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The Best Places to Vacation in California

The Best Places To Vacation In California - Khyati Taneja

Travel to the Golden State

California, The Golden State, is simply full of amazing places to vacation. The USA’s third largest state (in terms of land area) offers so much to see and do from its iconic cities to the majestic mountains, the coast, to the desert, and everything in between, it’s easy to see why so many people come for their vacations in California every year. If you want to go canada to california you must use a air flights. You can choose trivago flights because this site compare airfare price.

Choosing the Best Vacation Spots in California

With so many wonderful places to visit how can you choose where to take your vacation? I guess it depends upon how much time you have, and what you’ve seen before because aside from some of the obvious places, like San Francisco, Disneyland, and Los Angeles, there are many smaller cities that offer equal charm and numerous attractions. Take Santa Monica as an example; it’s in Los Angeles County and it’s a famed beach resort, home to many Hollywood celebrities. Santa Monica offers so much more than your typical ocean-side resort with its revitalized downtown and great weather, and to top it all if you want to head into LA or Hollywood, it’s not too far to go.

Spend time on Santa Monica Pier, the 100+ year old historic landmark that’s home to the renowned amusement park, Pacific Park, with its roller coaster and Ferris wheel, and re-live some of the movies and TV shows that have been filmed here including The Lost Boys. Santa Monica is the place to go if you want to experience a typical beach resort, California style!

Live it Up in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is another great place to head for a California vacation. This city in the desert is like an oasis of green – full of golf courses, palm trees, and lush landscaping; it’s easy to forget you’ve headed inland from the coast except for the spectacular weather: it’s warm all year round in Palm Springs which is the main reason why this California vacation destination is so popular right throughout the year. It’s chosen by many as a place to own a second home, and particularly during the winter (when it can be cold in many destinations), you’ll find thousands of vacationers head to their Palm Springs vacation homes to spend a warm and sunny winter.

Spend Time in “America’s Finest City”

And then there’s San Diego; nicknamed “America’s Finest City” this southern California city is a great vacation spot. It too has warm weather throughout the year, and as well as the great boating and beaches there are numerous attractions for the whole family including the famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World San Diego, Old Town San Diego and more.

Get Away From the City

But if you’re looking for a great vacation spot in California that is not a large and bustling city, check out Big Bear Lake. There is a city here but with a permanent population of only around 5,000, this isn’t LA or San Diego! The main appeal here is the scenery, attractions, and activities of this year-round resort area nestled within the San Bernardino National Forest yet still within easy reach of Los Angeles.

These are just a few of our favorite vacation spots in California, of course, there are many more great places to explore.

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10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rajasthan

10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the most popular visited states in India. It is not surprising because it shows India in its most colorful and exotic appearance. All the things that come to mind when you think of India can be found in Rajasthan: palaces, fortresses, desert, camels, elephants, and snake charmers. These tourist places to visit in Rajasthan should not be lost.


The “pink city” of Jaipur is part of the renowned tourist circuit of the Golden Triangle of India and is one of the most popular destinations in Rajasthan. It has many forts and famous buildings, with most of them boasting stunning views and elaborates architecture. Being in Jaipur is particularly pleasant. The accommodations are reasonably priced and many have been converted from historic properties, giving guests a truly regal experience!


It is often said that Udaipur is the most romantic city in India, full of lakes and old buildings. The exquisite City Palace Complex, which extends along the eastern shore of Lake Pichola, dominates the city and the royal family still lives in part. Many personal memorabilia, family photos, and other memorabilia are displayed in the City Palace Museum, giving Udaipur a very regal atmosphere. You can even stay at the City Palace!


An extraordinary sandstone city that magically rises from the sand dunes of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer seems to have emerged from an Arabian Nights fairytale. Its charming ancient fort, built in 1156, is perched on a pedestal overlooking the city. Inside, the fort is alive and fascinating. It houses five buildings, several temples and some havelis (residences), as well as shops and other residences. Also, camel safaris in the desert are a popular thing to do in Jaisalmer.


Affectionately known as the “Blue City” for its buildings painted blue, Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan. The old walled part of the city is presided over by the fort of Mehrangarh, which offers the best perspective among the blue buildings of Jodhpur. It is one of the largest and best-preserved fortresses in India. Inside, there are a number of ornate buildings and a museum. One of Jodhpur’s most tempting things is that there are many inexpensive but quaint places to stay with the views of the fort. It’s nice to do nothing but relax on the roofs and immerse yourself in the atmosphere.


For most of the year, Pushkar is a sleepy little holy city that attracts many types of backpackers and hippies. However, it really comes on for a couple of weeks in October or November, when the Pushkar Camel Fair hits the city. It is a singular show and a great opportunity to attend a traditional Indian traditional style festival. Pushkar deserves a visit at any time of year if you want to relax. Unfortunately, it’s not like before. In these days Pushkar is becoming much more westernized and focused on tourism. The priests of the bathing ghats (steps) are known to be very strong even in requesting donations. Avoid that area and go to the Pushkar market for some great shopping!

Ranthambore National Park

The Ranthambore National Park is one of the best places in India to spot a tiger in the wild. In contrast to many wildlife national parks in India, Ranthambore is also truly accessible and easy to reach. This makes it very popular (and, unfortunately, is facing a lot of tourist pressure). In addition to nature, the park is home to the formidable X-century Fort of Ranthambore. It is a huge structure that contains ruined pavilions, monuments, and three Hindu temples. The park is full of history, having witnessed many battles disputed on its land and the rise and fall of many sovereigns.

