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Quick Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Goa

Quick Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Goa

Goa is the land of beaches. You would love to be at a place that’s replete with exquisite beaches and glittering white sand. No wonder it makes for a perfect destination for honeymoon in India.  Each year, married couples flock to this place to enjoy its vibe and natural beauty. It is definitely a perfect place to start a new life.

Goa is more than just the pristine blue beaches, palm trees, and parties. The traditional brown shacks on glittering sand and romantic villas can make your trip memorable for a lifetime. Goa is one of the most romantic destinations for honeymoon in India.

Party when Honeymooning in Goa

A Goan honeymoon is incomplete without hitting the best party spots. So pack your best party wear and a couple of sexy beach attire for the same. When in north Goa, be prepared to hit the hottest party spots. Do not forget to pack formal dresses for casino parties and dinners. This is the best nightlife in Goa for singles.

Buy in Goa

It is advisable not to pack everything. Packing everything you have in your wardrobe can make luggage too heavy. Since many of the cool dresses, sarongs, hats, and coverups can also be bought in Goa, you can skip packing these.

Stay Near the Beach

Staying near the beach has a lot of benefits. It helps you discover many amazing restaurants, shacks and the best of natural beauty in Goa. Additionally, you can be at the beach whenever you want! Be it sunrise or a romantic sunset, you can witness it all! So make sure the villa or resort you book for your honeymoon is near beach.

Listed below are some helpful tips to ensure you have a beautiful and memorable honeymoon in Goa:

– Choose a budget and try to stick to it as far as possible. Getting broke is not a good start for your marriage.

– Hiring one of the villas in Goa will let you enjoy a memorable and romantic honeymoon.

– Strictly avoid going deeper on the sea. It may be dangerous. Always seek guidance of the coaches and guards before indulging in any adventure.

– It is recommended that you dine on traditional food when in Goa instead of domestic and international delicacies. This is what Goa specializes in.

– Travelling by hired scooter or car is recommended to experience the real Goan vibe.

– Strictly avoid exchanging your currency with locals. You must visit the reputed authorities to avoid getting duped.

– Always remove your shoes before entering sacred (religious) places. Hurting sentiments of locals may put you into serious trouble.

– Keep public display of affection to an acceptable level.

– Are you looking for a trip that spells luxury and relaxation? If yes, then don’t forget to book a luxury villa or resort in South Goa. This part of Goa is secluded, peaceful, and more romantic than the north. It gives you oodles of opportunities and a perfect environment to brighten up your romance.

– Do not forget to pack all of your beach essentials. Sunscreen, swim suits/bikini/swim shorts, chunky accessories, cover ups, mirrored glasses, bandanas, cool beach sliders, and beach bags are a must have.

– In case, you have a plan to visit crowded beaches or flea markets, take good care of your belongings. Do not carry too much cash in bag. Pickpocketing is common. Make sure you are safe.

– It is advisable to keep at least 4 nights reserved for your honeymoon in Goa. This is important to make the best of all the Goan trip has to offer.

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Top 9 Water Activities in Maldives


Maldives is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and shorelines on the planet; they’re on pretty much all of the nation’s almost 1200 islands and are so flawless that it’s hard not to move toward becoming blasé about them. You won’t discover whiter than-white powder sand and radiant cyan-blue water like this anyplace else on the planet. great over a million people every year to this small, remote and generally little-known Indian Ocean heaven.

Unrivaled extravagance, gorgeous white-sand shorelines, and an astounding marine world make the Maldives a conspicuous choice for an experience of a lifetime.  Being a beautiful island nation that is encompassed by vast oceans on all sides, it is no doubt that Maldives is the place to be for water sports.

Here are ten various water activities you can do on your future trip to the Maldives.

1. Snorkeling


With around 2500 reefs, Maldives is a definitive destination for those who love marine experiences. Out of these 2500 reefs, almost 900 are house reefs. Obviously, there is in no other thing that can beat snorkeling in Maldives. You can explore through crystalline clean, blue waters and have a remarkable time by snorkeling at Maldives and appreciating a heap of different attractions that it further offers.

Some of the best Maldives resorts for snorkeling are Dhevanafushi Maldives Luxury Resort (Gaafu Alifu Atoll), Constance Moofushi (South Ari Atoll), W Maldives (North Ari Atoll), and Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru (North Male Atoll). These are some of the best resorts for snorkeling Maldives water sports.

2. Scuba Diving


The Maldives Islands have some of the absolute greatest and excellent coral plenitude of marine life all through the island that makes it stand out from other diving destinations around the planet. Most scuba diving in the Maldives is drifting from liveaboard boats where you enable the current to move you along.

Because of the myriad passages and entries between the atolls, the currents play and sweep all through the island chain so that the nutrients are constantly on the move. This records for the tremendous quantities of fish enjoying the unlimited passing of food and you can hope to see jacks, parrotfish, snappers, Napoleon wrasse,  fusiliers, and sweetlips, etc. at each site where the water flows.

3. Kayaking


Kayaking is a rejuvenating and fun activity to take up on your outing to Maldives. The island is incredibly well known for its water sports and adventures, kayaking being one of them. In this activity, one is required to paddle a little boat known as a kayak, utilizing a twofold bladed paddle.

The specialty of these pontoons or little boats is that they sit low on the water so you can encounter each and every little turn of the water.

The vast majority of the resorts in Maldives have arrangements for kayaking, which for the most part incorporate a kayak, paddle and a guide. The activity does not cost a great deal, and the experience of driving the kayak without anyone else in the vast blue ocean waters is thrilling.

