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10 Things to consider When Renovating your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen


If you get such an offer that you have the option of renovating only one room in your home, I would suggest that the room would be your kitchen. It is because kitchen remodeling is an investment. It will add value to your property and make your kitchen more functional. You will get benefit from a well-equipped kitchen for a long time. Besides, the kitchen is a meeting place of family members and guests where people dine together. However, the remodeling process appears to be overwhelming for many people. Consider these 10 things that will ensure a successful and speedy remodel. 

  • Design a perfect kitchen Island 

When it is about remodeling the existing kitchen, setting up a kitchen Island (if there is not any) is an important addition to a kitchen layout. It is because a beautiful kitchen layout not only enhances the decor of a kitchen but also serves many purposes. The Island supports food prep, cooking, casual meals, making crafts, socializing, and doing homework. This kitchen furniture is like a workhorse of the kitchen. 

However, how useful a kitchen Island does not matter if your kitchen is not spacious enough to accommodate a kitchen Island. Don’t set up one if you have at least 36 inches of clearance all the way around. A clearance of 42 inches is better and 48 inches is perfect.  

  • Choose the right model of kitchen cabinet 

There are dozens of cabinet styles out there. Of course, your target would be finding a cabinet at an affordable price. But do not choose one so inexpensive that might end up in a landfill. 

  • Lighting fixture

A kitchen is not a personal room like a bedroom. So, dim or faded lighting will not work here. Here you need enough illumination to facilitate your cooking task. While installing lighting fixtures in a kitchen make sure that they are not placed at the wrong location. A better way of lighting a kitchen is by installing a line of lights directly over the countertop.

  • Kitchen Appliances 

There are many kitchen appliances out there. However, make sure that your kitchen must have these 10 kitchen appliances -gas cooker or oven, blender, microwave, fridge, pressure cooker, toaster, juicer, electric chimney, food processor and a water heater. 

  • Do not forget ventilation

Ventilation is an important aspect of kitchen layout. It is because cooking fumes is a health hazard for people suffering from breathing problems like asthma. Since ventilation is an important thing, do not relocate the cooktop. 

  • Budget

If unsought problems arise during your kitchen remodel, costs can escalate quickly. If this happens, study the plans and see if there is anything you can cut back on or if there is something that you can put off for a while until you’ve saved up for it. It’s important to stick to your actual budget so you don’t end up resenting your costly kitchen when the remodel is finished

Kitchen remodeling is an expensive project. According to a house remodeling magazine, the average cost for a mid-level kitchen is about $66,000. For a high-end kitchen, it could be as high as $131,000. If unexpected problems happen during the remodeling project, the cost can increase quickly. If this happens, stall the project and review the remodeling plan. Find the place where the money is draining out and try to minimize the cost there and then restart the project. 

  • Get professional consultancy  

If you have no previous remodeling experience, get consultancy from a professional interior designer farm. Taking advice from them means you need to spend some money as a consultancy fee. But they will give you a nice remodeling plan based on your budget. Besides, the interior design company will help you to locate the probable place where money could be overspent.  

  • Install a double bowl sink instead of a single bowl


If your existing kitchen sink is a single bowl, replace it with a double bowl sink. Working with a double bowl is convenient since you can wash dishes and vegetables in two separate places. 

  • Install a pull-down a faucet with the double bowl sink

Pull-down faucets are famous in the kitchen accessory world. The unique feature of these faucets is their goose-neck style head which is highly flexible allowing you to spray water at any angle of the dish. This amazing feature facilitating you removing the hardest stains at the most difficult angle. Due to their high-demand, pull-down kitchen faucets come at several design styles and prices.

  • To reduce the remodeling expenditure, keep things that works 

If the objective of your kitchen remodeling is not selling your property, you can slash the renovation cost drastically by not replacing the old kitchen thoroughly. There a few things in a kitchen that replacing completely is not so urgent. One such thing is a window. Replacing an old window, for example, will result in spending $500 to $1000. Replacing the wooden floor with a vinyl one will even be more expensive which could be as high as $2,000. And not to change the position of appliances and plumbing fixtures saving you $200 to $500. 


If your plan is not selling your house in the near future, avoid the $60,000 renovation and go for a superficial upgrade instead. It means bringing some noticeable improvements in the kitchen while not spending much. Painting your old cabinets by spending $1,000, for example, will give it a new look instead of purchasing a new model with $5,000. The bottom line is in a remodeling project you need to spend money wisely.   


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11 Do’s and Dont’s For Your Dubai Travel

dubai travel

Dubai is a very amazing and affordable trip. But since Dubai is a completely different city its better if you book a Dubai tour package so that you always have your next move lined up for your trip. According to our research, we found that Roaming Routes is offering the best Dubai Packages or if you have anything else in mind you can go with it.

11 Do's and Dont's For Your Dubai Travel

But, going to an unknown country is surely a matter of concern. Every country follows different laws, cultures and sometimes we misinterpret certain rules and protocols. Thereby we understand how you want to take a Dubai tour without any trouble and complications.  This article will help you in figuring out what are the basic things to do and not do on the Dubai Tour. 

We personally recommend booking the Dubai tour package with roaming routes. The leading travel agency of India is renowned for offering some mind-blowing international tours that are affordable, luxurious and comprehensive. There amazing Dubai tour package has a blend of most popular Dubai tourist attractions. The Dubai Tour package for you has:-

  • Land cruiser ride across the desert along with exciting off-roading that you can’t enjoy at home or anywhere else.
  • Amazing desert safari followed by lavish dinner with your love,
  • Riding silently on Dubai Creek in luxury Dhow Cruise is completely mesmerizing, 
  • Exploring Dubai skyline from an upper deck, 
  • Order some food along with that enjoy smoking sheesha and musical performances.

