5 Visa Free Honeymoon Destinations To Visit For Filmy Honeymoon

5 Visa Free Honeymoon Destinations

Tied a wedding knot? Planning for honeymoon vacations? Selected your epic destination to visit for a honeymoon in India? Good to hear that! But what if we tell you that there are many countries in the world where you (all of us) are allowed to enter without being the hassle of visa policy. Would it make a huge shift in your decision of honeymoon planning?

There are many countries in the world where you can hop, spend some good time amidst the sun-drenched beaches, laid back lifestyle at the romantic islands and indulge in various other water sport activities. And for that, you don’t have to worry about any documentation and visa approval.

Here is the list of 5 visa free honeymoon destinations to visit for filmy honeymoon where getting a visa is as easy as ordering the food online. These international destination offer visa on arrival to Indians.

  1. Indonesia

honeymoon in Indonesia

If you’re planning to visit an international destination that won’t make a big hole in your pocket, visit Indonesia. Known for its island paradise – Bali, Indonesia offers visa on arrival to Indian to explore for 30 days. Visit the most spectacular beaches in Bali, indulge in watersport activities like snorkelling and surfing.

This destination has many gorgeous islands and one of them in Bali. Expect to pay around 34,000 INR Per Person for 3 days in Indonesia with flight ticket, accommodation, sightseeing and much more.

Things To Do – Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating couple massage amidst the verdant green beauty with the amalgamation of beaches. Make divine prayers in the significant temples, visit the most spectacular waterfalls, do Mount Batur Sunrise Trek for enchanting sunrise view with your sweetheart. 

Place To Hop – Enjoy the laid-back hippie lifestyle at Kuta while getting lost in the amazing nightlife of Kuta. Visit the cultural heart of Bali – Ubud and learn some local slangs. You simply can’t miss out the Gili Islands tour on Indonesia honeymoon as Gili Island is famed as the most romantic island in the whole Indonesia, thanks to its resorts that are no short of a destination.

  1. Maldives


The Maldives is the cluster of thousands of islands and is known for its romantic underwater bungalows, cobalt-blue beaches, inky blue skies, and amazing coral reefs. Visiting the Maldives on your honeymoon means you enjoy your surfing within inches of the waves and cruise the luxury yacht while having to pamper spa treatment. This is the freshly romantic thing to do in the Maldives which is not even on Google. The Maldives offer visa on arrival policy to Indians to explore the beautiful Maldives for 90 days.

Other Experiences – Have a scrumptious dinner in the underwater villas admiring the marine life. We are sure you won’t mind spending the night on a yacht looking for dolphins, sipping champagne, and watching the sun set down over the Indian Ocean.

Myth About Maldives – You may have heard that the Maldives is a luxurious destination that demands huge cash.

Budget – Indeed, Maldives is the luxurious honeymoon place to visit. But exploring the Maldives is not expensive with our honeymoon package. Our Maldive honeymoon package starts from 48,000 INR Per Person.

  1. Mauritius

honeymoon in Mauritius

Mauritius is the unexplored honeymoon place to visit which is not visited by many tourists. It is an amazing destination for romance where you will find the culture, traditional values that are much similar to India. Mauritius is a destination rich in verdant green landscape beauty and beautiful beaches.

Things To Do – From sailing on the Catamaran Cruise to exploring the tea plantations to swimming in the cascading waterfalls, options are many for you to pick out.

Visa Policy – You can hop 60 days in Mauritius only in 65,000 INR Per Person for 3 days.

  1. Fiji


Imagine romancing at tumbling jungle waterfalls, white-sand beaches fringed with coconut palms, didn’t feel the romantic sensation yet? Then visit Fiji on honeymoon and get ready to be bewitched with the gorgeous beauty. Fiji is the island country where you will find locals speaking Fijian Hindi.

Famous For – Romantic Resorts, picturesque villages, private beaches, underwater marine life and relaxing cruise.

Visa Policy – You can hop 4 months in Fiji.

Cost – Enquire the Fiji tour package expense on our platform.

  1. Nepal

honeymoon in Nepal

Ditch Goa and head to Nepal. Seriously! You and your romantic partner can fly to Nepal only in a 50 to 60 thousand Rupees for 5 to 6 days. Things to do in Nepal are many for honeymooners. Be a local in the capital town of Nepal – Pokhara, it has beautiful lakes to explore. From Bujee jumping to romantic hotels overlooking the snow-blanketed Himalayan mountains, Nepal is a destination to visit for honeymoon.

Make the divine prayers answered at Pashupati Nath Temple and Muktinath Temple

Visa Policy – Not Applicable

If you want to visit any of these visa-free countries on your International honeymoon package, we can help you! Experience the best honeymoon vacations with all-inclusive activities with Honeymoon Bug. Book now!

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