4. Windsurfing


Windsurfing is one of the most pleasant water sport activities. It gives you the ideal thrilling vibe of surfing in those cool blustery ocean breezes over the waves while you likewise get the chance to appreciate the ride through them.

Best place to do it than the Maldives? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, windsurfing in Maldives can likewise be improved on the off chance that you book the particular resorts for the same.

discover your spot when you inquire a little by associating with hotel folks or even the local people.

5. Kitesurfing


Imagine, how thrilling would it be to fly like a kite in the sky, directly over the beautiful ocean of Maldives. Technically, it’s not flying but rather saddling the intensity of the wind with an enormous controlled kite and drifting over the ocean.

 It unquestionably provides an incredible satisfaction to the adventure adoring souls and is an exciting water sport in Maldives for the adventurers. Activities like these make Maldives best resort for watersports.

6. Jet Skiing


This specific water sport is considered a standout amongst the most popular and favored ones in Maldives on account of the thrilling experience and the staggering speed it allows, while you are drifting over the crystal waters.

It will give you an adrenaline surge and you’ll have a craving for conversing with the air in a mesmerizing way. Along these lines, do enjoy this activity and take out the adventure in you!

7. Big Game Fishing

Big Game Fishing

Fishing, sounds very standard right? In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the fishing game that may include your encounter with probably the rarest species of fishes like Tuna, Sailfish, and many more? Clearly, you can’t expect an easygoing fishing game at a spot like Maldives, the place to be for water sports.

This is one water sports in Maldives you can’t pass up!

8. Underwater Strolling


The water sports world in Maldives is colossal and offers a ton of one of a kind experiences that will make you fall in love with the nation! Strolling precisely on the floor of an immensely deep ocean and having the opportunity to observe astounding marine life closely is a very ecstatic encounter that you can have with this activity.

It is without a doubt a standout amongst the best water sports in Maldives.

9. Fly Boarding

Fly Boarding

Who said you must be a Superhero to fly? Fly Boarding gives you a chance to experience the thrill of flying utilizing jet propulsion system controlled and powered by a watercraft.

It is an amazing sport which has grabbed prominence as of late and is one of the most promising water sport activity.

Maldives is truly a paradise on earth and definitely a place someone doesn’t easily forget about after traveling. Explore the insane lands and marine worlds of this tiny island nation with our Maldives honeymoon packages price and indulge in a great holiday experience.

Read More: How to manage Spirit Airlines Reservation

How to manage Spirit Airlines Reservation

How to manage Spirit Airlines Reservation

Soul Airlines is an aircraft of the United States of America which is an ease local transporter. The offer numerous world-class administrations to give you an agreeable installed involvement. The aircraft additionally gives the online Spirit Airlines dealing with my flight highlight to make changes in the booked flight. In addition, on the off chance that you are searching for data on the best way to oversee Spirit Airline’s appointments, Then you ought to adhere to the directions which are referenced in this article. Likewise, you can approach the Spirit Airlines customer service to oversee the booking number to deal with your booking.

  • Most importantly, you have to go to the site and afterward you have to tap on the My Trip tab.
  • Then you will require to fill in the Traveler’s Last Name and Confirmation Code.
  • After filling the subtleties, you would require tapping on the Continue option.
  • Thereafter, you will see the choices to deal with your battle with Spirit Airlines.
  • If these means won’t assist you with managing your flight then you can approach the Spirit Airlines to oversee booking number to get a moment support for dealing with your flights.

Look at the different administrations and booking methodology of Spirit Airlines with Reservations Deal

As all of you may know, Spirit Airlines is a mainstream ease transporter aircraft which is additionally the eighth biggest business carrier of North America. Other than this, the aircraft additionally furnishes its clients with the best administrations and offers to make their adventure agreeable and prudent. Along these lines, in the event that you are additionally intending to book the Spirit Airlines flight ticket, at that point, you should peruse out the article to find out about administrations and offers given by the carrier.

Administrations offered by Spirit Airlines

All things considered, Spirit Airlines furnishes its clients with various administrations so as to make their adventure bother free. Furthermore, to enable you to show signs of improvement though, here is the rundown of the administrations offered by Spirit Airlines. For the accommodation and solace of the travelers, the aircraft presented different lodge class which one can pick according to their necessity and need.

Further, the carrier likewise gives different online administrations like web-based booking of reservations, registration, oversee booking and so forth. Every one of these administrations can be utilized from the solace of the house. In addition, the aircraft additionally gives its clients energizing offers and arrangements which they can select to get a limited admission for their reservations.

What’s more, to appreciate the additional stuff office and snacks locally available, the travelers are required to profit the administration by paying some extra charges for the administrations.

Other than this, the carrier has even propelled an assistance focus where travelers can connect with the help and get wanted help by calling the inside number or through email support. Other than this, there are different administrations that you can benefit by reaching the assistance focal point of the aircraft.

Also, to enable you to out, here a basic method of Spirit Airlines situate booking is shared that you can pursue to save your seats. All you need is to adhere to the directions cautiously to maintain a strategic distance from a minute ago issues with the reservations.

Step by step instructions to Book Spirit Airlines Flight

  • For booking your reservations with the aircraft, you are required to dispatch the carrier site.
  • When the site is propelled, you have to explore to booking API of the aircraft.
  • From that point onward, you have to choose your flight type and enter your withdrawing and landing area to continue with the booking procedure.
  • At that point, select the absolute number of travelers with the date of adventure and favored class of lodge.
  • From that point, you are required to tap on the Search alternative to see all the accessible flights.
  • Presently, from the rundown of accessible flights, pick one according to your prerequisite and spending plan and push forward with the seat booking process.
  • Further, you have to give the subtleties of the travelers going with the aircraft and continue with the installment procedure.
  • What’s more, when your installment is affirmed, your seats of Spirit Airlines flight is affirmed.