Do’s and Dont’s on Dubai Tour

  • Do Bargain 
  • Do learn some Dubai phrases
  • Decide on the fare before getting into any transportation vehicle
  • Do not wear revealing clothes to the mosque
  • Do not misbehave or try to damage the public property
  • Do not talk envy about their resident
  • Don’t do drugs
  • Don’t touch a Dubai person’s head
  • Do take care of your valuable possessions
  • Do not spit on the roads
  • Do have unlimited fun

11 Do’s and Don’t When you Travel to Dubai are:

#1 Do Bargain

Out of so many things like nightlife and beaches in Dubai, shopping is one of the finest reasons why you should take a Dubai tour. For all the shopaholics Dubai is a real paradise where one can buy artistic crafts at a very reasonable price. There ‘s one thing you should be mindful of while shopping that the bargaining is encouraged in the Dubai market, so you shouldn’t miss a chance to save some money but do it politely. 

#2 Do Learn Some Dubai Phrases

Every place has its own culture, value, and language and therefore it is very important for you to learn some common Dubai phrases which can help you out in dealing with lots of things. 

Some common Dubai phrases are:

  • Marhaba -hello
  • Kaeefhalak- how are you?
  • Sabah el Khair to greet Good morning.
  • Massa el Khair to greet Good evening.
  • Tahiyat for normal greetings
  • MaAaes-Salama to say Goodbye.
  • Is a – Excuse me
  • Asef – sorry.

#3 Decide on the Fare Before Getting Into Your Vehicle

Cabs, metro is easily accessible in Dubai and thus its a smart decision to hire it for minimum distances. Before sitting into a cab, talk about the fares with the taxi driver, try to bargain.

Do not take a ride from a driver who is standing in a group because many times they decide upon a price which is way higher than the actual price.

#4 Do Not Wear Revealing Clothes to the Mosque

Dubai might look like strict cities but the reality is that the local women are very sophisticated. Avoid cut sleeves and off-shoulder dresses while entering the mosque. Wear long skirts or pants that cover your body well as if you don’t, then you’d not be allowed to enter the sacred buildings. 

#5 Do Not Misbehave or Try to Damage the Public Property 

It is essential to respect the people and place you have welcomed you generously. Being careful and avoiding mischevious like damaging the property is what is expected from civilized visitors. The hefty penalty is charged on the culprits who damage the public property in Dubai.

#6 Do Not Talk Envy About Their King

People of Dubai respect their king a lot and therefore just not talk anything envy about their king to avoid a big bizzare. Always respect the royal family and their decisions. 

#7 Don’t Do Drugs

Many people live in a misconception that drugs are allowed in the fun city but the reality is the Dubai laws are very strict against drugs. So, avoid consuming them. Sheesha is undoubtedly legal and popular here. 

#8 Don’t Touch a Dubai Person’s Head

Dubai people consider the head as the most esteemed part of their body and touching it offensive for them. You touch a child like that as a friendly gesture but we would still advise you not to.

#9 Do Take Care of Your Valuable Possessions

Be it for any holiday place, you should always take care of your things. Cautious travelers wander with the least luggage and keep themselves free from any sort of obligation. It is always advisable to carry fewer clothes and almost no valuable jewelry. But, even if you do so it is your responsibility to take care of it.

#10 Do Not Spit on the Roads

Do take the laws of Dubai leniently, they are very strict regarding some laws and one they include spiting on the road. If you do so a heavy fine might be imposed on you. Also don’t through garbage on the roads.   

#11 Do have unlimited fun

Visit exquisite Jumeirah beach, experience adventurous desert safari, get stoned with an amazing view of Burj Al Arab, explore the old Bur Dubai and enter in largest shopping malls of the world. Do everything! have unlimited fun, just lift your life to another level.

Dubai Travel

Have an Obstacle Free Journey

Above listed are the top 11 Do’s and Don’t to follow when you travel to Dubai. Even a small mistake in an unknown country can get you into big trouble, so it’s better to know all the basic Do’s and Don’t about Dubai. 

So plan your following Dubai Holidays and unleash the holiday with loads of discount and comfort.  A good tour operator gives more than you can expect. You can also customize Dubai tour packages from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Jaipur.

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Travel Tips for Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

Travel tips for Chardham yatra by Helicopter
Travel tips for Chardham yatra by Helicopter

Chardham yatra is one of the spiritual and adventurous Journeys that consists of Dhams, i.e. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, and Gangotri. According to Hindu mythology, Visiting Chardham yatra will help you in attaining moksha and remove all your sins that you have done in your life.

Chardham yatra is not an easy journey, it requires a lot of stamina and time as you have to pass through the narrow lanes and rough terrains. But, now the facility of Chardham yatra by helicopter will solve this issue and will give you a happy and refreshing experience.

So, Book Your package of Chardham Yatra by helicopter in 2020 and in upcoming years to make your holidays beautifully spend.

A helicopter is also very helpful to save your time and energy because usually, people are tired after visiting Chardham Yatra. A helicopter is usually one of the best modes of transport for visiting Chardham Yatra. Chardham yatra in a helicopter will make the trip comfortable and peaceful.

Every person planning to visit Chardham Yatra should know what things are necessary to take along and what things should be carried. For visiting Chardham Yatra, it is necessary to follow all the precautions and to take all the essential stuff with you.

Chardham Yatra by Helicopter Booking:-

You can book your Chardham yatra by Helicopter Package from Leisure India Holiday (LIH) for 05 days and 04 nights. LIH is the of the best-rated tour operator which provides amazing and luxurious facilities. The Package cost for Chardham yatra by Helicopter package is around INR 1,75,000/-.

You can prefer the traveling Chardham Yatra with family, friends, corporate groups, club groups, or you can also have a solo trip. The Tour starts from Dehradun then we will head towards the Yamunotri, then Yamunotri to Gangotri, Gangotri to Kedarnath, and Kedarnath to Badrinath.