Shekhawati region

If you are an art lover, or even someone who makes architecture and history, the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan deserves to be included in your itinerary. Located in the triangle of Delhi, Jaipur, and Bikaner, many people overlook it in favor of the most popular destinations in Rajasthan. This makes it pleasantly without tourists! This unique region is often referred to as the largest outdoor art gallery in the world, with old havelis (villas) with walls adorned with painted frescos. Do not miss staying in one!


The delightful town in the Bikaner desert receives fewer tourists than many other important destinations in Rajasthan. It is a less commercialized place for a camel safari, as an alternative to Jaisalmer. The main attractions are the ancient walled city and the fort. Bikaner is also famous for the infamous Karni Mata rat temple nearby. The Karni Mata Festival, held to venerate mice there, is one of the strangest festivals in India. In January, a camel fair is held in Bikaner. Stay at the quaint historic Narendra Bhawan hotel.


Although increasingly popular with travelers, Bundi is often overlooked as a tourist destination in Rajasthan. Still, it is a captivating place to visit, with its lakes, markets, temples and similar blue houses in Jodhpur. This relatively quiet city is dominated by the extraordinary and impressive Bundi Palace, which protrudes from the hill. The old and winding streets of the Old Town are fascinating to travel. Bundi also has about 60 steps and a dilapidated fort above the building.

Village of Bishnoi

Rural tourism is growing in Rajasthan, with Bishnoi and Pali becoming desirable destinations to get off the beaten track. Bishnoi is a community of nature worshipers about 45 minutes from Jodhpur and can be traveled on a day trip, while Pali is a little further out and needs at least one overnight stay.

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How expensive is traveling to Bhutan?

How expensive is traveling to Bhutan?

Located in the heart of Himalayan reign, the Land of Thunder Dragon Bhutan is still a less explored travel destination. Bhutan receives a less number of visitors as compared to its neighbouring countries such as India and Nepal. Due to it, the beauty of this destination is still intact.

From ancient time, Bhutan has kept its mysterious charms hidden from the travellers as visiting Bhutan wasn’t allowed. Since then, there are certain myths about Bhutan which makes people hesitant while planning a trip. All you have to do is follow certain rules and show respect for local culture.

One will find peaceful monasteries, soothing scenarios, rich culture and natural beauty everywhere in Bhutan. If you love travelling then, you must visit Bhutan at least once. Now, you must be interested to know how much it costs to visit the Land of Thunder Dragon. Well, let’s clear all misconceptions and know about it:

Bhutan Tourist Fee:

Bhutan Tourist Fee

Foreign tourists have to pay a set amount of tariff in advance before visiting Bhutan. The government calculates tariff rate on per day/ per individual basis. Whether you buy Bhutan honeymoon packages or Bhutan family packages, every possible package of Bhutan includes this daily tariff.

This may sound a little bit odd as not every country asks for a daily tariff. But, Bhutan is different having diverse reasons for charging this tourist fee. Let’s move on to this fee structure:

High Season Charges:

March, April, May, September, October, and November are high season months to visit Bhutan. So, the tariff charges are also comparatively higher in these months.

  • You will have to pay 250 US Dollars on per person per day basis if you are travelling in a group of 3 or more.
  • The charges will be 280 US Dollars on per person per day basis for people travelling in a group of 2.
  • Solo travellers will have to pay a daily tariff worth 290 US Dollars.

Low Season Charges:

January, February, June, July, August, and December are considered low season months for visiting Bhutan. The temperature remains very low in winter months and from June to August Bhutan faces high rainfall. So, travelling and exploring is a little bit difficult during these months. The tariff charges are:

  • Travellers visiting in a group of 3 or more will have to pay 200 US Dollars on per person per day basis.
  • Couples and people visiting in pairs of two will have to pay 230 US Dollars per person per day.
  • Solo travellers will be charged 240 US Dollars on a regular basis.

Yet, you can avail some discounts and special offers. These charges include the government’s royalty which is 65 US Dollars daily.

Note: The citizens of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives are exempted from these daily tourist charges. It means that visiting Bhutan is a more affordable option for travellers of these countries.


Do you find these charges high? Well, you should look at a few discount offers before making any final judgment.

  • Children with age group 0-5 will get a tariff-free entry in Bhutan.
  • Children with age group 6-12 will get 50% off on daily rate and royalty charges won’t be applied to them.
  • Full-time students under the age of 25 years having valid identity cards can avail 25% discount on the daily charges.
  • One person from the group containing 11-15 individuals gets a 50% discount on the daily tariff rates.
  • One person from the group exceeding 16 people will get 100% off on the charges.
  • Tourists staying for more than 8 days will get 50% off on the royalty after the 8th night of their stay.
  • Tourists staying for more than 14 days can avail 100% discount on the royalty after the 14th night.

What’s included in Bhutan Tourist Fee?

What’s included in Bhutan Tourist Fee


The government of Bhutan surely provides many services to host the tourists after taking these fixed charges from them. The daily charges cover a lot of travel expenses.

  • You will get a licensed Bhutanese tour guide from an authentic Bhutanese tour operator. He will help you in exploring the country.
  • A comfortable transportation medium like a minibus/car plus a driver will be provided for internal travel.
  • Stay in a decently maintained 3-star hotel. You can also request for homestay and camping options of similar rates.
  • Entrance charges to all tourist places.
  • You will get food and non-alcoholic drinks within these charges. You can eat at your hotel’s restaurant or request your guide to take you to local restaurants as well.
  • Trekking gears for the trekkers.
  • All the taxes within Bhutan.