How to Manage Spirit Airlines Reservations Live Person day in and day out?

Have you at any point been on Spirit Airlines? Soul Airlines is one of America driving territorial aircraft. It, for the most part, works in the litter urban communities of America i.e level 3 and level 4. The carriers notwithstanding having an armada size of 119 associates with in excess of 65 goals over the world. The aircraft assumes a basic job in the national transportation goal as it covers a portion of the real goal of America like Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, and Las Vegas. The carriers are very famous among a certain segment of the society particularly understudy, seniority individuals, military veterans as it gives a different discount just as sensible estimating on their ticket.

Aside from that carrier is known for giving quality support of their client both on board just as locally available in term of inflight diversion, providing food offices. Be that as it may, now and again client faces issue while dealing with it, one of the regular issue client faces is in regards to how to deal with my soul aircrafts reservations. In any case, some of the time the client faces issue while taking a shot at it, one of the basic issues the client’s faces is in regards to How to deal with my soul carriers reservation. The client can take assistance from the Spirit Airlines reservation live individual or pursue these basic systems.

As a matter of first importance, User needs to soul aircrafts website. Then, try to login into your account. Now again click on the booking segment in the event that on the off chance that you need to make the booking. Write down the landing and goal, class, date and number of passengers. Click on the hunt bar and pick a flight. Enter all the traveler qualifications in regards to name, age, sexual orientation thus forth. Again, make an installment through either the Mastercard or charge card. In case if as of now book a ticket and need to drop or upgrade. Click on the ticket and snap on it so as to perform individual actions. Then, further, overhaul or drop your ticket.

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Why Granola is a Healthy Food Choice

Healthy Granola for breakfast
Healthy Granola

There is a perceptible lack of natural foods in our modern diets that are leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Is Granola the answer to these diet concerns?

The population today are becoming more susceptible to inadequate brain development, irritability, lack of concentration, tiredness, anemia and so on. Children are particularly vulnerable to such deficiencies because they have the least control over what they eat.

The world over, food habits are increasingly leaning on processed and packaged foods that don’t necessarily supply the micronutrients and other trace minerals that our bodies need. These include vitamins that are vital to healthy immune systems, blood clotting, and the consistent production of energy in the body.

Nor is the reliance on packaged foods something that we can wish away. Most people are suffering from prolonged exposure to work cycles that leave little time for leisure and recreation. These have sapped our ability to pay attention to good food choices that have a healthy impact on our bodies and quality of life.

Comprehensive Nutrition through Granola

Because most of us would still need to rely on food that is packaged yet retains all the goodness of natural fruits, nuts, and oils the need arises for a product that fulfills these needs. In many ways, Granola is the perfect carry-along snack. When served with berries and yogurt it fulfills the need for a complete nutritious meal for young children with growth needs.

Health Benefits

Typically, the granola will consist of whole grain oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Most recipes contain natural honey and olive oil for extra taste. If one considers the individual ingredients alone, Granola is super healthy. Oats are well known for being great antioxidants, reducing the number of toxins in our bodies. Cashew nuts are rich in magnesium and unsaturated fats. Almonds are rich in calcium. Walnuts are high in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Olive oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and preventive effects in the case of strokes and heart disease. Cinnamon and honey keep bones, skin, teeth, and hair healthy. Berries are associated with lower cholesterol.

Stay within Recommended Doses

The precautionary tale, however, lies in the fact that some of these ingredients can harm your body when taken in doses greater than recommended. Oats, for example, take getting used to in replacing cereal-based diets. Too much of oats can lead to intestinal gas and bloating. Nuts contain high-density calories. Eating nuts in place of meals can lead to increased weight gain and cholesterol. Excess amounts of cinnamon and honey may cause liver damage, mouth sores or even low blood sugar.

Hence, what you need is a helping of Granola that does not exceed dietary recommendations for each of these food categories that form part of the mixture. How can you make sure that the packaged Granola that you’re buying from the grocery does not contain added preservatives, stabilizers, and other harmful chemicals?

How to Choose Healthy Granola from Packaged Offerings

Apart from making Granola at home, which is a very time-consuming process, you can choose packaged Granola by reading off labels carefully and deconstruct what goes into the making of a typical jar.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), has been running a campaign against HFSS. This means discouraging foods high in fats, sugars, and salts. When looking at a Granola packaging, you should note the amount of sugar, fat, and salt in the serving. Some brands, such as Addicted Granola contain no added sugar, no preservatives, no processed foods, no wheat, no dairy, and no trans-fat. Addicted is a rapidly growing name in pre-packaged Granola offerings with a large range of nutritious and lip-smacking granola mixes and other Addicted Muesli products for the jogger and workout freak.

Products include:

  1. Addicted Lemon Cherry Chia Nut Granola
  2. Addicted Granola Honey Cinnamon Walnut Almond with Baked Oats
  3. Addicted Cacao Almond Granola
  4. Addicted Nutty Chocolate Chip Crunchy Granola
  5. Addicted Mocha Hazelnut Granola
  6. Addicted Tropical Fruit and Coconut Granola
  7. Addicted Superfood Seed with Spiced Apple Granola
  8. Addicted Parmesan Herb Granola
  9. Addicted Almond Granola Cereal
  10. Addicted High Fiber Chili Salt Granola

Smaller Servings & Diversification for Healthy Granola Experience

Granola is, by definition, a high-density, high fiber food. Hence, a smaller serving serves to fill the stomach sooner but may not immediately crave hunger pangs. People may often end up eating more than instructed and pick up weight instead of losing it.