This Chardham Yatra package includes all the luxurious facilities like luxurious and comfortable hotels, delicious food, popular street foods, proper conveyance facilities, etc. LIH is one of the best-known brands for providing the best Chardham Yatra tour package by helicopter.

Travel Tips for Visiting Chardham Yatra by Helicopter:-

1. First Aid and Medical Kit.

Most Important Thing to carry while Visiting Chardham Yatra by helicopter

As there are rocky hills and mountains, during trekking, one can get any injury in their body part, so there are some medications that we can do on the spot so that the damage may not give you much pain, and you can at least visit the whole Dhams properly. For visiting Chardham Yatra by helicopter, it is the most necessary thing to be taken with you as the height may disturb your mind, so the medicines are needed accordingly.

The Dhams are located on very rocky grounds; therefore, a person can also injure himself. Medicines are also necessary to avoid any pain and fever due to climate change and for your long term diseases, if any, proper prescription or any other compulsory medication is needed to take along.

2. Take Warm Clothes According to the Weather

In summer, regular warm clothes are sufficient to be comfortable, but in monsoon season, raincoats are compulsory. In the summer season, the temperature remains between 12°C to 25°C. At this temperature, the adorable weather with the sunlight gives you a fantastic view, but in the monsoon, it will be challenging and uncomfortable to visit the Dhams in the rain. Chardham Yatra with helicopter starts from Dehradun and so it is necessary to remember the temperature and weather condition of Dehradun also and wear clothes accordingly.

3. Take the Camera if You Have

Take the best camera you have, as you will get enough opportunities to enjoy the beautiful and showing your photography skills with different poses. As a most trending thing, for taking snaps, the best thing is to take a camera by yourself so that you can save your memories for the rest of your life in the camera. A big camera or any phone camera, if it is good, it will make your journey one of the most memorable trips of your life.

4. Refreshment

Take some eatables to refresh yourself, and to refresh your mouth, as it gives you a relaxed attitude, and helps you to behave calmly. Visiting with a calm nature helps you and your mates to visit the trip with full of enthusiasm and positivity. Forgetting all the stress and enjoying the journey will help you to make good memories.

5. No Personal Work

If you are visiting this religious and spiritual trip and expect to enjoy, then you should avoid your work, as because of your work, stress can take place, and you may not be able to enjoy your trip.

6. Mentally Prepared

Ensure yourself to be physically fit and mentally prepared for a minimum walk of 5 km continuously. As there may come any problem which may discomfort you, so be prepared mentally and not tired quickly.

7. Weather Problems

As the weather is uncertain, people should consider while booking the helicopter service that the company may cancel on the day of your trip because of the bad weather or climate. So before going there, make your mindset that if you may not visit by helicopter, LIH (Leisure India Holidays) will provide you any other conveyance so that your trip may not discontinue because of a single failure.

These are the travel tips for Chardham yatra by Helicopter that you must follow during or before your trip to Chardham yatra that will help you to complete your journey smoothly and Happily.

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What Costa Rica Offers That Other Holiday Destinations Don’t?

cost rica tours holiday destinations

From calm and leisurely beaches to adrenaline-pumping hikes on volcanic mountains, Costa Rica has something for everyone. The only thing limiting your experiences in the country is your return date.

The best Costa Rica tours offer activities such as zip-lining, sport fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, relaxing massages, incredible wildlife tours, and enthralling sunsets on the beach.

So, many countries in the world offer similar activities. What’s so special about Costa Rica? Well, being on top of the list of the happiest countries in the world is one reason what sets it apart from other tropical countries.

Here are a few other reasons that set Costa Rica apart from other holiday destinations.

Top of the Happy Planet Index

Costa scores a whopping 44.7 on the Happy Planet Index, making it the happiest place on earth. The index measures the well-being of the citizens and the environmental impact and Costa Rica shines bright on both the parameters. Not only are the people smiling and carefree, but, they are also very environmentally conscious. They have all but abandoned the use of plastic and generate most of their electricity from renewable sources.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida means pure life. This is the motto of the country and the people. The locals live life to the fullest and don’t sweat about the small stuff. They stay positive, appreciate simple pleasures, and focus on sustainable wellbeing for all. The people there are content with what they have and make it a point not to argue or fight. This sets the country apart from other holiday destinations.

They Don’t Spend On Military, But On Preserving Nature

The country abolished its army over seventy years ago and has never looked back. Instead of spending millions of dollars on defense forces, the country spends on preserving its natural wonders. About a quarter of the country comes under the protected area. The country also boasts being home to the United Nations University for Peace.

Higher Life Expectancy

It may be due to the fact that people are content and happy. The average life of a Costa Rican is about 79 years which is higher than all of its Central American neighbors. Many residents are known to live well beyond 100 years of age. So, don’t be surprised if you see wrinkled smiling faces greeting you.

Offers a Myriad of Activities

The best Costa Rica tours offer a myriad of activities for all age groups. From lounging on the beach to surfing, fishing, encounters with wildlife, and hiking volcanoes, you can experience it all here. It has become a go-to place for family vacations or trips with friends, and even romantic rendezvous. No matter the purpose of your trip, you are bound to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Pleasant Weather All Year Round

The country has pleasant climate year-round. This means that you can plan a trip at any time of the year. There are mainly two seasons, viz. dry and wet. The wet season is ideal for those looking to travel on a budget as you can get great deals and discounts on accommodation and activities.

Surrounded By the Caribbean and the Pacific

The country has the Caribbean Sea on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west and has a coastline of 1,290 kilometers. This means loads of picturesque beaches and tons of water sports, fishing, and swimming.

