Plan a Much-Awaited Backpacking Trip to Costa Rica


Its ecological diversity and breathtaking beauty make Costa Rica an exciting backpacker destination. There are loads to explore here from nature reserves, national parks, to pristine beaches, remote coastlines, and endless adventures. You can choose to visit the top tourist spots or tread off the beaten path for an adrenaline rush.

To make that eagerly awaited backpacking trip a reality, opt for a Costa Rica all inclusive vacations package.

Listed here are some key considerations to bear in mind and all that you can look forward to experiencing while here in Costa Rica:

Time to Travel 

December to April is the peak tourist months when visitors flock to Costa Rica for a memorable getaway. If you are not averse to crowds, are keen to sunbathe and undertake some thrilling beach activities, plan your trip this time of year.

The months covering May to November is referred to as the green season owing to the incessant rains. Making a budget-friendly trip is doable during this period as prices drop to lure tourists. You can freak out hiking, rafting, and exploring the lush rainforests.

Getting There

Flying into San Jose airport is a good option as it is more centralized, and you are likely to get cheaper flights. Alternately you can also head to Costa Rica from Panama. Though there is no fee to enter the country from the Panama border, you have to show proof of your exit within 90 days. While exiting, a fee per person is levied. A public bus plies several times a day between the border and San Jose for ease of tourists.

Choice of Transport

The cheapest modes of transport to get around Costa Rica are the public buses. These are popular among backpackers as detailed bus schedules and timings are available online, making it easier to plan your day. When going the taxi route, opt for Uber as it works out much cheaper than other cabs.

If you can afford to rent a private car, do so and enjoy the scenic drive at your pace while accessing spread out locations. Use the GPS on your mobile phone for the much-needed directions as you journey on. Private mini-buses are another convenient option as they pick you up from your place of residence and transfer you to your specific destination. Either way, choose the most suitable mode of transport and book in advance.

Comfortable Accommodation

When you check into an Airbnb, your hosts introduce you to an authentic local experience. Hostels, too, are an affordable option where you can rent a bed and interact with fellow backpackers. There are plenty of hostels to choose from, as practically every town has its fair share to cater to the influx of backpackers. It is advisable to check the online reviews before proceeding with your booking.

These hostels are strategically located, enabling you to walk to the neighboring restaurants and nightclubs. In addition to being clean and offering basic amenities, many of the hostels also organize yoga and jam sessions for interested travelers. If you are lucky, some of these hostels welcome pets and even include breakfast as part of your rental.

Useful General Tips

Before heading out on this backpacking expedition, it is worthwhile to learn some basic Spanish terminologies. This comes in handy when you need to interact with the locals to ask for directions or any other assistance. Keep a map of the region and a travel guide with detailed information in your backpack.

Preferably pack light and avoid too many pairs of clothing because you can always mix and match. It is better to carry clothes that dry out faster to deal with the humid conditions. This will ensure they do not remain damp or smelly while in your backpack. Also, do not tempt fate by displaying your valuables like electronic items and expensive jewelry.

Sample Local Cuisine

To savor local specialties, head to the many small family-run restaurants popularly termed as ‘sodas.’ They offer authentic grub from the region along with a drink, at very affordable rates. ‘Musmanni’ is a chain of bakeries found across Costa Rica. Besides pastries costing less than one dollar, you can also grab a quick bite comprising of a sandwich and a soda. This reasonable lunch special helps to satiate your hunger pangs while on the move.

Should you want to cook your food while backpacking, that too is an option provided, your rented accommodation has an available kitchen. Visit the many farmer markets spread across the country to source your groceries. Here you can lay your hands on the freshest produce at cheap rates by way of vegetables, fruits, and local staples like beans and rice.

Gear up to make your best memories while on a backpacking trip in the extraordinary natural settings of Costa Rica. You are bound to revisit this beautiful paradise.

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