The Best Beet Juice

Beet Juice

Wash and chop the following ingredients into a bowl and begin to juice them together. 

2-3 large beets

5-7 apples (depending on the size)

3-4 carrots


The key to tasty beet juice is to use equal parts of apple to beat.

Beets are amazing for you – but you already knew that. Beets have no trans or saturated fats and are low in calories. They are high in carbohydrates, therefore, boosting your energy. If you workout tries having a glass beet juice first and feels your body become more energized. Beet juice is one of the best all natural pre workout products!”They contain magnesium, calcium and iron, fibre and vitamin A and C. Beets are also high in folic acid (perfect for pregnant women). Some studies have even found that beets are a cancer fighter.

FYI – Beet juice may cause urine or your stool to turn red – it’s a natural dye, so don’t be worried. Happy Juicing!

Beet Juice

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