Paradise for Anglers

There are many native fish that attract marine biologists, eco-tourists, and anglers alike. Some of the most popular catches are Black Drum (PogoniasCromis), Rooster Fish (Nemastitius Pectoralis), Yellowtail Snapper (OcyurusChrysurus), Jack Crevalle (Caranx Hippos), and Permit (TrachinotusFalcatus).

The rich water resources surrounding the country and inland offer a variety of experiences for anglers. The Pacific coast offers fishes like sailfish, marlin, dorado, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna, and the Caribbean coast offers catches like tarpon, snook, dorado, and gaspar. Inland lakes and rivers will offer you fresh water guapote, rainbow bass, and machaca fish.

Magnificent Wildlife

While it is unlikely that you will come across a wild cat, you will find many species of monkeys, sloths, brightly colored tree frogs, coatis, jaguars, and tapirs. You may also spot sea turtles, a variety of whales, scarlet macaws, giant blue morpho butterflies, and bats.

Tantalizing Coffee

Your favorite coffee blend may well contain coffee from Costa Rica. The climate and the volcanic slopes of the country are home to many coffee blends and make for great souvenirs. You can find whole beans or ground coffee at cheap rates in grocery stores across the country.

By now Costa Rica should be on the top of your bucket list. And why not? Which such friendly people, pleasant climate, idyllic scenery, inviting beaches, lush forests, and endless adventures, the country has something for everyone. Few places boast such a heady mix of adventure and tranquility and this is what makes Costa Rica unique.

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Plan a Much-Awaited Backpacking Trip to Costa Rica


Its ecological diversity and breathtaking beauty make Costa Rica an exciting backpacker destination. There are loads to explore here from nature reserves, national parks, to pristine beaches, remote coastlines, and endless adventures. You can choose to visit the top tourist spots or tread off the beaten path for an adrenaline rush.

To make that eagerly awaited backpacking trip a reality, opt for a Costa Rica all inclusive vacations package.

Listed here are some key considerations to bear in mind and all that you can look forward to experiencing while here in Costa Rica:

Time to Travel 

December to April is the peak tourist months when visitors flock to Costa Rica for a memorable getaway. If you are not averse to crowds, are keen to sunbathe and undertake some thrilling beach activities, plan your trip this time of year.

The months covering May to November is referred to as the green season owing to the incessant rains. Making a budget-friendly trip is doable during this period as prices drop to lure tourists. You can freak out hiking, rafting, and exploring the lush rainforests.

Getting There

Flying into San Jose airport is a good option as it is more centralized, and you are likely to get cheaper flights. Alternately you can also head to Costa Rica from Panama. Though there is no fee to enter the country from the Panama border, you have to show proof of your exit within 90 days. While exiting, a fee per person is levied. A public bus plies several times a day between the border and San Jose for ease of tourists.

Choice of Transport

The cheapest modes of transport to get around Costa Rica are the public buses. These are popular among backpackers as detailed bus schedules and timings are available online, making it easier to plan your day. When going the taxi route, opt for Uber as it works out much cheaper than other cabs.

If you can afford to rent a private car, do so and enjoy the scenic drive at your pace while accessing spread out locations. Use the GPS on your mobile phone for the much-needed directions as you journey on. Private mini-buses are another convenient option as they pick you up from your place of residence and transfer you to your specific destination. Either way, choose the most suitable mode of transport and book in advance.

Comfortable Accommodation

When you check into an Airbnb, your hosts introduce you to an authentic local experience. Hostels, too, are an affordable option where you can rent a bed and interact with fellow backpackers. There are plenty of hostels to choose from, as practically every town has its fair share to cater to the influx of backpackers. It is advisable to check the online reviews before proceeding with your booking.

These hostels are strategically located, enabling you to walk to the neighboring restaurants and nightclubs. In addition to being clean and offering basic amenities, many of the hostels also organize yoga and jam sessions for interested travelers. If you are lucky, some of these hostels welcome pets and even include breakfast as part of your rental.

Useful General Tips

Before heading out on this backpacking expedition, it is worthwhile to learn some basic Spanish terminologies. This comes in handy when you need to interact with the locals to ask for directions or any other assistance. Keep a map of the region and a travel guide with detailed information in your backpack.

Preferably pack light and avoid too many pairs of clothing because you can always mix and match. It is better to carry clothes that dry out faster to deal with the humid conditions. This will ensure they do not remain damp or smelly while in your backpack. Also, do not tempt fate by displaying your valuables like electronic items and expensive jewelry.

Sample Local Cuisine

To savor local specialties, head to the many small family-run restaurants popularly termed as ‘sodas.’ They offer authentic grub from the region along with a drink, at very affordable rates. ‘Musmanni’ is a chain of bakeries found across Costa Rica. Besides pastries costing less than one dollar, you can also grab a quick bite comprising of a sandwich and a soda. This reasonable lunch special helps to satiate your hunger pangs while on the move.

Should you want to cook your food while backpacking, that too is an option provided, your rented accommodation has an available kitchen. Visit the many farmer markets spread across the country to source your groceries. Here you can lay your hands on the freshest produce at cheap rates by way of vegetables, fruits, and local staples like beans and rice.

Gear up to make your best memories while on a backpacking trip in the extraordinary natural settings of Costa Rica. You are bound to revisit this beautiful paradise.

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10 Ideas for a romantic holiday in Dubai

dubai-burj-khalifa- at.mosphere -dine

Gallivanting to Dubai for some romantic time with your love? Well, taking pictures in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris or riding on a gondola in Venice- we have seen a lot of these. But have you thought of popping the question on the world’s tallest building or celebrating the honeymoon in a private desert safari?

Dubai is a great destination with skyscrapers, beaches, sand, and cruise. Either you want a lazy lunch at a world-class restaurant or go out of the box and learn horse riding with your partner, this place serves you the widest variation of love.