It means that most of your travel expenses like food, stay, sightseeing etc. will be totally covered within your daily tariff charges. Yes, you won’t have to pay anything extra while enjoying these facilities on your Bhutanese trip.

What’s Excluded from the Fees?

There are some expenses which aren’t covered in the daily charges. You will have to take care of them. These are:

  • Flight ticket from/to Bhutan + airport tax
  • Visa fees
  • Souvenirs or any other material you shop
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Laundry
  • You will have to pay extra charges for luxury hotels (4 and 5 stars)
  • Travel insurance

Is Bhutan Worth it?

Absolutely yes! It’s just a different policy of charging otherwise; the cost of an entire trip is just like any other trip. The difference is that you have to pay a fixed amount in advance in the case of Bhutan while travelling to other destinations you spend it on stay, accommodation, etc.

Apart from it, the atmosphere of Bhutan is very clean with pure air, beautiful vistas, and colourful structures. Bhutan offers a rich travel experience with high-quality services and friendly folks. One thing is sure that you won’t regret the decision of visiting Bhutan! To get better offers, couples can also buy Bhutan honeymoon packages. The tranquil mountains of Bhutan are perfect for making a new bond on the honeymoon.

So, plan your trip and get ready to explore a totally distinct and rare country!

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What can I do in Sikkim during my Summer Visit?

Sikkim during my Summer Visit

Usually, tourists visit the beautiful land of Sikkim in the winter season to admire the charms of snow-capped mountains. Still, Sikkim never ceases to spellbind the visitors with its natural beauty in the other seasons as well.

It means that you can also enjoy an awesome trip to Sikkim during your summer vacation! Travelling Sikkim in summers can be a totally amazing experience as the weather is quite pleasant.

The cool breeze filtered by the majestic Himalayan peaks complements the warm sunlight here during summers. Although winter is considered the best time to visit Sikkim still, Sikkim tour packages are sold in high numbers in summers as well.

Before starting your summer trip, you must know about the exciting things that you can do in Sikkim. Hold on your excitement for some minutes and read it!

1. Go for River Rafting:

River Rafting

What could be better than enjoying the cool splashes of fresh river water in summers? People go to the famous Teesta River for undertaking an enthralling journey of river rafting in Sikkim.

Starting from Lhamo Lake, Teesta River flows through the entire city. Exciting rapids are spread all over this enormous water body which makes rafting a thrilling experience here. Are you also interested in this fun-filled activity? If yes, then you can contact an authentic rafting service provider in Sikkim. The professional will take care of all the things to make it an unforgettable experience for you!

2. Enjoy Paragliding:


If you are a true adventure junkie, then you can understand the fun of taming the skies through paragliding! You would be happy to know that, summer months are considered best in Sikkim for paragliding. Accurate air pressure plays a vital role in this activity so; visitors could not enjoy it during a few specific months.

The high altitude and beautiful valleys enhance the fun of paragliding in Sikkim. Go to Pangthang, Bojoghari Village and Tashi View Point to enjoy paragliding. Don’t hesitate while jumping off as the stunning vistas would be waiting to cast a spell on you!

3. Chill at Bakthang Waterfalls:

Bakthang Waterfalls

Although summers aren’t that much hot in Sikkim still, sitting near the cascading waterfall is one of the favourite things to do in that season. Situated in North Sikkim, Bakthang Waterfalls is an ideal summer gateway where couples and families come to chill. Having its sources in Ratey Chu River, this waterfall enhances the beauty of Tashi View Point route.

Sit by the waterfalls to feel the water splashes on your feet while savouring views. Or play with cool water to beat the heat. No matter what you will do, it would ultimately be a refreshing experience. And hey, this could also be a good selfie background!

4. Watch Flowers in Full Bloom at Yumthang Valley:

Yumthang Valley

The natural beauty of Sikkim welcomes summer in a unique style. Yes, the colorful flowers at Yumthang Valley start to bloom at the advent of the spring season. This astonishing natural sanctuary flaunts the perfect combination of flora and fauna of Sikkim.

The vistas of flowers are unparallel here in summers. The entire area reflects the red, pink and purple hues till the point eye can reach! All of these are rhododendron flowers that fully bloom during this season. Apart from it, you can also enjoy the bewitching views of rivers, pastures and green meadows here.

5. Try Bungee Jumping at Singshore Bridge:

Bungee Jumping

The highest bridge of Sikkim – Sinshore Bridge holds an adventurous activity for the fun lovers in Sikkim. The bridge suspended at the height of 198 metres gives you a chance to enjoy the natural panoramas by jumping off it! Don’t worry; there will be professionals to take care of your safety.

The surrounded mountains and fresh cold air touching your face will make this activity super exciting! Tourists enjoy it in summers and winters alike.

6. Visit Lake Tsomgo:


Tucked at an elevation of 12,310 feet in the eastern Sikkim, Tsomgo Lake is one of the top tourist attractions in Sikkim. The lake becomes alive when it melts in summer. You can easily reach there by crossing a distance of 40 km from Gangtok.

The temperature is more pleasant at this lake in summers as compared to the freezing temperature of winters. You can organise a small picnic with your family or friends here. Click amazing images with the blue lake backdrop and go for local sightseeing near this lake. You will definitely fall in love with this lake’s scenarios.

7. Spot the Animals at the National Parks:

National Parks

The wildlife of Sikkim is worthy of your precious attention. You can visit the famous national parks of Sikkim in any weather. These are not just habitats of endangered animals but also houses varied plant species. The animals move at their free-will at these national parks so; spotting them becomes a more interesting activity.