Hence, Granola is indeed healthy as long as the constituents remain natural and unprocessed. Note that most dieticians recommend Granola as a breakfast-only food for its comprehensive coverage of the major nutrition groups. Nevertheless, other fruits and vegetables should make up the rest of your meals. Granola will continue to be a power food for morning workouts, runners and fitness enthusiasts. Grab your jar of healthy Granola now!

Read More: Trends in Food Tourism that will make you Travel Outside

Trends in Food Tourism that will make you Travel Outside

Trends in Food Tourism that will make you Travel Outside

Food associates us with the land we live in, the legacy we have, the history we wrote, and the general population around us. It is a way for sharing our stories, shaping connections and building networks.

What is food tourism? Food tourism or Culinary tourism is when we travel for the purpose of exploring the food of the touring destination in order to connect with its norms and values.

Why is food tourism popular? Food tourism is popular because it provides travelers with a uniquely authentic and fully immersive experience, whether in the form of an online grocery shop in Dubai, street food in Bangkok or a Septime restaurant in Paris.

Food tourism offers both local people and travelers a credible taste of spot while adding to a world economy.

Tourism has changed through-out many years in many aspects, but food has emerged as the core feature of tourism. Travelers nowadays like to connect with the touring destination with the help of its local food, rather than searching for a worldwide chain of eateries they are as of now acquainted with.

As of late, many travelers tend to explore the destination by connecting to it through its food. Many travelers believe that food tourism is the key to truly connect with the world around them.

In this era of tourism, many travelers travel for only the purpose of exploring food, rather than exploring shopping sprees and landmarks.  This tourism trend has changed all the dynamics and now tourist chooses the touring destination majorly because of its food.

Without a doubt, internet-based life has given rise to food tourism, majorly through Facebook and Instagram. As a great many travelers share their food tourism experiences from around the globe every second. Mark Wiens is one of the iconic food tourism vlogger known around the globe. These experiences explicitly make us want to do things we may never have thought of before.

In these changing times, food tourism trends are also getting more immersive and elaborative providing unimaginable experiences. This article will give you an overview of what the future holds in terms of food tourism trends.

Following are some of the new food tourism trends that will instantly make you travel outside:

1.      Unexplored Destinations

Due to exponential growth in tourism in major and famous urban cities around the globe, explorers will progressively look for unexplored destinations in the coming year.

The quick development of the travel industry in urban communities like Singapore, Tokyo, and Venice has made local people feel uncomfortable. Majority of locals feels that guest has assumed control over their natural habitat by swarming in each year.

Nowadays travelers are traveling to unexplored destinations that are like the real urban areas yet less swarmed, have a rich culture and are more affordable.

This trend is opening up countless doors of possibilities in food tourism. By exploring new and uncharted destinations world is being introduced with numerous foods and cultures. So pack your bag and be the one to introduce the world to a great food tourism destination.

2.   Street food and market

Hunting for famous street foods and iconic local markets is now a part of the new food tourism trend.

However, a few years back not every tourist was motivated to visit nearby markets and enjoy street foods. But lately, street food has been through a massive transformation and emerged as a new trend in food tourism. This trend is mostly on the grounds because the markets and famous food streets enable travelers to find various parts of social history such as its legends and popular culture

Some of the cities famous for its street foods are Bangkok, Tokyo, Honolulu, Durban, New Orleans &  Istanbul.

3.   Cooking lessons

 Cooking lessons are another developing pattern inside the food tourism industry. This trend lets tourists taste the food, watch it being prepared and then prepare the food themselves inside a restaurant.

 Above all, by experiencing the procedure of setting up dinner, visitors have the chance to pick up knowledge regarding the impacts that have molded a food. For example, the way that Indian spices impacted Europian food, or the way that the Turkish impacted Greek food and the other way around.

 Lake House, located at 4 King St, Daylesford VIC 3460, Australia, is famous for providing cooking lessons to its guests.

4.   Home cooking and meal sharing

Restaurants and street food give out a general idea of regional food. however, this can’t come close to really having the chance to feast at a household.

Sharing a meal with locals at their households helps tourists to experience how a family associates while cooking and eating together, in this manner, tourists can experience customs encompassing cultural food.

Commonly tourists join local people to share home prepared suppers, trade cooking tips and become acquainted with one another.

This trend has vastly created new boundaries of harmony and inter-cultural exchange.

Now we have a clear picture of who tourists are today? And, what are food tourism trends?. It’s unimaginable for food tourism to stay static, as tourist demands are in steady transition.  As Lucy M. Long a pioneer in Culinary Tourism said,” I define culinary tourism as the intentional, exploratory participation in the foodways of another – participation including the consumption, preparation, and presentation of a food item, cuisine, meal system, or eating style considered to belong to a culinary system not one’s own”.

The Conclusion

All of these new trends in food tourism reflects that tourists majorly cares and looks for the authentic local experience, any country fails to deliver that experience can see an exponential downfall in its tourism industry. So every country must grasp its culinary history and fuse it in their tourism industry.

Food tourism is opening up new doors towards cultural exchange and peaceful world. Food can be a great bridge that connects us all in a positive and constructive way. Food tourism also has a great impact on the economy.

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The Best Places to Vacation in California

The Best Places To Vacation In California - Khyati Taneja

Travel to the Golden State

California, The Golden State, is simply full of amazing places to vacation. The USA’s third largest state (in terms of land area) offers so much to see and do from its iconic cities to the majestic mountains, the coast, to the desert, and everything in between, it’s easy to see why so many people come for their vacations in California every year. If you want to go canada to california you must use a air flights. You can choose trivago flights because this site compare airfare price.

