Croatia Travel Essentials for Game Of Thrones Fans

Khyati Taneja Croatia Travel Essentials for Game Of Thrones Fans

As one among the numerous huge Game of Thrones fans, visiting a location where the glorious series was filmed was a dream come true. Croatia is famously called the Land of the Iron Throne, and rightly so, with this place housing the infamous King’s Landing among many other wonderous settings of the show. Croatia is breathtaking with the bliss of the sea as well as the beauty of the mountains, all in one place.

Here are some of the travel essentials for your dream travel to Croatia:

  1. Basics- Passport and Money:

    Let us start with ticking off the basic mandatory items. You will require a valid passport and it’s advisable to carry it with you at all times. The official currency of Croatia is Kuna. Your cash can be exchanged at exchange bureaus, banks, airport kiosks, hotels and ATMs. Debit and credit cards are accepted in Croatia but it is always better to have some cash with you as small shops may not accept cards.

  2. Clothing:

    Croatia has three different climates; cold weather in the North, warm weather towards the coastline and a moderate temperature in the lowlands. If you are visiting during spring or autumn, it can be quite cold so carry warmer clothes like sweaters, jackets or a few pieces that can be layered. This is also the packing list if you are traveling during winter. During summer, which is a pleasant time to visit Croatia, carry lighter clothes especially in fabrics like cotton that can breathe and keep you cool. T-shirts (and while you are at it make sure they are GoT tees) are a must-have for all seasons as they are so versatile and trendy. Moreover, they are comfortable and do not require much space to pack. So, they are easy to carry along and can be washed and dried quickly, as compared to other pieces of clothing.

  3. Food:

    Croatian cuisine is mostly non-vegetarian based, with pork, veal, chicken and lamb forming a major part of their diets. As a vegetarian or vegan, it is difficult to find safe options at restaurants in Croatia. However, it is not impossible. There are plenty of grocery stores around from where you can buy fruits, vegetables, soya milk and other plant-based foods. Dubrovnik and Split are places that have quite a few vegetarian restaurants as well. If you wish to carry a few easy-to-make meal packets along with you while you travel, that is also a feasible option.

  4. Beach essentials:

    Croatia is located along the Adriatic Sea coastline and is home to various lovely beaches, like Spiaza, Nin, Uvala Dubovika and many others. There are shallow beaches that are safe for swimming, so do not forget to carry your swimwear. Sunscreen and sunglasses are must-haves for your beach time. Not all hotels provide beach towels so if your luggage space allows, carry your own beach towel.

  5. Trekking essentials:

    The reason Croatia is so unique is because of the rare combination of the beach and the mountains. So while you bathe in the sea on one day, you will be up on the rocks the other. Trekkers will love the tours of Croatia, so do not forget to take along comfortable shoes that will help you hike. Sunscreen, a first aid kit, lots of water, and a flashlight are some items that are recommended to carry on your trek. Do not forget to carry your camera as well.

Khyati Taneja Family Trip To Croatia

Croatia is a place that will give you memories to last a lifetime. The sandy beaches, the Rocky Mountains, the old-fashioned buildings, the hospitable people and the delectable food will leave you wanting for more after one of the most unforgettable trips of your life.

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