You can take their pictures; observe various flowers and birds or stroll in the green protected forests. Visiting in the morning hours would be rewarding as you could see more animals and birds. Some of the famous national parks are Khangchendzonga National park, Singalila National Park, Barsey Rhododendron Wildlife Sanctuary and Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary.

8. Explore the Monasteries:


Monasteries depict the religious and spiritual side of Sikkim. You will find plenty of colourful and immense monasteries at every second point in Sikkim. Visiting these would give you an idea of Buddhist teachings and way of life. Apart from it, you can feel that mental peace while exploring these spiritual structures.

Monasteries in Sikkim also offer picturesque views to provide a soothing effect to the eyes as well as the mind of the visitors. You could buy Sikkim tour packages which include a monastery tour. Otherwise, you can visit the famous monasteries on your own. The top monasteries of Sikkim are Rumtek Monastery, Phodong Monastery, Lachen Monastery, and Rinchenpong Monastery.

You can have a fun packed trip in any season of Sikkim. So, spend your summer vacations in Sikkim this year!

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Things to See and Experience in Himachal Pradesh

Things to See and Experience in Himachal Pradesh

Situated in the western Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is the hub of hill stations and the most beautiful destinations of India. This region with its scenic beauty and thrilling experiences compel visitors from every possible part of the world.

The meaning of Himachal – “the land of snow” suits it best as tourists come here to escape the scorching sunrays. Visitors buy Himachal tour packages for various types of trips ranging from honeymoon to family outings.

This super stunning tourist hotspot holds a myriad of places and experiences that are enough to make your trip amazing! Let’s look at them:

1. Kullu-Manali:


View the Snow Covered Peaks:

If you want to spend your vacation by gazing at snow governing lofty peaks and the verdant valleys then, Kullu-Manali is your dream destination! The fresh mountainous air and breath-taking landscapes of this hill station will make your trip awesome.

Go for Heli-skiing at Hanuman Tibba:

People who love hard-core adventure activities should try heli-skiing at Hanuman Tibba. Situated in Manali, this is the highest peak in the Dhauladhar ranges and offers powder snow which makes the gliding bed for heli-skiing. Reaching at this height via chopper means you can enjoy plenty of alluring views! And the thrill of sliding down from such slope can’t be described in words!

2. Shimla:


Explore the Capital of Himachal Pradesh:

The imprints of British culture, gothic architecture, and the glorious Indian history make Shimla a distinct hill station. In addition to this, the natural views and icy paths enhance its beauty. This relaxing hill station is perfect for a soothing outing anytime!

Do Ice Skating in Asia’s Only Open-Air Ice Skating Arena:

Ice Skating is the best winter sport that you must try while visiting a hill station like Shimla. This place owns the only open-air ice skating rink of entire Asia. So, several tourists come every year to showcase their ice skating skills in this frozen land. This would be a fun experience even if you are not so good at ice skating!

3. Dharamshala:


Visit the Residence of Dalai Lama:

The multicultural approach and the harmonious relationship between the Indians and Tibetans is a unique thing to experience in Dharamshala. The peaceful vibes will engulf your entire being at this quaint hill station! The shades of green and brown will soothe your eyes!

Enjoy a Tibetan Opera:

You shouldn’t miss the Tibetan cultural performances on your trip to Dharamshala. The Tibetan opera also known as Lhamo narrates the tales of famous historical personalities, events and ancient folklore. Visit the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), which was set up by Dalai Lama in 1959, to witness this special opera.

4. Bir Billing:Bir Billing

See the Rustic Side of Himachal Pradesh:

The small village of Bir is located on the western side of Himachal Pradesh. The simple lifestyle, natural beauty, lush green pathways, tea gardens, and serene monasteries will surely steal your heart at Bir Billing. This destination is best for a calm summer retreat.

Try Paragliding at ‘The Paragliding Capital of India’:

The first thing that you will ever hear about Bir Billing will surely be connected to paragliding. Paragliding at this destination is world famous, and many people buy Himachal tour packages for doing this. Billing is the take-off site while Bir is the landing ground for paragliding due to which they are together known as Bir Billing. Jump off the high cliffs of billing to enjoy the fresh breeze and aerial views of this beautiful valley.

5. Dalhousie:


View ‘The Mini Switzerland of India’:

Yes, you heard it right! Yet another hill station that offers awe-aspiring views, tranquil surroundings, and shining green scenery is waiting for you in Himachal Pradesh. Known as mini Switzerland, the vistas of towering Pirpanjal and Dhualadhar Ranges in Dalhousie will resist your eyes from blinking on this trip!

Hike to Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary:

Get ready for a picturesque hike to the famous Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary in Dalhousie. Walk through the natural trails covered with deodar, pine and fir trees along with other mesmerising natural elements. Capture the views of snow covered mountains after reaching this extremely scenic picnic spot!

6. Spiti:


Visit the Offbeat Destination of Himachal:

Spiti is still a hidden gem of north India which is explored only by avid travellers. With the fiercely flowing glimmering water of Spiti River, this place is the hub of many famous Buddhist destinations. Covered by the mighty Himalayas from all the sides, Spiti present unique glimpses of cold deserts and snow sprinkled cliffs.

Experience the Thrill of Mountain Biking:

Enhance your adrenaline rush by biking through the challenging mountainous routes of Spiti. The arid desert plateaus of this destination are best for the enthralling adventure sport of mountain biking. Ride through the Kunzum Pass situated at an elevation of 4,590 metres to witness the mesmerising natural panoramas.

