7 Fantastic Water Sports Locations to Visit in India With Friends!

water sports in india

There’s incredibly good news for water sports lovers in the world! You’ll be glad to know that there are scores of water sports locations to visit in India. While they are amazing places for couples and families to visit, you will enjoy most if visiting with friends. Nothing can strengthen the bonds of friendship quite like doing adrenaline-pumping fun activities together! So if you want to take that well-deserved break from everyday mundane life, get your gang together and come to explore some of the best water sports locations to visit in India!

To help you decide which of the awesome water sports in India to enjoy first, we’ve listed some of the top water sports locations to visit in India. Pick a location depending on the type of water sports your friends and you would like to enjoy most.

Top water sports destinations in India:

The thrill of water sports in India is unbeatable and one you simply cannot miss! While water sports in Mumbai, Manali, and some parts of the Northeast are famous, here’s a look at some other water sports destinations in India.

For the trip to India, you can board last minute flights in case you do not have the time to book flights in advance. Since the list of watersports in India is quite a vast one, we’ve managed to narrow it down to a top few. Check them out below!

Goa is the topmost destination on our list of watersports in India and with good reason. When you talk about water sports in Goa, the amount of choice you will find here is unlike any other. Whatever your choice of water sport, chances of you finding it in Goa are very high. Some of the most popular water sports in Goa to enjoy are wakeboarding, water skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing, catamaran sailing, and kite surfing among others. To enjoy water sports in Indian beaches, Goa is your best bet.

  1. Andaman Islands

Jet skiing, parasailing, surfing, and scuba diving among others are some of the best water sports in the world. All of the above and more can be done right here in the Andaman Islands. This is among the topmost water sports locations to visit in India with friends. While you can find the water sports which can ordinarily be found elsewhere as well, there are a few that make the Andaman Islands stand out. For instance, undersea walking, snorkeling, deep sea diving, and scuba diving are highlights here.

  1. Kerala

Replete with tranquil backwaters, gorgeous rivers, pristine lakes, and a vast network of canals, Kerala is a dream destination for water sports lovers! Among the topmost water sports locations to visit in India with friends, Kerala offers a plethora of exciting water sports opportunities. You can enjoy bamboo rafting, kayaking tours, stand up paddling, jet skiing, and parasailing among other fun water sports in Kerala. Couples arriving on business class flights for a romantic vacay can also indulge in some fun water sports activities together.

  1. Rishikesh

No one expected this small, sleepy town in Uttarakhand to suddenly become one of the best adventure sports destinations in India. Predominantly a pilgrimage site for Hindus, it’s nonetheless also one of the best water sports locations to visit in India with friends. Enjoy kayaking and river rafting along the popular and holy River the Ganges. Stand up paddling is another exciting option. However, what takes the cake in Rishikesh is the unique opportunity to enjoy Paddle Board Yoga! You can combine these exciting water sports with camping, trekking, and other dry adventures.

  1. Mahabalipuram and Covelong

Covelong and Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu are two of the best water sports locations to visit in India not just with friends but also with family. Why? Well, because you will find some of the most reliable and friendly waves here to teach your kids surfing. Covelong has a new surfing facility right on the beach. It also offers a cafe and guest rooms. Mahabalipuram is primarily famous for backpackers who indulge in surfing. However, there’s a surfing school here that offers lessons to amateurs.

  1. Ladakh

For a thrill beyond ordinary water sports, head over to Ladakh. This is one of the top water sports locations to visit in India if you wish to indulge in high-octane activities. For instance, Ladakh offers high-altitude river rafting unlike anywhere else in the world. Imagine rapidly gliding along the River Indus past archaic Buddhist monasteries and breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan gorges. For the expert rafters, the Zanskar River which is a tributary of the Indus is the best option. Visit between June and August when the rapids are at their full force.

  1. Gokarna

Those looking for quieter water sports locations to visit in India with friends should visit Gokarna in Karnataka state. Calmer and far less crowded than Goa, Gokarna offers all the same action-packed water-based sports offered elsewhere in India. Om Beach is where most of the action can be found. You can enjoy anything and everything from parasailing and jet skiing to surfing and boat rides. There’s a surf school here that offers a guesthouse in addition to surfing lessons. Gokarna is a good option when you book cheap India flights from the USA or elsewhere to come and enjoy some fabulous water sports in India.

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