Here are the top 10 things to do in Dubai with your better half to rekindle the sparkle-

1. Plan for the Desert Safari in Dubai


Perfect for anniversary getaways, desert safari in Dubai is about spending time in style. Whether you both are early risers, who could pick the road trip to the desert and celebrate love with adventure, or are looking for an overnight stay in the sand with deluxe camping, the desert safaris have got you covered. In the morning, you can go for dune bashing, or riding a camel, or competing with each other on the bike. The evening desert safari is a blend of adventure and culture, where at the latter half you would be sitting in Majilis-styled setting accompanied by the most royal and courteous service. The belly dancing, henna designing, unlimited shisha, and the 6-course meal are complementary to the exciting evening. Choose the private package which gives you your personal space and comfort. Cosy and cuddled in the couches and camps, watch the sky twinkling with stars.

2. Fly to the sky in the Hot Air Balloon


The filmiest activity that couples do in Dubai is to take part in the hot air balloon rides. The balloon rises over the endless stretch of sand, the blue seas, and the bustling crowd and looks straight out from a fairytale. Revel in the breathtaking panoramic views from the 4,000 feet. Catch the rare sight of the breaking of dawn, the sun rays falling on the oasis, sand turning to fiery red, and the glittering Dubai skyline. This air balloon ride could be well-planned and well-fitted in the desert safari itinerary.

3. Feel the love in the air of Dubai Miracle Garden


Flowers bridge the path of two lovers. And what can be better to fall head over heels for someone in a place that has got over 45 million flowers? Renowned for the largest collection of natural and fresh flowers in the world, the Dubai Miracle Garden is indeed a symbolic love destination. With its artistic designs and structure from the heart-shaped passageways (where you can take crazy pre-wedding shoots, only with permission) to the Butterfly Garden, it is blooming with romance everywhere.

4. Set a picnic at the Hatta Mountains


Are you the couple who wants a real escape from the urban areas? Head towards the Hatta mountains where you can enjoy a long break with your lover. Spend the day trekking the mountains, relaxing under nature, travelling through the historical Hatta heritage village, having a picnic in the park, lounging beside natural pools, savouring the delectable local cuisine, and enjoying the breathtaking views.

5. Ride a horse at Al Dhabi Stables


Learning to ride an Arabian horse together is great fun, especially in the Arabian playground. Located in the traditional Emirati farming area, the Al Dhabi Stables have the most friendly horses ready to give you a ride of the lifetime. Gear up with boots, hats, chaps, and necessary equipment and the team will train you well. You can discover a set of other animals like cattle, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and rabbits. In this relaxed atmosphere interact with herds, camp under the moonlight, watch the beautiful sunset, and spend quality time with beau.

6. Dine at At.Mosphere

dubai-burj-khalifa- at.mosphere -dine

If sophistication and luxury is your definition of love, do not look anywhere else than the exquisite dining at the highest located restaurant in the world, At.Mosphere. Perched on the 122nd floor of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the restaurant boasts an intricate design and interior that will leave you awestruck. The menu is splendid and wide-enough to choose from, the service is unparalleled and the views from the floor to ceiling glass is the real treasure. The Eauzone, Pai Thai, Fish Beach Taverna are few other romantic dining areas.

7. Rejuvenate the body in a Spa

spa in dubai


 The fashion of going on a spa date is extremely popular nowadays. Following the trail, get yourself a massage in one of the luxurious spas of the Jumeirah. The Palm Jumeirah is the gorgeous man-made island that is dotted with tremendous attractions. Its spas are equipped with massage rooms, snow rooms, saunas, and thalassotherapy pools. One can dive into the utmost calmness and divinity as the masseur eases your nerves and senses. Few hotels for the finest spas are Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, and the Ritz- Carlton. The honeymoon couples receive extra offers and goodies.

8. Book a Dhow Cruise


There is no dearth of top-notch yachts in Dubai, but nothing beats the classic dinner at those old wooden boats revamped to an elegant floating restaurant. Hire a dhow cruise and get yourself a table in the glass-shielded lower deck or the top open-air deck. The Creek dhow cruise offers a splendid view of the vintage buildings, galleries, hotels, small houses with wind towers, national banks, lively markets, cranky streets  and other preserved heritage around, while the Marina dhow cruise passes by the most exotic architecture, residential areas, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm, The Pointe and the Mall of the Emirates. The arrangement is nothing less than the international cruise, like the lavish spread of buffet, live dance shows, and customised services.

9. Lounge on the Kite Beach


Overlooking the magnificent Burj Al Arab, the white sand beach gives us the major adventure goals besides basking in the sun. Favourite amongst the divers and surfers, the beach is all bout watersports and good vibes. It is free, fun-induced and fancy. So, play volleyball, laze in the lounges, go underwater, test your surfing skills and do all kinds of beach activities and more. The 14 km jogging track is ideal for a long chirpy walk.

10. Go shopping in the Best Mall in the world



Now since you have cruised amidst the blowing wind, dine under the stars and unwind at a spa, why not refresh and recharge yourself with shopping. Shop your favourite brands from Louis Vuitton to Gucci and Prada at Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. These malls have hundreds of stores specialising in coveted brands, numerous entertainment zones and eating outlets. Later, indulge in delicious meals seating on the very comfortable couches with blankets as you watch the blockbuster movies.

You realise it’s hard to resist the romance of Dubai, isn’t it? Don’t wait further to upgrade the next romantic holiday and surprise your sweetheart most uniquely.


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Enjoy Your Favourite Food and Save Money at the Same Time with Box8 and Zomato Coupon Code 

Online Food Delivery with Box8 Coupons and Zomato Deals

Digitalization has completely changed the way the world works. No one has thought that the delivery of stationery, books, cosmetics, commodities, groceries, and dresses can be done through online shopping. The world is further amazed when online brands have started delivering foods online. Now you can enjoy deliciously and your favorite cuisines right within the confines of your house by ordering food online from reputed food delivery applications.