Choosing the Best Vacation Spots in California

With so many wonderful places to visit how can you choose where to take your vacation? I guess it depends upon how much time you have, and what you’ve seen before because aside from some of the obvious places, like San Francisco, Disneyland, and Los Angeles, there are many smaller cities that offer equal charm and numerous attractions. Take Santa Monica as an example; it’s in Los Angeles County and it’s a famed beach resort, home to many Hollywood celebrities. Santa Monica offers so much more than your typical ocean-side resort with its revitalized downtown and great weather, and to top it all if you want to head into LA or Hollywood, it’s not too far to go.

Spend time on Santa Monica Pier, the 100+ year old historic landmark that’s home to the renowned amusement park, Pacific Park, with its roller coaster and Ferris wheel, and re-live some of the movies and TV shows that have been filmed here including The Lost Boys. Santa Monica is the place to go if you want to experience a typical beach resort, California style!

Live it Up in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is another great place to head for a California vacation. This city in the desert is like an oasis of green – full of golf courses, palm trees, and lush landscaping; it’s easy to forget you’ve headed inland from the coast except for the spectacular weather: it’s warm all year round in Palm Springs which is the main reason why this California vacation destination is so popular right throughout the year. It’s chosen by many as a place to own a second home, and particularly during the winter (when it can be cold in many destinations), you’ll find thousands of vacationers head to their Palm Springs vacation homes to spend a warm and sunny winter.

Spend Time in “America’s Finest City”

And then there’s San Diego; nicknamed “America’s Finest City” this southern California city is a great vacation spot. It too has warm weather throughout the year, and as well as the great boating and beaches there are numerous attractions for the whole family including the famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World San Diego, Old Town San Diego and more.

Get Away From the City

But if you’re looking for a great vacation spot in California that is not a large and bustling city, check out Big Bear Lake. There is a city here but with a permanent population of only around 5,000, this isn’t LA or San Diego! The main appeal here is the scenery, attractions, and activities of this year-round resort area nestled within the San Bernardino National Forest yet still within easy reach of Los Angeles.

These are just a few of our favorite vacation spots in California, of course, there are many more great places to explore.

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10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rajasthan

10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the most popular visited states in India. It is not surprising because it shows India in its most colorful and exotic appearance. All the things that come to mind when you think of India can be found in Rajasthan: palaces, fortresses, desert, camels, elephants, and snake charmers. These tourist places to visit in Rajasthan should not be lost.


The “pink city” of Jaipur is part of the renowned tourist circuit of the Golden Triangle of India and is one of the most popular destinations in Rajasthan. It has many forts and famous buildings, with most of them boasting stunning views and elaborates architecture. Being in Jaipur is particularly pleasant. The accommodations are reasonably priced and many have been converted from historic properties, giving guests a truly regal experience!


It is often said that Udaipur is the most romantic city in India, full of lakes and old buildings. The exquisite City Palace Complex, which extends along the eastern shore of Lake Pichola, dominates the city and the royal family still lives in part. Many personal memorabilia, family photos, and other memorabilia are displayed in the City Palace Museum, giving Udaipur a very regal atmosphere. You can even stay at the City Palace!


An extraordinary sandstone city that magically rises from the sand dunes of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer seems to have emerged from an Arabian Nights fairytale. Its charming ancient fort, built in 1156, is perched on a pedestal overlooking the city. Inside, the fort is alive and fascinating. It houses five buildings, several temples and some havelis (residences), as well as shops and other residences. Also, camel safaris in the desert are a popular thing to do in Jaisalmer.


Affectionately known as the “Blue City” for its buildings painted blue, Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan. The old walled part of the city is presided over by the fort of Mehrangarh, which offers the best perspective among the blue buildings of Jodhpur. It is one of the largest and best-preserved fortresses in India. Inside, there are a number of ornate buildings and a museum. One of Jodhpur’s most tempting things is that there are many inexpensive but quaint places to stay with the views of the fort. It’s nice to do nothing but relax on the roofs and immerse yourself in the atmosphere.


For most of the year, Pushkar is a sleepy little holy city that attracts many types of backpackers and hippies. However, it really comes on for a couple of weeks in October or November, when the Pushkar Camel Fair hits the city. It is a singular show and a great opportunity to attend a traditional Indian traditional style festival. Pushkar deserves a visit at any time of year if you want to relax. Unfortunately, it’s not like before. In these days Pushkar is becoming much more westernized and focused on tourism. The priests of the bathing ghats (steps) are known to be very strong even in requesting donations. Avoid that area and go to the Pushkar market for some great shopping!

Ranthambore National Park

The Ranthambore National Park is one of the best places in India to spot a tiger in the wild. In contrast to many wildlife national parks in India, Ranthambore is also truly accessible and easy to reach. This makes it very popular (and, unfortunately, is facing a lot of tourist pressure). In addition to nature, the park is home to the formidable X-century Fort of Ranthambore. It is a huge structure that contains ruined pavilions, monuments, and three Hindu temples. The park is full of history, having witnessed many battles disputed on its land and the rise and fall of many sovereigns.

Shekhawati region

If you are an art lover, or even someone who makes architecture and history, the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan deserves to be included in your itinerary. Located in the triangle of Delhi, Jaipur, and Bikaner, many people overlook it in favor of the most popular destinations in Rajasthan. This makes it pleasantly without tourists! This unique region is often referred to as the largest outdoor art gallery in the world, with old havelis (villas) with walls adorned with painted frescos. Do not miss staying in one!