7. Malana:


Meet the Descendants of Alexander The Great:

If you wish to view the ancient Greek system anywhere in India then, Head straight to the tiny village of Malana. These people call themselves the descendants of ancient Greece King Alexander. Situated near Kullu valley, this place offers appealing views of the Deo Tiba and Chandrakhani crests.

Trek around Malana Village:

If you wish to trek in less visited valleys and mountains then, choose Malana without giving any second thoughts. The trekking trails around this small village are pristine due to its low population and less tourist count. The hills offer delightful natural views and remain verdant in summers while too snowy in winters. All you will hear is the sound of chirping birds and cascading water of the nearby river while trekking!

There are a lot more things to see and experience in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. You can always choose as per your interest but, this place will never disappoint you no matter what you select! So, don’t be confused and go with what your heart says. After all, you are going to enjoy a lot at Himachal Pradesh!

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10 Ingenious Tips To Survive Long Flights

10 Ingenious Tips To Survive Long Flights

A long haul flight doesn’t always have to be a nightmare.

You either love a long haul flight or loathe it – there’s really no in between. In this article, we bring you ten brilliant tips plus one bonus tip that will make you enjoy your journey.

These travel tips apply to everyone from first-time travellers to frequent flyers:

1. Be Nice

First and foremost: be polite. Did you know that your behaviour could you bumped to the first class? And even if you’re not lucky, it’s always good to be nice to flight attendants since they are responsible for your travel. Appreciate them by smiling and being pleasant.

2. Sleeping Pills and Sleep Assistants

The key to having a pleasant flight is to get the much-needed shut-eye. Consult a doctor before you book the flight so that you have everything you need.

In addition to that, always carry a device that provides lumbar and neck support. This will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your flight. You can even pick up a simple (and cheap) travel pillow as long as it makes you comfortable.

Another way of securing a pillow without purchasing one is to request the flight attendant as soon as you step in so that you’re the one who still gets it (if they have a limited number of pillows).

3. Buckle Up

If you plan to catch up on your sleep during your flight, make sure your seat belt is in sight. If you’re wearing a jacket or a blanket, find a way to go under the seatbelt. That way, co-passengers or flight attendants won’t have to disturb your beauty sleep when the seatbelt sign goes on.

4. Pick Your Seat Carefully

If you’re planning to be awake during the flight, it’s better to take an aisle seat. If not, then opt for a window seat where you won’t have to worry about co passengers troubling you every time they want to head to the loo.

5. Carry Water and Snacks

Your food schedule will not always match up to the flight’s food schedule. Also, it is common for a flight to get delayed at the runaway. You don’t want to be sleep deprived and hungry, now, would you? Besides, in-flight snacks and beverages cost an arm and a leg. Don’t waste your hard earned money on a bag of chips half filled with air when you’re in the air!

6. Carry a Book/Games

Portable games, a deck of cards and books make up for good entertainment when on a flight. Scrabble dictionary, Travel Scrabble, Ludo are popular game options for people of all ages. If not, you can always go back to listening music and watching movies on the in-flight screens.

7. Pack a Sanitizer

It comes as no surprise that aeroplanes make up for one of the dirtiest and germy places. We recommend carrying anti-bacterial wipes and sanitizers. Additionally, we strongly suggest packing a toilet seat sanitizer so that you can use the loo without having to worry about the nasty infections you might catch otherwise.

8. Noise Cancellation Earphones

Where else do you find screaming babies apart from the hospital? In flights. General earphones will be your BFF until there’s a baby screaming right next to you or there’s a couple arguing over something silly.

In that case, your noise cancellation earbuds or headphones will come to your rescue. You can play your favourite music or meditation music or even an audiobook while parents shush their kid to sleep.

If you ever end up forgetting them, request the flight attendant to get you earplugs; they usually have an extra pair.

9. Comfortable Clothes

The temperature on the plane is always too hot or too cold. You could be sweating like a pig while another passenger behind you could be freezing to death. You just never know what you’re getting into so it’s best to be prepared.

Celebrities like Miranda Kerr pack their PJs and change once they’re ready to doze off. Throw in a pullover or a blanket scarf for times when you feel cold and just want to layer up a bit. Time to show off your pretty nightsuit and cute socks!

10. Power Up

Ensure that your devices are fully charged before boarding the flight. You can pack a few batteries or power banks to be on the safer side. You don’t want your devices to be dead and leave you bored and grumpy especially on a long haul flight.

Keep all your portable devices and chargers in a case so that you don’t end up losing one of your favourite (and expensive) gadgets or are left stranded on your trip without your USB cables.

You also want to load up all your devices (e-reader, smartphone, laptop, tablet) with your favourite books, music, TV shows, movies and games just in case the airline’s app fails to work.

Bonus Tip:

Move Around

Stretch your body after every two to three hours to maintain blood circulation. If you find it embarrassing to stretch, just do some gentle exercises.

These are our top eleven travel hacks for long flights. Please comment and tell us if we missed anything or if one of these tips made your flight better. Also, tell us your tips for surviving long haul flights.

Have a fabulous flight!

Author Bio:

Shristi Patni is the Chief Content Officer at Raletta and Content Creator at Fun Travellers. She enjoys writing about food, fitness, finance and everything in between.

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20 Signature Dishes From The Food Capital of India

pille-riin-priske-Food Capital of India

Indore is known as the food capital of India for all the right reasons.

We bring you twenty classic dishes from Indore that are guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.

