20 Signature Dishes From The Food Capital of India

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Indore is known as the food capital of India for all the right reasons.

We bring you twenty classic dishes from Indore that are guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.

1. Khopra Patties

Unlike regular patties, the legendary Khopra Patties has potato tikkis filled with grated coconut and are deep-fried and garnished with some more grated coconut. Sweet and spicy chutneys are served with it to bring out the real flavours.

Where to eat: Vijay Chaat House.

Price: ₹15 per piece.

2. Dahi Bada

Who doesn’t like yummy masalas and soft badas? They’re not only amazing in taste but also made in style – they’re tossed in the air as diners watch in awe. Topped with secret masalas, these badas are simply extraordinary.

Where to eat: Joshi Dahi Bada House

Price: ₹100 for two.

3. Faluda Kulfi

Beat the heat in style with these yummy kulfis with never-seen-before toppings.

Where to eat: Nema Kulfi Faluda Centre and Maduram Sweets

4. Jalebi Poha

A delicious combination of all things spicy, crunchy and sweet!

This perhaps is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in Indore. Usually, Poha is garnished with a generous amount of namkeen sev or Farsan.

Where to eat: Chappan Dukan

Price: ₹100 for one.


5. Hot Dog

Yes, the hot dog’s missing but the tikkis and banjos make up for it. These piping hot dogs are served with classic tomato ketchup and coriander-mint chutney. You’ll always see a long line of people patiently waiting for this amazing dish.

Where to eat: Johny Hot Dog

Price: ₹25 for one.

6. Jaleba

Craving something sweet? Head straight for a Jaleba. This larger than life Jalebi is known as a Jaleba, and usually, it takes two people to finish one piece. It’s more like a dessert and meal all rolled into one!

Where to eat: Sarafa Bazar

Price: ₹200 per piece

7. Momos

Sure, you must’ve had momos before, but you’ll forget all about them once you eat some in Indore. With an array of stuffings to choose from that is equally as tasty as the others, people can never really get enough of these bite-sized snacks.

Where to eat: Sam’s Momos

Price: ₹200 per plate

8. Sandwiches

No, not the garden fresh salad but the double or triple cheese sandwich loaded with vegetables and cheese. Name the ingredient and Indore will already have a sandwich for that!

Where to eat: Tinku’s Sandwich

Price: ₹200 per sandwich

9. Kesar Doodh

Indian dessert in a glass.

Made with rich ingredients like Kesar, nuts and dry fruits, this dessert is not only tasty but also incredibly healthy. You can choose to have it at room temperature or hot as per your liking.

10. Imerti

It can be described as a more elegant and tastier version of Jalebi. It is made up of water, sugar and maida and is sometimes served with yoghurt.

Where to eat: Sarafa Bazar

Price: ₹25 per piece

11. Flavoured Pani Patashe

One of the most famous street food dishes of Indore is the flavoured Pani Patashe. The pani (water) is made up of different flavours and masale such as pudina (mint), adrak (ginger), and jeera (cumin) to name a few.

Where to eat: Chappan Dukan

Price: ₹100 for 10

12. Chocolate Chai

Ever thought of adding some chocolate to your tea? For starters, you should because it tastes fantastic. Chocolate is grated and added to the tea to maintain a light texture.

Where to eat: Chai Bar

Price: ₹200 per cup.

13. Paan Kulfi

This refreshing Paan kulfi melts as soon as it enters your mouth. Filled with Paan leaves and Gulkand, it makes up for a toothsome dessert.

Where to eat: Sarafa Bazar.

14. Shikanji

It’s a tasty beverage made with mint leaves, sugar and lemon juice. You can also go ahead and top it with some Shikanji masala. It is usually consumed during summers to ensure the body is cool and active.

15. Malpua

Garnished with rich dry fruits, this traditional dessert is generally served during festivals. Sugar syrup, sugar and maida are combined to make a Malpua. It is often served with Moong dal to maintain a balance of sour and sweet taste.

Where to eat: Sarafa Bazar

16. Sev Puri

Mouthwatering Sev Puris are served at local food stalls all over the city. Puri’s are filled with indian spices, mashed potatoes, curd and chutneys and garnished with barik sev.

Where to eat: Chappan Dukan

Price: ₹100 per plate

17. Dal Bafle

This isn’t one of the most famous dishes of Indore but the most famous dish of Indore. Bafle are made up of flour and baked on dried cow dung cakes or a tandoor and dipped in desi ghee. They are served with Daal, Kadhi, Aloo, Mirchi, Rice and Ladoo.

Where to eat: Rajhans

Price: ₹250 per plate

18. Kaju Curry

A classic main course dish that’s best served with butter naan or tandoori roti. The dish largely comprises of cashew nuts, tossed together with Indian spices and a roasted puree of onions and tomatoes. It is garnished with grated/chopped cashews.

Where to eat: Guru Kripa

Price: ₹200 per plate.

19. Chole Tikki

Tikkis are made of mashed onions and topped with lots of chole, potatoes, onions, Indian spices, chutneys and garnished with coriander.

Where to eat: Apna Sweets

Price: ₹50 per plate.

20. Gajak

This is a crispy, healthy and a sweet snack. It’s a seasonal dish and is only available during the winter season. The magical ingredient that gives these Gajak their distinct taste is Gud.

Where to eat: Sheetal Gajak

These are only some of the most renowned dishes of Indore. Do visit Sarafa Bazar and Chappan Dukan for hundreds of more exciting dishes!

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