The delightful town in the Bikaner desert receives fewer tourists than many other important destinations in Rajasthan. It is a less commercialized place for a camel safari, as an alternative to Jaisalmer. The main attractions are the ancient walled city and the fort. Bikaner is also famous for the infamous Karni Mata rat temple nearby. The Karni Mata Festival, held to venerate mice there, is one of the strangest festivals in India. In January, a camel fair is held in Bikaner. Stay at the quaint historic Narendra Bhawan hotel.


Although increasingly popular with travelers, Bundi is often overlooked as a tourist destination in Rajasthan. Still, it is a captivating place to visit, with its lakes, markets, temples and similar blue houses in Jodhpur. This relatively quiet city is dominated by the extraordinary and impressive Bundi Palace, which protrudes from the hill. The old and winding streets of the Old Town are fascinating to travel. Bundi also has about 60 steps and a dilapidated fort above the building.

Village of Bishnoi

Rural tourism is growing in Rajasthan, with Bishnoi and Pali becoming desirable destinations to get off the beaten track. Bishnoi is a community of nature worshipers about 45 minutes from Jodhpur and can be traveled on a day trip, while Pali is a little further out and needs at least one overnight stay.

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How expensive is traveling to Bhutan?

How expensive is traveling to Bhutan?

Located in the heart of Himalayan reign, the Land of Thunder Dragon Bhutan is still a less explored travel destination. Bhutan receives a less number of visitors as compared to its neighbouring countries such as India and Nepal. Due to it, the beauty of this destination is still intact.

From ancient time, Bhutan has kept its mysterious charms hidden from the travellers as visiting Bhutan wasn’t allowed. Since then, there are certain myths about Bhutan which makes people hesitant while planning a trip. All you have to do is follow certain rules and show respect for local culture.

One will find peaceful monasteries, soothing scenarios, rich culture and natural beauty everywhere in Bhutan. If you love travelling then, you must visit Bhutan at least once. Now, you must be interested to know how much it costs to visit the Land of Thunder Dragon. Well, let’s clear all misconceptions and know about it:

Bhutan Tourist Fee:

Bhutan Tourist Fee

Foreign tourists have to pay a set amount of tariff in advance before visiting Bhutan. The government calculates tariff rate on per day/ per individual basis. Whether you buy Bhutan honeymoon packages or Bhutan family packages, every possible package of Bhutan includes this daily tariff.

This may sound a little bit odd as not every country asks for a daily tariff. But, Bhutan is different having diverse reasons for charging this tourist fee. Let’s move on to this fee structure:

High Season Charges:

March, April, May, September, October, and November are high season months to visit Bhutan. So, the tariff charges are also comparatively higher in these months.

  • You will have to pay 250 US Dollars on per person per day basis if you are travelling in a group of 3 or more.
  • The charges will be 280 US Dollars on per person per day basis for people travelling in a group of 2.
  • Solo travellers will have to pay a daily tariff worth 290 US Dollars.

Low Season Charges:

January, February, June, July, August, and December are considered low season months for visiting Bhutan. The temperature remains very low in winter months and from June to August Bhutan faces high rainfall. So, travelling and exploring is a little bit difficult during these months. The tariff charges are:

  • Travellers visiting in a group of 3 or more will have to pay 200 US Dollars on per person per day basis.
  • Couples and people visiting in pairs of two will have to pay 230 US Dollars per person per day.
  • Solo travellers will be charged 240 US Dollars on a regular basis.

Yet, you can avail some discounts and special offers. These charges include the government’s royalty which is 65 US Dollars daily.

Note: The citizens of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives are exempted from these daily tourist charges. It means that visiting Bhutan is a more affordable option for travellers of these countries.


Do you find these charges high? Well, you should look at a few discount offers before making any final judgment.

  • Children with age group 0-5 will get a tariff-free entry in Bhutan.
  • Children with age group 6-12 will get 50% off on daily rate and royalty charges won’t be applied to them.
  • Full-time students under the age of 25 years having valid identity cards can avail 25% discount on the daily charges.
  • One person from the group containing 11-15 individuals gets a 50% discount on the daily tariff rates.
  • One person from the group exceeding 16 people will get 100% off on the charges.
  • Tourists staying for more than 8 days will get 50% off on the royalty after the 8th night of their stay.
  • Tourists staying for more than 14 days can avail 100% discount on the royalty after the 14th night.

What’s included in Bhutan Tourist Fee?

What’s included in Bhutan Tourist Fee


The government of Bhutan surely provides many services to host the tourists after taking these fixed charges from them. The daily charges cover a lot of travel expenses.

  • You will get a licensed Bhutanese tour guide from an authentic Bhutanese tour operator. He will help you in exploring the country.
  • A comfortable transportation medium like a minibus/car plus a driver will be provided for internal travel.
  • Stay in a decently maintained 3-star hotel. You can also request for homestay and camping options of similar rates.
  • Entrance charges to all tourist places.
  • You will get food and non-alcoholic drinks within these charges. You can eat at your hotel’s restaurant or request your guide to take you to local restaurants as well.
  • Trekking gears for the trekkers.
  • All the taxes within Bhutan.

It means that most of your travel expenses like food, stay, sightseeing etc. will be totally covered within your daily tariff charges. Yes, you won’t have to pay anything extra while enjoying these facilities on your Bhutanese trip.

What’s Excluded from the Fees?

There are some expenses which aren’t covered in the daily charges. You will have to take care of them. These are:

  • Flight ticket from/to Bhutan + airport tax
  • Visa fees
  • Souvenirs or any other material you shop
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Laundry
  • You will have to pay extra charges for luxury hotels (4 and 5 stars)
  • Travel insurance

Is Bhutan Worth it?