From attractive cashback offers to discount deals and coupons, ordering food online has become both convenient as well as affordable today. Moreover, the authenticity of these offers and coupons is commendable.

The food delivery is on time and the quality of the food is beyond expectation. The rates of the foods and males are the same as in restaurants and there are no hidden charges to surprise you later. So, rely on this food delivery application to satisfy your cravings and save money at the same using the Box8 Coupons available at Couponscurry.

Make Most out of Online Food Delivery with Box8 Coupons and Deals

If you are new to the arena of online food delivery, then it is important for you to know the places offering the best offers and coupon deals. Any online food offers that promise good quality foods with affordable bills, give you a sense of respite indeed.

From the latest online food delivery applications like Box8 to Zomato, these online brands have exhibited that with the right combination of resources and latest technologies different food offers can be provided and it is something that can attract anyone and not only the youth.

So, if you are a foodie who likes to try different dishes and foods from different restaurants in your city without burning a hole in your pocket, then using these food coupons from Zomato and Box8 can prove to be lucrative indeed.

Save yourself from the hassles of travelling to the restaurants for enjoying your favorite cuisines by ordering food online through these applications right from the confines of your house. At the same time save some money on your food by using the wide range of food coupons and cashback offers offered by Coupons Curry.

The online food delivery offers are becoming quite popular these days amongst the people who are extremely tech-savvy. It is also popular amongst the people who are in the habit of trying out new things and cuisines in different restaurants. To cater to the demands of this group of people food delivery brands like Zomato, Swiggy and Box8 have launched their online applications.

These apps make food ordering quite simple and easy and at the same time allow you to save money by applying Zomato Coupon Code at the time of checkout. You get the instant discount on your bill and the remaining balance can either be paid using cards or you can opt for cash on delivery facility.

Indian Making Most Out of Zomato Coupon Code

The people in India have risen to the highest potential of food offers and coupon discounts. The promo codes and cashback offer available at Coupons Curry site are applicable to all the states and cities of India. This means wherever the services of these online food delivery applications are available you can apply these coupon codes and promo codes of Zomato and Box8 to avail great discounts on food ordering.

You can also opt for food delivery offers based on needs and preferences. You get the opportunity to browse across the food website or application and make the best use of the promo code to get discounts on your final bill.

From Italian to Mediterranean and Continental to Chinese, all types of cuisines can be ordered through these food delivery applications and at the same time save lots of money on your final bill using the discount codes and deals.

Where to Find Best Coupon Codes for Zomato and Box8?

Searching for coupons and promo codes on Google is quite a time consuming and finding the applicable and authentic promo code seems to be challenging for many. So, one site that is dedicated to offering promo codes and food discount codes is Coupons Curry where you will find all food deals and coupon codes for free.

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Maybe you could be driving for the first time before you set off you need to consider certain tips that would help you a lot in the long run.

Driving in Portugal

Generally, Portugal roads are good enough to travel, but the driver’s style will be erratic and aggressive too, so better to move on cautiously while you are driving in Portugal. Drive on the right. You need to carry all your documents and certificates while you are travelling in Portugal roads.

Driving in France

Wearing a headset is illegal in France; even to lift the phone too it should be avoided. While driving in France, one should carry a V5C certificate, driving license, passport and insurance documents. Carry these safety items too when you are travelling through France, they are Warning triangle, Breathalyser, Beam deflectors, Reflective jackets.

Driving in Italy

For Driving in Italy, You need this checklist:

U.S. Driver’s License, Passport (Required), Driver’s Permit, Proof of Liability Insurance.

 Tips on driving in North America

Tips in driving in North America

Follow certain tips while driving in North America, they won’t indicate any direction change, so it’s perhaps uncomfortable to get through this kind of driving style, you are allowed to turn right when the red light is on. On motorways, It’s not illegal to undertake. So watch out for undertaking.  At the four-way intersection, the vehicle without lights which has arrived has been given more preference and then the next vehicle. So take you to turn at the crossroads.

Driving style

Research the local traffic laws of a specific country. It is necessary to know the particular traffic laws that are specific to each area. It is essential to carry a jacket and other required equipment most times with you Particularly in European countries.

Still, you are confident, don’t move to the fast lane

Practice your ride in any slow lane until and unless you feel confident in your driving. If you still feel any nervous, practice for some more time.

Request GPS

Request GPS from any rental company to get around, which saves your time, but also saves you getting lost in your way.

Select a small car

A small car will be suitable for your journey, If you don’t require much space small car will be a good option with short luggage. It is better to book a mini car which fulfills your all travel requirements and needs.

Don’t respond to aggressive local drivers

It may happen sometime that local drivers’ aggressive way of driving irritates but don’t give much importance to them it is better to leave them their way. Even some times their gestures too will be unbearable. So stop responding and stay focused at all times.

Stop being overambitious

Driving Abroad

Start with shorter distances initially, avoid longer ones until you get used to it. And also better to go to less crowded areas but not too overcrowded areas. It is also advisable to go to a mode of public transport until you are perfect in it.

Take an advanced driving course Before your trip, if you got plenty of time, better to take an advanced driving course/ driving lessons abroad. They teach you Control and Speed of the car which will make you perfect in driving, which will make you more positive, more confident and bring more concentration.

All these tips will certainly and definitely will bring a good driving experience for you and make your abroad driving a pleasant one.

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My Visit to Golden Triangle India with 5 Star Hotel Stays

Golden Triangle India with 5 Star Hotel Stays

My Visit to India’s Golden Triangle with 5 Star Hotel Stays is one of my most favorite trips I have ever done in my life. It comprises mainly three stunning destinations of India, which to their positions form a beautiful triangle. These cities are situated on the equidistance of 200-250 km from each other, forming a regular Triangle.