1. Khopra Patties

Unlike regular patties, the legendary Khopra Patties has potato tikkis filled with grated coconut and are deep-fried and garnished with some more grated coconut. Sweet and spicy chutneys are served with it to bring out the real flavours.

Where to eat: Vijay Chaat House.

Price: ₹15 per piece.

2. Dahi Bada

Who doesn’t like yummy masalas and soft badas? They’re not only amazing in taste but also made in style – they’re tossed in the air as diners watch in awe. Topped with secret masalas, these badas are simply extraordinary.

Where to eat: Joshi Dahi Bada House

Price: ₹100 for two.

3. Faluda Kulfi

Beat the heat in style with these yummy kulfis with never-seen-before toppings.

Where to eat: Nema Kulfi Faluda Centre and Maduram Sweets

4. Jalebi Poha

A delicious combination of all things spicy, crunchy and sweet!

This perhaps is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in Indore. Usually, Poha is garnished with a generous amount of namkeen sev or Farsan.

Where to eat: Chappan Dukan

Price: ₹100 for one.


5. Hot Dog

Yes, the hot dog’s missing but the tikkis and banjos make up for it. These piping hot dogs are served with classic tomato ketchup and coriander-mint chutney. You’ll always see a long line of people patiently waiting for this amazing dish.

Where to eat: Johny Hot Dog

Price: ₹25 for one.

6. Jaleba

Craving something sweet? Head straight for a Jaleba. This larger than life Jalebi is known as a Jaleba, and usually, it takes two people to finish one piece. It’s more like a dessert and meal all rolled into one!

Where to eat: Sarafa Bazar

Price: ₹200 per piece

7. Momos

Sure, you must’ve had momos before, but you’ll forget all about them once you eat some in Indore. With an array of stuffings to choose from that is equally as tasty as the others, people can never really get enough of these bite-sized snacks.

Where to eat: Sam’s Momos

Price: ₹200 per plate

8. Sandwiches

No, not the garden fresh salad but the double or triple cheese sandwich loaded with vegetables and cheese. Name the ingredient and Indore will already have a sandwich for that!

Where to eat: Tinku’s Sandwich

Price: ₹200 per sandwich

9. Kesar Doodh

Indian dessert in a glass.

Made with rich ingredients like Kesar, nuts and dry fruits, this dessert is not only tasty but also incredibly healthy. You can choose to have it at room temperature or hot as per your liking.

10. Imerti

It can be described as a more elegant and tastier version of Jalebi. It is made up of water, sugar and maida and is sometimes served with yoghurt.

Where to eat: Sarafa Bazar

Price: ₹25 per piece

11. Flavoured Pani Patashe

One of the most famous street food dishes of Indore is the flavoured Pani Patashe. The pani (water) is made up of different flavours and masale such as pudina (mint), adrak (ginger), and jeera (cumin) to name a few.

Where to eat: Chappan Dukan

Price: ₹100 for 10

12. Chocolate Chai

Ever thought of adding some chocolate to your tea? For starters, you should because it tastes fantastic. Chocolate is grated and added to the tea to maintain a light texture.

Where to eat: Chai Bar

Price: ₹200 per cup.

13. Paan Kulfi

This refreshing Paan kulfi melts as soon as it enters your mouth. Filled with Paan leaves and Gulkand, it makes up for a toothsome dessert.

Where to eat: Sarafa Bazar.

14. Shikanji

It’s a tasty beverage made with mint leaves, sugar and lemon juice. You can also go ahead and top it with some Shikanji masala. It is usually consumed during summers to ensure the body is cool and active.

15. Malpua

Garnished with rich dry fruits, this traditional dessert is generally served during festivals. Sugar syrup, sugar and maida are combined to make a Malpua. It is often served with Moong dal to maintain a balance of sour and sweet taste.

Where to eat: Sarafa Bazar

16. Sev Puri

Mouthwatering Sev Puris are served at local food stalls all over the city. Puri’s are filled with indian spices, mashed potatoes, curd and chutneys and garnished with barik sev.

Where to eat: Chappan Dukan

Price: ₹100 per plate

17. Dal Bafle

This isn’t one of the most famous dishes of Indore but the most famous dish of Indore. Bafle are made up of flour and baked on dried cow dung cakes or a tandoor and dipped in desi ghee. They are served with Daal, Kadhi, Aloo, Mirchi, Rice and Ladoo.

Where to eat: Rajhans

Price: ₹250 per plate

18. Kaju Curry

A classic main course dish that’s best served with butter naan or tandoori roti. The dish largely comprises of cashew nuts, tossed together with Indian spices and a roasted puree of onions and tomatoes. It is garnished with grated/chopped cashews.

Where to eat: Guru Kripa

Price: ₹200 per plate.

19. Chole Tikki

Tikkis are made of mashed onions and topped with lots of chole, potatoes, onions, Indian spices, chutneys and garnished with coriander.

Where to eat: Apna Sweets

Price: ₹50 per plate.

20. Gajak

This is a crispy, healthy and a sweet snack. It’s a seasonal dish and is only available during the winter season. The magical ingredient that gives these Gajak their distinct taste is Gud.

Where to eat: Sheetal Gajak

These are only some of the most renowned dishes of Indore. Do visit Sarafa Bazar and Chappan Dukan for hundreds of more exciting dishes!

Author Bio:

Shristi Patni is the Chief Content Officer at Raletta and Content Creator at F and B Stories. She enjoys writing about food, fitness, finance and everything in between.

