What Costa Rica Offers That Other Holiday Destinations Don’t?

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From calm and leisurely beaches to adrenaline-pumping hikes on volcanic mountains, Costa Rica has something for everyone. The only thing limiting your experiences in the country is your return date.

The best Costa Rica tours offer activities such as zip-lining, sport fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, relaxing massages, incredible wildlife tours, and enthralling sunsets on the beach.

So, many countries in the world offer similar activities. What’s so special about Costa Rica? Well, being on top of the list of the happiest countries in the world is one reason what sets it apart from other tropical countries.

Here are a few other reasons that set Costa Rica apart from other holiday destinations.

Top of the Happy Planet Index

Costa scores a whopping 44.7 on the Happy Planet Index, making it the happiest place on earth. The index measures the well-being of the citizens and the environmental impact and Costa Rica shines bright on both the parameters. Not only are the people smiling and carefree, but, they are also very environmentally conscious. They have all but abandoned the use of plastic and generate most of their electricity from renewable sources.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida means pure life. This is the motto of the country and the people. The locals live life to the fullest and don’t sweat about the small stuff. They stay positive, appreciate simple pleasures, and focus on sustainable wellbeing for all. The people there are content with what they have and make it a point not to argue or fight. This sets the country apart from other holiday destinations.

They Don’t Spend On Military, But On Preserving Nature

The country abolished its army over seventy years ago and has never looked back. Instead of spending millions of dollars on defense forces, the country spends on preserving its natural wonders. About a quarter of the country comes under the protected area. The country also boasts being home to the United Nations University for Peace.

Higher Life Expectancy

It may be due to the fact that people are content and happy. The average life of a Costa Rican is about 79 years which is higher than all of its Central American neighbors. Many residents are known to live well beyond 100 years of age. So, don’t be surprised if you see wrinkled smiling faces greeting you.

Offers a Myriad of Activities

The best Costa Rica tours offer a myriad of activities for all age groups. From lounging on the beach to surfing, fishing, encounters with wildlife, and hiking volcanoes, you can experience it all here. It has become a go-to place for family vacations or trips with friends, and even romantic rendezvous. No matter the purpose of your trip, you are bound to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Pleasant Weather All Year Round

The country has pleasant climate year-round. This means that you can plan a trip at any time of the year. There are mainly two seasons, viz. dry and wet. The wet season is ideal for those looking to travel on a budget as you can get great deals and discounts on accommodation and activities.

Surrounded By the Caribbean and the Pacific

The country has the Caribbean Sea on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west and has a coastline of 1,290 kilometers. This means loads of picturesque beaches and tons of water sports, fishing, and swimming.

Paradise for Anglers

There are many native fish that attract marine biologists, eco-tourists, and anglers alike. Some of the most popular catches are Black Drum (PogoniasCromis), Rooster Fish (Nemastitius Pectoralis), Yellowtail Snapper (OcyurusChrysurus), Jack Crevalle (Caranx Hippos), and Permit (TrachinotusFalcatus).

The rich water resources surrounding the country and inland offer a variety of experiences for anglers. The Pacific coast offers fishes like sailfish, marlin, dorado, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna, and the Caribbean coast offers catches like tarpon, snook, dorado, and gaspar. Inland lakes and rivers will offer you fresh water guapote, rainbow bass, and machaca fish.

Magnificent Wildlife

While it is unlikely that you will come across a wild cat, you will find many species of monkeys, sloths, brightly colored tree frogs, coatis, jaguars, and tapirs. You may also spot sea turtles, a variety of whales, scarlet macaws, giant blue morpho butterflies, and bats.

Tantalizing Coffee

Your favorite coffee blend may well contain coffee from Costa Rica. The climate and the volcanic slopes of the country are home to many coffee blends and make for great souvenirs. You can find whole beans or ground coffee at cheap rates in grocery stores across the country.

By now Costa Rica should be on the top of your bucket list. And why not? Which such friendly people, pleasant climate, idyllic scenery, inviting beaches, lush forests, and endless adventures, the country has something for everyone. Few places boast such a heady mix of adventure and tranquility and this is what makes Costa Rica unique.

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