These three destinations are the Ecstatic blend of Culture and tradition-Delhi, colony of Mughals-Agra, and empire of majestic Rajputs-Jaipur. During summer vacations, I, along with my college friends, planned a luxurious Golden Triangle Tour to India. And it was one of the best tours of ours in India.

Our luxury Golden Triangle Tour Package comprises seven days and six nights tour, which was enough to explore the three big majestic cities of India. Each destination of the Golden Triangle tour has its different quintessential. Each represents a diverse tradition, Culture, mesmerizing sites, architecture, delicacies, and most amazingly 5-star luxury hotels. I have designed this article to share with you every minute detail of my freaking experience of the luxury Golden Triangle tour India. Let’s make a tour to India from the day first!

Day 1: Delhi Arrival (Stay At The Imperial, Delhi)

The Imperial, Delhi

We arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is a lively destination for all International flights. I got mesmerized by seeing pleasant welcome done by our tours and travel agency representatives at the Airport. After this, they drove us to the most luxurious hotel in Delhi. “The Imperial Hotel” is centrally located in the heart of New Delhi and ranked top among Asia’s most luxurious 5-star hotels. This old place has its memoir of the British era.

Our Golden Triangle Guide plotted the whole story about this exuberant place that this pride of Delhi was built-in 1934 and modified by Bromfield, Lutyen’s assistant. We experienced the luxury stay at the hotel as if we were in the days of the British Raj. Hotel staff welcomed us at the lobby of the Hotel in British Style and elegance. The luxury Hotel filled with iconic heritage and Victorian charm and the pleasure of having dined at award-winning restaurants was simply an overwhelming experience.

Our package providers asked us to have rest for some hours then would go for a gleeful walk in the Illuminating streets of Delhi.

Day 2: City Tour, Delhi

City Tour Delhi

The second was fully dominated by historic architecture. After having done with the delicious spicy breakfast in the Hotel, they took us to the City-Tour, Delhi. By god, it was one of the amazing city tours we ever had in our life. Our tour started with the spellbind site of Red Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, our tour continues to the site of the magnificent temples, the Lotus Temple, Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, and ISKON. The most beautiful element of the tour was visiting Asia’s Biggest Markets that are Sadar Bazar, Chandni Chowk, and more. Delhi’s street food is one the major alluring thing in Golden Triangle Tours, India.

Day 3: Trip to Agra (Stay At The Tajview, Agra)

TajView Agra

The epitome of Love, Taj Mahal. The city of one of the seven wonders of the world is such an amazing city to explore. On day third of our India Golden Triangle tour with 5-star hotel stays, we left Delhi for the second most beautiful destination of India. Agra is a city of India’s Pride and has immortal vestiges of Mughals in the form of dynamic monuments and architecture. Our day trip to Agra started with the royal check-in to the most luxurious Hotel of Agra, “The Tajview.” The Hotel spread over six acres of well-gripped gardens and beautiful spacious rooms; the place offered us hustle-free services and the first-rate amenities. They have got such a friendly staff that is ready to provide you hospitality and excellent services. I can’t forget such a memorable trip to the Golden Triangle, India.

Day 4: Agra to Jaipur, Fatehpur Sikri (Stay At Samode Haveli, Jaipur)

Samode Haveli, Jaipur

And gradually the fourth day came when Jaipur seems no far. Yes! After having morning breakfast, we made a move towards Jaipur, we the option of stopping en-route at Fatehpur Sikri, a red stone 16th-century Mughal fort-palace built by Emperor Akbar. This place is a magnificent example of the Mughal Architecture, also known as Jodha Bai’s Palace. Now, it has become one of the major tourist attractions in Rajasthan. After pondering the site, we continued our trip to Jaipur.

We arrived at Jaipur in an hour, we were assisted with check-in into one of the Luxury Hotels of the Golden Triangle Tour. Samode Haveli, an urban oasis built 175 years ago as a home to the rulers of Samode. It was simply a mesmerizing sight of the Hotel. We had our exquisite royal cuisine in exotic venues; lunch was such an indulgent treat.

Day 5: Jaipur City Tour City of Majestic Rajputs

Jaipur City Tour City

Jaipur, an unrevealing dynamicity of the Rajasthani Culture. It was time to make a day trip after having a delicious breakfast. Hawa Mahal was the first destination in Jaipur, the epitome of winds and royalty. Maharaja Sawai Maan Singh built this magnificent palace in 1799. After that, we proceed for the sight-seeing of the Amber Fort, also known as Jal Mahal. Nahargarh, City Palace, Jaigarh Fort are another captivating sights of Jaipur.

Festivals celebrated in Jaipur have their significance like Elephant Festival, Sitla Mata Festival, Chaksu Festival are some most common feast we had attended. Other than this, they took us for the thrilling rides such as Hot Air Balloon and Exciting Elephant Rides. After having done with the frolic activities, it was time to indulge yourself in the Rajasthani Culture.

In Jaipur, the most famous destination for Rajasthani cuisine, Daal Baati Churma is such a delight in Choki-Dhani. I had never even experienced such type of Food and Tradition in my whole life.

Day 6: Delhi Return

Delhi Return

And finally, the day came to say goodbye to the mind-boggling city of Rajasthan. After having done with breakfast, they asked us to pack our bags for the return trip to the Capital Delhi to catch a flight for home.

The six days and five nights Golden Triangle Tour to India with luxurious Hotel stays was a remarkable Trip of my life. Although six days were not enough to explore the Golden Triangle but our experience of contemplating the diverse Culture of India was very fantastic. I’m pretty sure my luxurious experience of the Golden Triangle Tour would have lured you to plan for it. So not only plan but also hurry up to book your Golden Triangle Tour Packages.

