Best Places to visit in Goa

Best Places to visit in Goa
Goa directional sign

Goa is a standout amongst the most visited tourist attractions in India as there are such huge numbers of places to visit in goa other than beaches. Goa is known for the dynamite shorelines it has. Truth be told, the shorelines of Goa are good to the point that they are prestigious everywhere throughout the world. Individuals from each side of the world come to visit Goa and it is additionally considered to house the absolute best shorelines in the entire world.

The temples in Goa are the perfect place to go in the event that one needs some genuine feelings of serenity and interface with their profound self. There are many water exercises likewise which are done here.

Any Goa trek would be viewed as inadequate on the off chance that one despises the places to visit in goa at night.

One will make certain to have a celebration time as they will get the chance to meet individuals of various societies and nations here. Goa is the perfect place to visit on the off chance that one needs to simply unwind and appreciate the excellent shorelines, have an astonishing time celebrating or need to do any of the various water activities present here.

Lets explore some major tourist attractions in Goa


Fantastic Island; one of the Sightseeing

Fantastic Island-Goa-scuba
Silhouette of Young Man Scuba Diver between Water Surface and Sea Bottom

Excellent Island is the nirvana of Goan water-sports and it is south goa places to visit. There is a great deal to be experienced here from plunging to swimming to angling. Scuba making a plunge Goa is the most well-known movement since it offers such a great amount of fun and one of the best places to visit in goa for youngsters.

You can likewise go swimming. Guard watercraft and banana vessels are likewise prominent around the island.

End the day with an angling trip and a grill of the delivery you got. Multi-day trips, for the most part, endures from 8.30 am to 4 pm, however, it very well may be arranged easily. On the off chance that you need an inside and out submerged involvement, the Island is one of the spots to visit in Goa. You will return from your trek depleted yet all around happy with your day. Try to convey all your swimming and shoreline basics and additionally save garments for the day.

Timings: Varies with the ship specialist organization

Area: Grand Island, South Goa

Tito’s Street

Tito's Street-Goa

Goa is India’s most crowded and the famous places to visit in north Goa. In this manner, you basically need to visit one of the numerous clubs scattered around Goa on your visit there. Tito’s Street is a standout amongst other clubs you can visit. Baga shoreline, where the club is found, is a gathering center point, so it is no big surprise that heaps of voyagers discover their way to Tito’s Street after twilight.

The club is known for its phenomenal administrations and this repays abundantly for the somewhat overrated labels on beverages and nourishment. The place is comprised of two dimensions: the place is best preferred by young couples; the upper dimension enables individuals to sit and watch the action beneath while making the most of their sustenance and beverages. The DJ is figured to be great and you’re certain to get in some spirit siphoning moving on your visit.

There are different passage vouchers which have complimentary administrations included. The vouchers start at Rs. 1000/ – . Their security is additionally among the best which is vital in a gathering atmosphere like Goa’s. It doesn’t make a difference whether you go amid in or off-season. Tito’s Street is an energizing spot to party in Goa lasting through the year. Their mixed drinks are all the rage, so ensure you give them a shot. In any case, regardless of whether you aren’t hoping to drink, Tito’s Street is one of the spots to visit in Goa for adolescents.

Go to Tito’s Street on the off chance that you need an incredible affair which merits your time and your cash.

Timings: 6 pm to 3 am

Area: Tito’s Street, Baga Beach, North Goa

Baga Beach

Baga Beach-Goa
People on the beach. View from the top of the beach Vagator, India, Goa. Bay of the lagoon beach is the sea.

Baga Beach is the most well known of all Goan shorelines and as a vacationer visiting Goa you truly haven’t been to Goa on the off chance that you haven’t been to Baga. There is continually something energizing going ahead here. Toward the beginning of the day, the shoreline is an incredible place to relax in, absorb the sun and interface with vacationers from everywhere throughout the world.

When you’re finished with the sun, the time has come to take in the salty ocean twists with some courageous water sports in Goa. Make a beeline for lunch at one of the numerous eateries that populate the shoreline and which offer different eating choices. On the off chance that it is high-end food you need, you can take your pick from a portion of the best eateries of Goa. However, regardless of whether you’re simply in the temperament for easygoing nourishment, you can locate some entirely great places close to the shoreline which will enchant your hunger.

Tito’s, Café Mambo, Kandy Club and a lot more clubs make Baga shoreline a gathering sanctuary consistently.

Water Sports: Baga Beach is best-known for its fly skiing, parasailing, banana ride, and drifting water-sports.

Area: Baga, North Goa

Club Cubana

Club Cubana-Goa

Club Cubana considers itself the “Dance club in the Sky”. In any case, however remote, Club Cubana is an extraordinary fascination for party goers. It has spinning streak lights which toss their vivid lights everywhere throughout the area throughout the night, in this way pulling in clients. There is a roomy dance floor where you can dance to the beats and there is additionally a swimming pool with a parlor, which adds to the sentiment of extravagance that portrays Club Cubana.

The club works inside strict parameters. It is open just from October to April and cooks, particularly to couples and women. Stag sections are not supported, however, some are permitted in on uncommon events, for instance, on the off chance that they frame some portion of a bigger gathering of couples. Their endeavor is outfitted towards keeping up a domain where individuals can relax without stressing over security concerns.

In the event that you are making a beeline for Goa with your young lady group, Wednesday is Ladies Night at Club Cubana. This implies free passage and complimentary beverages for ladies. In the event that a person plans to go with you, he should pay for passage. The move floor, the parlor, and the bar are altogether situated on various floors so you can without much of a stretch pick and pick which action to attempt first.



Curlies is one of the important spots to visit in Goa for adults. This club additionally gives an assortment of convenience choices so you can, truth be told, remain here for multi-day or two. It will be definitely justified even despite the stayover. Curlies is an across the board shoreline “shack”. In addition to the fact that it is known for its great nature of administration and its similarly great nourishment, it is likewise exceptionally well known for its ocean sea. Curlies is found nearly at the edge of Anjuna shoreline which implies that, allegorically, the ocean waves thump comfortable doorsteps.

This is an extraordinary set-up in case you’re lodging at Curlies on the grounds that you simply need to put on your shoreline shoes and venture out into the sand and the ocean toward the beginning of the day. You can spend the whole day on the shoreline splashing up the sun, realizing that all that you require is ideal alongside you in the lodging. In case you’re here to party at the open shoreline move floor that can hold upwards of 500 individuals, you will end up in an ideal gathering setting.

Uproarious, bright music, an entire host of sustenances and beverages to look over, and a stunning perspective. On the off chance that you’ve never perceived how lovely the ocean takes a gander during the evening, your night at Curlies will without a doubt uncover it to you. The housetop relax region is extraordinary to unwind in subsequent to moving similar to the pool territory.

Timings: 8.30 am to 3 am

Area: Anjuna Beach Strip

Church of St. Cajetan

Church of St Cajetan in Goa, India
Church of St Cajetan in Goa, India

Goa is definitely not an exceptionally different state but famous for Goa Sightseeing.  All of the general population living in Goa pursue a similar religion, Christianity. Since Christianity is the most broadly pursued religion here, there are numerous houses of worship in the state. Places of worship in Goa take a vital part in the life of the occupants. The Church of St. Cajetan is a standout amongst the most renowned holy places in Goa. The congregation has an extremely solid similarity with the prevalent St. Diminishes Basilica church situated in Rome.

The Church of St. Cajetan is about 2 decades old, however, the congregation has been extremely very much saved and one won’t have the capacity to figure the age of the congregation just by taking a gander at it. One should visit this congregation as they will become more acquainted with about the religion here.

Area: Velha Goa

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