8 Famous Places To Get Best Delhi Street Food

delhi street food guide

One of the best gifts that Delhi has bestowed on each one of us is the multitude of street food it offers. From Tibetan momos to old Delhi chaats and rolls calories always get trivial before the mouth-watering food stocked in its streets. Delhi sure knows about flavors and has a way of mixing the old with the new ones. Old Delhi street food especially has a very long history with food and is undoubtedly one of the best street food places in the world. So let us have a look at some of the best places in Delhi to tickle the foodie in you. One can visit these place by renting a self-driven car in Delhi or bike. Delhi Metro is also available connecting the corners of National Capital Region.

8 Amazing  Places For The Best Street Food in Delhi


So you think you’ve had the best butter chicken in the world? Well, you should try Aslam chicken corner for a change in opinion. Garnished with twenty-two secret spices, six types of paste and oodles of butter Aslam chicken corner is a divine blessing from the food gods. This experiment version of butter chickens just melts in the mouth to be savoured. Located in Chandni Chowk, it should be visited by dedicated foodies to know what they have been missing.


Roshan di kulfi is equally famous for two equally delicious food: chole bhature and kulfi falooda. While chole bhature needs no introduction if you are from north India since it is so special. Kulfi falooda is a delight to taste buds too. Spice up your life with some tasty chole bhature from Roshan di kulfi and then compliment it with Kufli falooda to satiate the spices in your palette. We promise you will keep on returning to Karol Bagh to have this unusual combo whenever you are in Delhi.


It would be hard to believe that it just a food stall but still one of the most cited and talked street food spot in Delhi with spicy chole and soft kulche. Lotan makes Chawri Bazaar and Chandni Chowk because of his stall. You can see a dense crowd outside the stall with bowls of chole and kulche and the best part Lotan’s chole is that it comes in three different level of spices: mild, medium and hot. Lotan’s chole will surely get your tongue and stomach on fire and want you to have more and more.


Chandni Chowk and its narrow streets and food stalls hold the crown for being food capital of Delhi and are therefore jammed by Delhites. Natraj Dahi Bhalle is one such place. In mere 60 rupees, your taste buds will thank you forever for what you just had. With bhalle with curd and chutni on top garnished with masalas, Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala is one of the most visited street food place in Chandni Chowk.


Awadhi kebabs and rumali roti with chutney. You can find this sensational treat at Kautilya marg in Chanakyapuri. With a decent crowd always waiting for their turn these kebabs are really good. Blending more than 50 spices together Al Kauser brings you kebabs that make you lick your finger.


When generation of your family is perfecting the craft, you have got to be good at it. And khandani pakode wala is one such story. Situated in the busy street of Sarojini market this shop serves a variety of pakodas that will leave you in awe. From basic aloo pakoda to loyis stem pakodas.This shop will astonish you with their taste and perfection. Compliment it with badaam milk from the same shop and you just had a quintessential evening snack.


These thick JALEBI with Rabdi at the top is exactly what your sweet tooth has been missing. This famous jalebi shop is situated in Chandni Chowk always surrounded by customers waiting for their crunchy jalebi. Undoubtedly Old famous Jalebi Wala makes the best JALEBIS in Delhi and one of the best in India.


Paan has been one of the gifts of North Indeed and Delhi has not forgotten to keep it alive. For your tongue to savour a handful of varieties of paan visit Odeon paan shop. Situated at the heart of Connaught place Odeon paan shop offers some special plans like chuski paan, chocolate paan, fire paan, strawberry paan. And the way the shopkeepers make you eat the paan is one big experience in its own self. For one unique experience, you should for sure visit it when in Connaught place.

Street food joints in Delhi are too much to be counted and flavours in its streets are too delightful to suffice into single praise since every road has a flavor for you to cherish. The above mentioned just being places that would bring regret if not tried once in life.

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