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What are the things attracting tourists to visit Spain?

Ibiza Spain

A cruise replete of amusement is all that the visitors want. Why do visitors decide to visit a certain place? It’s the top-notch site attracting visitors to certain land. Spain, the land of diverse geography and culture, is well-known all over the world for its Flamenco music and dance, sonorous waving beaches, bullfights, dynamic nightlife, and lots of entertainment. Spain is really a place to explore, holding several attractions. Here are the top sites that attract tourists to visit Spain with cheap flights.


An ancient small fortress, Alhambra is situated in Andalusia. It’s one amongst the finest sites in Granada if you really urge to know about the city through the streets of its traditional neighborhoods. Its gardens seem to be a piece of heaven on earth. Space proffers you panoramic views to behold the sight of. It accouters all the amenities besides of varied reasonable food menu.

Cala Millor

Without encountering the nightlife of a specific area, you can’t measure the degree of vibrancy among people. Must spend a  night at Cala Millor to witness the vibrant nightlife of Spain. It’s a large resort whose sandy beach, turquoise water, and a plethora of colors in the form of many shops surprise you at first sight. It proffers a great variety of activities to indulge in, to the visitors.

Costa Blanca

One amongst the most-visited tourist destinations in Europe, Costa Blanca enables the visitors to find a surfeit of spectacular contrasts. This lovely land comprises sandy beaches, narrow alleys, the historic centre of the town, and a lot more. It offers plenty of things to do to the visitors which they will certainly enjoy. A striking place to stroll at and to spend some time over here while being in Spain.

Costa Brava Spain

If you are seeking a cooler place to take a break at, then Costa Brava is a perfect choice to go for. Costa Brava has some of the world’s bluest and clearest water. Rocky inlets, sandy beaches, crystal clear water – all is here to catch your sight. Its incredible grandeur, profound history, scrumptious food, splendid art, and much more bids your quality time.

El Retiro Park

El Retiro Park is situated in the heart of the city. If you truly are a nature lover, seeking solace from nature, then nothing would work better than this place. Comprising more than 15,000 trees, this park is a place where you will find stimulating monuments despite lush green gardens. Stroll in serene gardens and endeavor some entertainment for your kids by taking them to a puppet show. Must rent a rowing boat to enjoy boating in a large artificial lake. Magnificent fountains, fascinating sculptures, green space, and much more are ample to endeavor you relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the splendor of nature.

Gran Canaria

A marvelous blessing of nature, Costa del Sol is visited by many tourists each year because of its amazing black lava and white sandy beaches. It’s a fantastic family destination and is a perfect place for all age-groups. Not merely an astounding view, rather, it offers you to elicit your thrilling nature and to add some adventure to your trip. Have the best shot over here by climbing rare vertical rocks. The hike over here is a unique hike which you will certainly relish.


If you are looking for a place replete of tranquility and soothes with glamorous views of nature, then nothing would work better than Ibiza. Simultaneously, Ibiza is an ideal place for a party. This island hosts a public gathering show to entertain the people with the best DJs of the world, making it a place to reach for clubbers. Ibiza is one of the most-visited places of Spain that unquestioningly offers you all what is prerequisite to make a trip memorable.

Jameos del Agua: A place reflecting the amalgamation of nature and mankind. Jameos del Agua is a series of lava caves featuring an underground white pond, unique albino crabs, and concert hall. Beautifully contrasted colors including blue, green, white, and black, given to this island by Manrique, make it a glorious place. An amazing place to discover in Spain. It’s really such an attraction attracting many visitors to Spain per year.


One amongst the must-see destinations in Barcelona, Montjuic is an astonishing scenery overlooking scenic views of Barcelona. After having the stunning views of nearby located photogenic monuments and Art museums, reach the Montjuic castle via cable car. Finish your visit with a performance at the Magic Fountain. An ideal serene spot to spend some time in isolation. Must see the show hosted over here. It’s a good place to spend a day at.


What a serene spot in Spain! A rocky sierra, traditionally considered to be the most significant amount of Catalonia; Montserrat seems to be a perfect spectacular spot if you reach the site early enough exclusively at sunrise and sunset. The monastery built in between the mountain range presents a mesmerizing sight to the visitors. It accouters many cafes and walking tracks to facilitate visitors altogether. It’s worth to sightsee.

Park Guell

This national park is a masterpiece of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. The way of tree planting in this big park makes you get lost in the solace being endeavored by its atmosphere. Grab the scenic views across Barcelona from its both sides. The fantastic exhibition of arts and architecture depicts the beautiful tradition of Spain. Take some snacks/beverages and enjoy the visit over here.

Siam Park

Siam Park is a fabulous water park in Costa Adeje. Water slides, wave pool, sonorous waves, breathtaking sunrise, great value world-class rides, and the lazy river – all is ample to offering you quality time. Every moment you spend over here would be among the best moments of your life. You will have a thrilling experience here. It has all that definitely attracts visitors to Spain.


Teide, whose summit is the highest in Spain, is an astonishing peak, offering exceptional views. Climb the mountain or just grab the sight of largest sea shadow in the world that is cast by Teide. A beautiful area with entertaining activities like a cable car, driving which you can climb the mountain or hike the mountain to enjoy wholly.


The tallest mountain in the Serra de Collserola, overlooking Barcelona, Tibidabo, proffers you great views that would catch your sight. If it’s said to be a place having all at a single place, then it’s not inappropriate. Tibidabo reflects the history and the church gives it a holy touch. If you visit Barcelona, then Tibidabo is defiantly a place to visit. It’s a wonderful theme park with a lot of fun activities. It’s fine for all age groups and has something for everyone.

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