Best cities to live in the USA

best cities to live in the USA

America has diverse shades, both geographically and culturally. That is why it is home to people of all insignia. What makes the whole deal splendid? The cities in the USA nurture and foster habitat compliant to any kind of lifestyles. Whether, you are trying to move to look for better job options, resetting your lifecycle, seeking quality education for your kids or wanting to upgrade the quality of life, some of the best cities to live in the USA cater to your principal needs and welfare.

According to the U.S Census, one in six Americans changes their location every year. Most of these movements are local whereas 1/6 of the migrations are between the different states. For the younger lot, the need to ‘fit in’ is the main drive. As maturity rings in, long term plans become the priority. Before deciding upon the city for your living quarter, best cities to live in the USA share some key aspects. Some may be personal, others general.

  • Recognize the precedence at the particular phase of your life, for example, job
  • Make room for other liabilities in life too, as affordable housing
  • Stay where you get recognition at least an equal financial class
  • Your home is where your family is, stay close
  • Cater to the lesser travel hours
  • Look for cultural diversity, community and a sense of neighborhood
  • Varied amenities work for all
  • Climate and weather conditions May also act as directive
  • Safety for your family and low crime rate are important concerns
  • Total population, local taxes and real estate costs are other important applications
  • Access to nature and foliage are important for occasional getaways

Real estate experts narrow down your choices according to your subjective inclinations.

Here is a collection of some of the best cities to live in the USA.

  1. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas-USA

With a population figure of 1,942,615, the capital of the state of Texas, Austin tops the best cities to live in the USA. Because of an intent courtesy rendered by the tech industry, Austin is big on serving job opportunities. The city is not about all work and no play. There are ample leisure activities catering to art, food, and music all-round the year to keep your energy refurbished. The average annual income ranges from $50,830 to $87,000. It makes the total housing cost of $278,608-$326,562 a reasonable transaction. Dell, IBM, and Amazon attribute to projected 10.9% increase in the job sector.

The city dwellers enjoy a no state tax status. There are eight colleges and universities here. Austin exhibits excellent scholastic ventures for your kids. The city setting is equipped with a fair outdoor landscape with a dominant sunny backdrop. It is labeled as one of the top cities for startups and entrepreneurs by Forbes and CNBC. Austin has enough drive to steadily escalate your living standards for you and your family.

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA downtown city skyline.

If you are trying to upgrade your job options, Raleigh is the place to be. Forbes calls it one of the best cities to seek your chances. The projected job growth as predicted by Moody’s is about 9.6% by 2022. It is palpable by job growth of 17.25% over the past five years. The city has seen an increase in the total population by 13% since 2010, owing to the financial hustle bustle.

Raleigh is one of the best cities to live in the USA. It comprises of young and enthusiastic blood. They are eager to make their contribution to the country’s economy. The average family income of $82,021 says it all. Enjoy a low cost of living with only 7.25% sales tax. The median home cost of $263,000 is a convincing reality of a comfortable lifestyle. With a close-knit community, you can enjoy a flourishing family life enriched with arts, music, and literature.

  1. Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska

Situated on the River Missouri, Omaha is the largest city of the state of Nebraska and one of the best cities to live in the USA. The average age of the city inhabitants lies within the thirties range. The enthusiastic cheap contribution, thus, keeps the unemployment rate at 4.7% and lower. The bustling city provides an annual income of at least $53,000, enticing the younger cohort to make it a permanent house. With 12 colleges and universities ensuring academic growth, Omaha safeguards the educational interests of generations. You can find reasonable accommodations on a monthly rent of around $700. The average home price lies in the scale of $129,000, thereby making the possession of your own home a realistic target.

The weather of Omaha caters for sunshine mostly. With no dearth of entertaining merriment, the city hosts a vibrant cultural and social scene for all ages. The city is quite safe to live in. Yet, keep away from the North and sidestep any mishap.

  1. Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho

If you want to enjoy a rather quiet lifestyle with occasional action, Bolse is the one for you. One of the best cities to live in the USA, Bolse enjoys a stable economy. The outdoor deeds as hiking, skiing, biking, and boating can be availed without breaking the bank. Boise caters for a median income of $50,961 which is compensated for by a lower tax rate. The average home cost is about $191,500 owing to the ever-increasing population growth here. Despite that, the local community has a great sense of devotedness to its moral values which correspond to the impressive low crime rate here.

  1. Virginia Beach, Virginia

View of Virginia Beach and hotels from the ocean

If you are looking forward to retirement and a-not-too busy yet pleasant living, Virginia Beach provides with ample prospects. You will find a fitting community of 50 years and more and young enough cohort to keep the pulse of life thriving. One of the best cities to live in the USA, its economy is booming with an average family income of $82,927 annually. The unemployment rate is low and with the community engaged in productive endeavors, the crime rate is also low. Invest in the real estate market or own your own quarters; the opportunity calls for it.

With plenty of sunshine throughout the year, the vast coastline is bustling with activities all year round. With something for everyone, Virginia Beach will keep you at bay from boredom and loneliness.

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