Absolutely yes! It’s just a different policy of charging otherwise; the cost of an entire trip is just like any other trip. The difference is that you have to pay a fixed amount in advance in the case of Bhutan while travelling to other destinations you spend it on stay, accommodation, etc.

Apart from it, the atmosphere of Bhutan is very clean with pure air, beautiful vistas, and colourful structures. Bhutan offers a rich travel experience with high-quality services and friendly folks. One thing is sure that you won’t regret the decision of visiting Bhutan! To get better offers, couples can also buy Bhutan honeymoon packages. The tranquil mountains of Bhutan are perfect for making a new bond on the honeymoon.

So, plan your trip and get ready to explore a totally distinct and rare country!

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What can I do in Sikkim during my Summer Visit?

Sikkim during my Summer Visit

Usually, tourists visit the beautiful land of Sikkim in the winter season to admire the charms of snow-capped mountains. Still, Sikkim never ceases to spellbind the visitors with its natural beauty in the other seasons as well.

It means that you can also enjoy an awesome trip to Sikkim during your summer vacation! Travelling Sikkim in summers can be a totally amazing experience as the weather is quite pleasant.

The cool breeze filtered by the majestic Himalayan peaks complements the warm sunlight here during summers. Although winter is considered the best time to visit Sikkim still, Sikkim tour packages are sold in high numbers in summers as well.

Before starting your summer trip, you must know about the exciting things that you can do in Sikkim. Hold on your excitement for some minutes and read it!

1. Go for River Rafting:

River Rafting

What could be better than enjoying the cool splashes of fresh river water in summers? People go to the famous Teesta River for undertaking an enthralling journey of river rafting in Sikkim.

Starting from Lhamo Lake, Teesta River flows through the entire city. Exciting rapids are spread all over this enormous water body which makes rafting a thrilling experience here. Are you also interested in this fun-filled activity? If yes, then you can contact an authentic rafting service provider in Sikkim. The professional will take care of all the things to make it an unforgettable experience for you!

2. Enjoy Paragliding:


If you are a true adventure junkie, then you can understand the fun of taming the skies through paragliding! You would be happy to know that, summer months are considered best in Sikkim for paragliding. Accurate air pressure plays a vital role in this activity so; visitors could not enjoy it during a few specific months.

The high altitude and beautiful valleys enhance the fun of paragliding in Sikkim. Go to Pangthang, Bojoghari Village and Tashi View Point to enjoy paragliding. Don’t hesitate while jumping off as the stunning vistas would be waiting to cast a spell on you!

3. Chill at Bakthang Waterfalls:

Bakthang Waterfalls

Although summers aren’t that much hot in Sikkim still, sitting near the cascading waterfall is one of the favourite things to do in that season. Situated in North Sikkim, Bakthang Waterfalls is an ideal summer gateway where couples and families come to chill. Having its sources in Ratey Chu River, this waterfall enhances the beauty of Tashi View Point route.

Sit by the waterfalls to feel the water splashes on your feet while savouring views. Or play with cool water to beat the heat. No matter what you will do, it would ultimately be a refreshing experience. And hey, this could also be a good selfie background!

4. Watch Flowers in Full Bloom at Yumthang Valley:

Yumthang Valley

The natural beauty of Sikkim welcomes summer in a unique style. Yes, the colorful flowers at Yumthang Valley start to bloom at the advent of the spring season. This astonishing natural sanctuary flaunts the perfect combination of flora and fauna of Sikkim.

The vistas of flowers are unparallel here in summers. The entire area reflects the red, pink and purple hues till the point eye can reach! All of these are rhododendron flowers that fully bloom during this season. Apart from it, you can also enjoy the bewitching views of rivers, pastures and green meadows here.

5. Try Bungee Jumping at Singshore Bridge:

Bungee Jumping

The highest bridge of Sikkim – Sinshore Bridge holds an adventurous activity for the fun lovers in Sikkim. The bridge suspended at the height of 198 metres gives you a chance to enjoy the natural panoramas by jumping off it! Don’t worry; there will be professionals to take care of your safety.

The surrounded mountains and fresh cold air touching your face will make this activity super exciting! Tourists enjoy it in summers and winters alike.

6. Visit Lake Tsomgo:


Tucked at an elevation of 12,310 feet in the eastern Sikkim, Tsomgo Lake is one of the top tourist attractions in Sikkim. The lake becomes alive when it melts in summer. You can easily reach there by crossing a distance of 40 km from Gangtok.

The temperature is more pleasant at this lake in summers as compared to the freezing temperature of winters. You can organise a small picnic with your family or friends here. Click amazing images with the blue lake backdrop and go for local sightseeing near this lake. You will definitely fall in love with this lake’s scenarios.

7. Spot the Animals at the National Parks:

National Parks

The wildlife of Sikkim is worthy of your precious attention. You can visit the famous national parks of Sikkim in any weather. These are not just habitats of endangered animals but also houses varied plant species. The animals move at their free-will at these national parks so; spotting them becomes a more interesting activity.

You can take their pictures; observe various flowers and birds or stroll in the green protected forests. Visiting in the morning hours would be rewarding as you could see more animals and birds. Some of the famous national parks are Khangchendzonga National park, Singalila National Park, Barsey Rhododendron Wildlife Sanctuary and Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary.

8. Explore the Monasteries:


Monasteries depict the religious and spiritual side of Sikkim. You will find plenty of colourful and immense monasteries at every second point in Sikkim. Visiting these would give you an idea of Buddhist teachings and way of life. Apart from it, you can feel that mental peace while exploring these spiritual structures.