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Top Saving Tips While you Travel

Travel Safety Tips

Travelling is all we want but when we travel there are hundreds of tensions that we keep thinking about. One of the major dilemmas is money as we have to make a proper budget. If we are serious about having the best time while travelling, we have to have a plan and a proper budget to execute that plan. We do everything from redeeming discount voucher codes to waiting for sales on several stores. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that we all make. We thought to share these mistakes here, so no one repeats them. Let’s begin?

Don’t Book Before Research

People often prefer round-trip tickets, and they usually are cheap but not always. Always make sure that you have checked all the discount voucher codes, other airlines and nothing is less than what you are paying. If so, make a payment go ahead.

Hand Carry Is The Best Travel Partner

If you are not a fan of hand carry suitcase, it’s time to become one now. Most airlines all over the world allow a hand carry and a single item that fits under the aeroplane seat. If there are chances that luggage might be overweight, hand carry can be your saviour, and you wouldn’t have to pay extra at the customs.

Even if you don’t have much luggage and your hand carry is almost empty still take it. You never know what will you buy on your trip and then there will be the stress of paying extra at the airport. If you have a hand carry, you can always shift your clothes into it and make room for the shopping.

Don’t Miss Reward Programs

Whenever you travel, make sure that you have signed up for the reward program of the airline you are travelling with. Keep track of your mileage points which are added after every flight. You can get discount voucher codes on certain points or even better; you can get a free ticket.

Save Money On Water

Invest in reusable water bottles especially for your journey. Keep refilling the bottles you will save money. If you don’t have a water bottle with you, you’ll have to buy water, and it will add to the amount spent. Even if you spend one pound per day for water, it adds up to 7 pounds a week.

Don’t Do What Everyone Else Is Doing

Don’t plan your trips in summers. Now, you must be thinking why not it is the best time to travel with vacations and all. Trust us; it’s not! Fares are higher, and everything related to travel is expensive. The reason is everyone is looking for flights. If you could wait for just a little and plan your visit in fall some serious amount can be saved. The early spring is also ideal for travelling money wisely.

Say No To Expensive Breakfast

The breakfast costs a lot, and you can’t skip it all the time. We have a trick for that too, as soon as you land at your destination visit a grocery store. Buy breakfast items like cereals, yoghurt, and oatmeal enough to last the entire trip. Try to find some discount voucher codes for grocery stores to save even more. Fix your own breakfast every morning and save up to 20 to 30 pounds per week.

Stay Away From Airport Meals

If you have a transition, it is not possible to stay hungry. So, what should you do? Eat at the airport? Not really unless you want to spend a swooping amount on a regular cheese sandwich. Pack some basic snacks to tide you up and save the money for a visit ahead.

Avoid Eating At Tourist Spots

Try to eat outside the bigger tourist areas as meals cost much expensive at the tourist attractions. If you have to eat at some big tourist spot, then try to split a single meal between two-person and add an appetiser. Portion sizes are large usually, and when doubled with the appetiser it will be enough for two people. This way you’ll cut the cost to 50%.

End Note

This is our guide for you to travel and save. Have you ever imagined saving while travelling? Follow these simple tips to do it now. The amount you save through these tips can be used for other fun activities during the trip. Trust us, when you’ll be back, you’ll be content, and there will be no guilt of going overboard with the budget.

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Make a tasty espresso coffee at home with best espresso machine

home with best espresso machine

You might be tired of making coffee or espresso manually. If you are the espresso lover and take 2 -3 cups daily then you should have the best espresso machine at home. There is a small size machine are available at a very affordable price which is best for home.

Some Italian made espresso machines are small in size and easily available at cheap price. Here I show you some machines which that you can buy for home’s kitchen or easily set up on your home’s lounge. It takes a few minutes to make a hot drink on these machines. The good thing about these machines which I will be listed down is it consumes a very low amount of voltage. So it will not impact that much on your electricity bill.

Best Espresso machines for home Review

There are following espresso machines which are best for you home. I will mention one of them with its brand name. So it will easy for you to buy. Also, I will tell you their specs and features and design too.

So let’s start.

Premium Automatic Programmable Espresso Machine Review

This is our 1st pick of an espresso machine for home. It is offered by best choice products. I suggest it for the small innovative and decorated home lounge. You can take the zest of different flavors. It is one of the automatic espresso machines, takes just 2 to 3 minutes to ready a cup of espresso. Daily you can make 4 to 5 cups depending on your cup size without adding more quantity of water. You just fill the water container once in a day.

Now we have to go in the depth of specs of Premium Automatic Programmable Espresso Coffee Maker Machine

Premium Automatic Programmable Espresso Coffee Machine Design and specs

If we talk about its dimension, it covers 12 *4.8* 9 inches area which is not that much. Easily adjusted in your kitchen. You can also set it in your room or office cabin. A 1 to 1.5 litter water container has been fixed at the bottom of the machine. A three-button is installed at the top of the machines. Each button has a symbol of their functions. An LED is installed in each button which gives a pro look. The button with its function is more visible with these LED.

For making espresso you have to press the power button which is in the middle after that there is a cap on the top of the espresso machine which is used to insert the flavor. When you inserted the flavor, press one of the button which is right and left of the power button. These two buttons are installed for a single and double shot.
Choose one of them according to your need. One more outstanding feature in this espresso machine, it will go auto standby if you do not use it for a while. So it can save your home’s voltage.
You can wash its dish with its own hot water. To wash out the dish you just need to press one of the buttons single or double shot without flavor.

Why Premium Automatic Programmable Espresso Coffee Machine?

