a trip. Accommodation can take a big chunk out of your travel budget. However, hotels need not be your only go-to accommodation option. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives to hotels that offer you the same comforts at a lesser price. These may not be free places to stay the night, but they are definitely cheaper HomeAway hotel alternatives. If you travel for a large part of the year, these cheap alternatives to hotels will prove to be immensely beneficial to you. Take a look at some of the best ones we’ve listed below.

Unbelievably Cheap Places to Stay Abroad During a Trip:

These really cheap alternatives to hotels are awesome tips for solo travelers as well as for those traveling in a group. Even those who need to make sudden work trips on last-minute flights will find these effectively cost-saving. Take a good look at some of the top cheap alternatives to hotels you can consider during your next trip.

cheap alternatives hotels-Khyati Taneja

  1. A buddy’s place

If you’re looking for free lodging for travelers, there is no better alternative than this. Hit upon friends or family at your intended destination and find out if you can lodge with them. If you’re okay with a small but comfortable bed, this can be among the best free places to stay the night during a short trip.

  1. Couchsurfing

A massive travel trend, Couchsurfing is among the best and cheapest alternatives to hotels. What could be better than staying with a local host and have them show you around the city? You can help out with the household chores to show your hosts’ gratitude. It’s also acceptable, in most cases, to get them a parting gift.

  1. Hostels

For solo backpackers on a budget, this is among the best cheap alternatives to hotels in Europe, USA, India, and several other places in the world. There are dormitories with a common bathroom as well as single and double bedrooms you can choose from. Make sure the hotel is clean and in a safe location before booking accommodation.

  1. Camping

If you’re wondering how to sleep cheap on a road trip, this is it. Forgo booking business class flights for a trip to some exotic location halfway across the world. Instead, travel to an awesome national park and enjoy the scenery. One of the best cheap alternatives to hotels for this type of vacation is to pitch a tent and camp under the starlit night sky.

  1. House-swap

Nearly free, this is among the best cheap alternatives to hotels to save money. You will need to first list your house online and make it available for travelers to swap. Then, find someone at your travel destination who is willing to swap homes with you. Check out the availability and reviews before reaching out to them.

  1. Vacation Rentals

HomeAway hotel alternatives, as well as Airbnb hotel alternatives, are cheaper than most hotels. These long or short-term vacation rentals will allow you to stay in comfortable settings and enjoy all of the facilities that a hotel will offer, but for a cheaper price. They are a great economical option for couples, friends, and families alike.

  1. House-sitting

It’s among the most fun of all cheap alternatives to hotels. When you agree to house-sit for someone, you get to stay in their house for free! That being said, you need to be prepared to do a few small chores. For instance, you may need to water the plants, take the dog for a walk, or get the mail – all pretty small things considering a house all to yourself!

  1. RV Rentals

An RV, or Recreational Vehicle, is among the best cheap alternatives to hotels. How? Well, what could be better than a hotel on wheels! You get to take your hotel wherever you go instead of having to find rooms at every stop. Besides offering RVs on rent, many destinations have designated RV parking areas you can use to your advantage.

  1. Academic Housing

Several universities will rent out student housing to travelers when the students go home for vacations. Extremely budget-friendly, these are among very cheap places to stay abroad during a trip and will take you a trip down memory lane. However, don’t expect the rooms to be ultra clean like hotel rooms since they are just student lodging.

  1. Religious Housing

This is among the top cheap alternatives to hotels especially if you’re on a journey to find spiritual enlightenment. There are many temples, ashrams, monasteries, convents, and synagogues among other such places that offer travelers free places to stay the night. While the rooms may be modest, they will, nevertheless, be comfortable. Find out beforehand if religious affiliation is required for this type of lodging.

  1. Voluntourism

Many youngsters, couples, solo backpackers, and other types of travelers indulge in voluntourism – tourism with a cause. They travel with charity organizations halfway across the world to do their bit in giving back to society. When you do this kind of travel, you will be given accommodation by the organization itself.

  1. Farmstays

Airbnb hotel alternatives may be a good option for Europe and other such places. However, from cattle farms to ranches, farm stays are also incredibly popular and best cheap alternatives to hotels in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and other such places. Also, there’s no compulsion for you to know farm activities such as milking cows or herding sheep to enjoy this type of stay.

  1. Houseboats

For couples and families on a budget, this is among the best cheap alternatives to hotels. When you book international flight tickets and travel to places with stunning water bodies, houseboats are an amazing accommodation option. Not only are they cheaper than hotels, but they also offer stunning views of the surroundings which keep changing as the boat moves along. What could be a more exciting alternative than this!

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