Monasteries in Sikkim also offer picturesque views to provide a soothing effect to the eyes as well as the mind of the visitors. You could buy Sikkim tour packages which include a monastery tour. Otherwise, you can visit the famous monasteries on your own. The top monasteries of Sikkim are Rumtek Monastery, Phodong Monastery, Lachen Monastery, and Rinchenpong Monastery.

You can have a fun packed trip in any season of Sikkim. So, spend your summer vacations in Sikkim this year!

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Things to See and Experience in Himachal Pradesh

Things to See and Experience in Himachal Pradesh

Situated in the western Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is the hub of hill stations and the most beautiful destinations of India. This region with its scenic beauty and thrilling experiences compel visitors from every possible part of the world.

The meaning of Himachal – “the land of snow” suits it best as tourists come here to escape the scorching sunrays. Visitors buy Himachal tour packages for various types of trips ranging from honeymoon to family outings.

This super stunning tourist hotspot holds a myriad of places and experiences that are enough to make your trip amazing! Let’s look at them:

1. Kullu-Manali:


View the Snow Covered Peaks:

If you want to spend your vacation by gazing at snow governing lofty peaks and the verdant valleys then, Kullu-Manali is your dream destination! The fresh mountainous air and breath-taking landscapes of this hill station will make your trip awesome.

Go for Heli-skiing at Hanuman Tibba:

People who love hard-core adventure activities should try heli-skiing at Hanuman Tibba. Situated in Manali, this is the highest peak in the Dhauladhar ranges and offers powder snow which makes the gliding bed for heli-skiing. Reaching at this height via chopper means you can enjoy plenty of alluring views! And the thrill of sliding down from such slope can’t be described in words!

2. Shimla:


Explore the Capital of Himachal Pradesh:

The imprints of British culture, gothic architecture, and the glorious Indian history make Shimla a distinct hill station. In addition to this, the natural views and icy paths enhance its beauty. This relaxing hill station is perfect for a soothing outing anytime!

Do Ice Skating in Asia’s Only Open-Air Ice Skating Arena:

Ice Skating is the best winter sport that you must try while visiting a hill station like Shimla. This place owns the only open-air ice skating rink of entire Asia. So, several tourists come every year to showcase their ice skating skills in this frozen land. This would be a fun experience even if you are not so good at ice skating!

3. Dharamshala:


Visit the Residence of Dalai Lama:

The multicultural approach and the harmonious relationship between the Indians and Tibetans is a unique thing to experience in Dharamshala. The peaceful vibes will engulf your entire being at this quaint hill station! The shades of green and brown will soothe your eyes!

Enjoy a Tibetan Opera:

You shouldn’t miss the Tibetan cultural performances on your trip to Dharamshala. The Tibetan opera also known as Lhamo narrates the tales of famous historical personalities, events and ancient folklore. Visit the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), which was set up by Dalai Lama in 1959, to witness this special opera.

4. Bir Billing:Bir Billing

See the Rustic Side of Himachal Pradesh:

The small village of Bir is located on the western side of Himachal Pradesh. The simple lifestyle, natural beauty, lush green pathways, tea gardens, and serene monasteries will surely steal your heart at Bir Billing. This destination is best for a calm summer retreat.

Try Paragliding at ‘The Paragliding Capital of India’:

The first thing that you will ever hear about Bir Billing will surely be connected to paragliding. Paragliding at this destination is world famous, and many people buy Himachal tour packages for doing this. Billing is the take-off site while Bir is the landing ground for paragliding due to which they are together known as Bir Billing. Jump off the high cliffs of billing to enjoy the fresh breeze and aerial views of this beautiful valley.

5. Dalhousie:


View ‘The Mini Switzerland of India’:

Yes, you heard it right! Yet another hill station that offers awe-aspiring views, tranquil surroundings, and shining green scenery is waiting for you in Himachal Pradesh. Known as mini Switzerland, the vistas of towering Pirpanjal and Dhualadhar Ranges in Dalhousie will resist your eyes from blinking on this trip!

Hike to Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary:

Get ready for a picturesque hike to the famous Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary in Dalhousie. Walk through the natural trails covered with deodar, pine and fir trees along with other mesmerising natural elements. Capture the views of snow covered mountains after reaching this extremely scenic picnic spot!

6. Spiti:


Visit the Offbeat Destination of Himachal:

Spiti is still a hidden gem of north India which is explored only by avid travellers. With the fiercely flowing glimmering water of Spiti River, this place is the hub of many famous Buddhist destinations. Covered by the mighty Himalayas from all the sides, Spiti present unique glimpses of cold deserts and snow sprinkled cliffs.

Experience the Thrill of Mountain Biking:

Enhance your adrenaline rush by biking through the challenging mountainous routes of Spiti. The arid desert plateaus of this destination are best for the enthralling adventure sport of mountain biking. Ride through the Kunzum Pass situated at an elevation of 4,590 metres to witness the mesmerising natural panoramas.

7. Malana:


Meet the Descendants of Alexander The Great:

If you wish to view the ancient Greek system anywhere in India then, Head straight to the tiny village of Malana. These people call themselves the descendants of ancient Greece King Alexander. Situated near Kullu valley, this place offers appealing views of the Deo Tiba and Chandrakhani crests.

Trek around Malana Village:

If you wish to trek in less visited valleys and mountains then, choose Malana without giving any second thoughts. The trekking trails around this small village are pristine due to its low population and less tourist count. The hills offer delightful natural views and remain verdant in summers while too snowy in winters. All you will hear is the sound of chirping birds and cascading water of the nearby river while trekking!

There are a lot more things to see and experience in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. You can always choose as per your interest but, this place will never disappoint you no matter what you select! So, don’t be confused and go with what your heart says. After all, you are going to enjoy a lot at Himachal Pradesh!

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