One of the smallest and a cheap price espresso machine for home. I suggested this machine for all the espresso coffee lovers. This machine is suitable for all the kitchens and home lounge. It doesn’t take a large area. It just needs a small table having the little space for this maker and 2 to 3 cups. It only takes a few minutes to read your coffee. And to make the espresso with this machine is too much as above we mentioned the steps.

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How to surprise your partner on Andaman Island

Andaman Island

Andaman has everything a honeymoon couple dreams, starting from pristine nature to unspoiled beaches, turquoise waters to stunning rainforests, and gorgeous corals to ancient tribes. If you are still confused and thinking should I select Andaman for the honeymoon, then you are slightly wrong because the question should be why not?

If you are searching for any Andaman trips from Delhi, you will get an ample number of packages to surprise your partner. In Andaman out of 572 islands, only 36 are open for travellers, Havelock is the most popular island out of them with marvellous beaches and diving options.

You can travel to Andaman throughout the year and it remains equally charming, but the best months when you can experience Bioluminescence at Havelock Island is between November to Jan.

With a rich flora and fauna, captivating islands of Andaman and Nicobar is sure to blow your mind away with its serenity and when you are searching the ways to surprise your partner on Andaman Island you will get plenty of reasons.

Book a beach resort

Book a beach resort

If you love to spend some peaceful time in the lap of nature in a location surrounded by beautiful beaches Andman is the best. The beauty of these beaches will definitely surprise your partner leaving them mesmerized and the beach resorts will be an add on.

So, when you are in Havelock nothing can be better than staying at these resorts, it will come out as a decision to be cherished for life and your partner will surely admire your choice. Staying in five-star hotels can be done anywhere, but when it comes to the beach resorts options are few and it can’t get any better than in Andaman.

Soaked by beeches and enjoy a romantic walk

Soaked by beeches

Very few beeches offer such a breath-taking view along with solitude a honeymoon couple seeks to enjoy their cozy moments. Your love for beaches and craving for some peaceful time with your loved one in an amazing location will be fulfilled here. Spend some time doing nothing, just resting on the beach and admiring the untouched beauty. Take your partner to the lovely, calm beachside hold their hand and walk enjoying the undying beauty of the location. Walking hand in hand with your partner in a wonderful location, a perfect surprise, and a walk to be remembered throughout life.

A trip to Havelock Island

A trip to Havelock Island

Don’t forget to keep Havelock Island in the list of surprises you have planned for your better half. It is one of the most beautiful yet quiet beaches of Andaman, where only the waves breaking on the shores can be heard.

Seafood Platter

Seafood Platter

Home to sea, beaches and lush green forest, you will find quality seafood. Incredible seafood palate will leave your partner mesmerized. Plan an evening at leisure to enjoy some quality time along with lavish seafood platter and a glass of wine.

There are lots of café with good quality of seafood, but Port Blair is the best place where you can choose from Indian, South Indian, Continental, Thai, Israeli or Bengali cuisine. The variety will tempt you and your partner even if you are not a foodie.

Surprise them with the history behind the land

Historically the land was known as Kaala Paani and this jail was used by British to imprison political prisoners. It gives you an amazing feeling of patriotism to look into your non-independence era and this jail is one of the live examples that reminds us of the existence of that era.

You can easily imagine the extremities prisoners went through when they were put behind iron bars in Kaala Paani. It’s a must visit with a historical significance. The light and sound show is an important feature that you can enjoy inside the Jail.

Best Surprise- Bioluminescence at Havelock Island

Bioluminescence from glowing plankton in sea tide line on beach, with stars above and ship lights on horizon, Vaadhoo Island, Raa Atoll, Maldives, Indian Ocean, October 2010

This will be the best surprise, a rare phenomenon known as Bioluminescence. A magical site that attracts lots of travellers. A miracle that lasts only for 3 hours but with a lifetime of memory. Occurs between Nov to Jan when there is no moonlight.

The water on the beach starts glowing because of the existence of phytoplankton. A perfect romantic night for a couple, you row your boat through the glowing water with an amazing site of tiny stars floating under your feet. Book your kayak tours in advance while planning your Andaman trips from Delhi because the tours are arranged by experts and they are very few in Havelock.

Water sports Activities in Andaman

Water sports

One of the major reasons that attract tourists, adventure sports. This will come out as the best surprise, even if your partner is not very excited about adventures they will get ample options of water sports to tempt them.

Such as Swimming, snorkeling, banana boat rides, parasailing, scuba diving, underwater walking, jet skiing, etc, which will keep the adventure mode on.

Let them meet the aqua life.

There are many water sports that will take you close to the aqua life, but if you are afraid of divining, Sea Walking is for you. You will get a helmet and transferred in the sea, enjoy the feeling of weightlessness while meeting the coral life. Imagine lovely colourful fishes hovering over your head and moving alongside when you are walking.

It’s truly a heavenly experience to meet a completely different ecosystem. Another way to experience coral reef is through Glass Boat Ride, it’s a boat with glass bottom where you can watch marine life such as fire goby, freckled frogfish and many more mysterious creatures hiding in kaleidoscopic coral reefs.

You will be with trained professionals who will not let you miss any of the important things from marine life.

Photography & Birdwatching


If your partner loves photography and birdwatching, no other place can charm them more than the captivating Andaman. They will be surprised and happy to find so many locations to capture. Andaman Bird Island known as Chidiya Tapu, on the other hand, is a verdant spot with forests, mangroves and numerous species of birds.

You will enjoy the music of constant chirping of birds throughout the day along with experiencing a different type of beautiful birds such as parakeets, eagles, drongos, doves and many more.

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