5 Reasons Why Travel Feeds the Soul

Travel Feeds the Soul Travel

I have always fantasized the long routes. No matter, it’s walking back from the school or now it’s driving back from office. It worried my parents all the time, obviously, they were cautious about my safety. Wandering down to alleys that were not much safe and then observing the sky keenly at the nights. I knew I was born with a nomadic heart. The individual who always wanted to be somewhere else and was never tired of travelling. Everything other than road trips and flights would make me lose the hope after few strokes but this particular dream stayed.

I travelled far around the world including, France, Spain, and Morocco. People know that either I am escaping or maybe just looking for some answers. I am neither into any one of these and looking for a better self, each destination is like a classroom to me and helps me grow better.

It makes me wonder about the world’s suffering, killing each with no strong bases. Why has this hate empowered the people that they are unable to recognize their love?  Personally, I believe it’s happening because we are lacking the ability to feed our soul. The cups of our lives are empty and there is no refill in all these hateful matters. The only refill is possible to feed your soul, observe the humanity and keep your values along. Don’t read the book only but read people, go to the depth of everything.

5 Reasons Why Travel Feeds the Soul | Soul Travel

  1. Disconnecting & Reconnecting

If you’re a professional from IT industry would definitely know the value of reconnecting. Systems are restarted to get back the same pace of a system. This is what travelling does to you, you disconnect from the same routine and get back after refreshing yourself.

Travel Soul

  1. Reflecting your abilities

Sometimes, it’s okay to go against the flow. You’re not a sheep to follow the flock blindly but an individual human being with a sound mind, who can conveniently change its path accordingly. Changing the direction or stepping out of the routine helps you reflect the hidden abilities, you had in you already. You can also call it self-realization, travelling is one of the processes to do so.

holiday to morocco

  1. Relax your mind and body

There was a phase in my life when my mind was constantly awake. I slept but it stayed wide awake, building up some ruthless thoughts and dragging me away from the reality. But then I felt like, my energy has been drained. As I was working all day and night, my body and mind refused to move further. I realized that it needs to rest. Planned my holiday to morocco and get back when my brain was ready for it. It seems like a bookish fantasy but trust me, it gets really good at the times.

Morocco Holiday

  1. Growing at a better pace

Persistently following the routine makes you tired and gradually decreases the chances of growth. When travelling, it gives you a new perspective and helps you grow in a better place. Remember that, it’s okay not to compete with the world but yourself and it is always blessed to make your own path rather than being a part of successful flocks.


  1. Acceptance of being wrong

One thing that is quite essential for any individual is acceptance of being wrong. You can also say it to grab the chance of failing at something. You are not perfect and can never be but accepting of being you is significant. Travelling change your perception not only towards life but it makes you embark on the change that is coming your way.

Travel Feeding Your Soul

Moreover, reading also helps in feeding your soul and maintain the mental fitness. Read, learn, observe, understand and stay open to the changes occurring in your life.

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