7 Delicious Diwali Snacks For Festival Celebration

Diwali Snacks

Diwali Snacks

Food plays a vital part in almost all the cultural and religious festivities across the world. Diwali being one of the most vibrant and cheerful festivals of India is surely incomplete without the delightful and mouthwatering snacks. The preparation of various snacks starts days before the day of festivity and the wide variety available in the country alone witness the blooming regional culinary rituals and traditions.

Perhaps all the festivals in India are incomplete without the presence of different kinds of tempting snacks. To relish the auspicious occasion with the exotic flavours, these traditional and exquisite snacks are a must try…!!

Sweet and Spicy Chakri

‘Chakri’ or ‘Spirals’ in literal meaning is a crispy spiral shaped snack which is made up of rice flour. It is one of the most tempting Gujarati snacks which has been the part of Diwali celebration since ages. These spicy, crispy and tangy chakris are unique in taste and surely you can’t stop yourself at one. In the states of Southern India, the snack is widely popular as ‘Murukku’ which comes in different shapes and forms.

Tasty and Spicy Mirchi Vada

Why go for something else, when you are served with a blast of flavors. This Rajasthani snack completes the picture of a perfect Diwali celebration.  At some places, it is also famous as special Jodhpuri Mirchi Vada which is served with exotic and tangy Green Chutney increasing the intensity of the flavours. The Mirchi Vada is made up of chickpea flour and green pepper with a filling of masala aloo in it. This delicacy tastes best when served hot with bursting flavours of Pudina chutney.


Mellow and Toothsome Hara Bhara Kebab

If you are looking for some of the most tempting snacks for Diwali celebrations, then Hara Bhara Kebabs cannot be overlooked. The succulent and enticing kebabs are one of the most famous savouries of Northern states of India. It is made up of spinach, varied spices, mash potatoes, and green peas. They are regarded as one of the most appetizing starters for any festival or celebration. These Hera kebabs are a quick energy booster which is even loved by kids. This savoury tastes best when served hot and crispy with appetizing green chutney.

Crumbly and Sweet Nankhatai

If you love eating Nankhatai, then this Diwali don’t go without pampering yourself with these crumbly and yummy snacks. It is one of the easiest and tastiest munchies for Diwali celebration which is liked by kids and adults alike. It is an all-time favourite accompaniment of the Diwali tea.

Sweet and Salty Chivda

Chivda, also popular as ‘Chidva’ or ‘Chevda’ is one of the most popular snacks of Maharashtra which is well known as ‘Bombay Mix’ in other parts of the country. Chivda is a crispy, a sweet and salty mixture that comprises assorted nuts, beaten rice flakes, spices, sev, split chickpeas, fennel seeds, potato straws, and curry leaves. A lot of varieties are available in Chivda and you can make as per your choice of taste and convenience. 

Flaky and Salty Methi Mathri

One of the most famous North Indian evening snacks, Mathri is popular in almost all the regions of the nation. It is a deep fried savoury cracker made with cumin seeds, kasoori methi, flour, ajwain, and oil. It is not only a Diwali-specific snack but an all-time favorite munchy. It is served best with a hot cup of tea in the chilling festivity of Diwali.

Crunchy and Salty Namak Pare

One of the most famous Diwali snacks which you will find in almost every Indian household at the time of festivity. These Namak Pare are made from flour, salt, and ajwain and then deep fried till they get crunchy and salty. It can be prepared in bulk and can also be stored for a longer time period to have few with a hot cup of tea.

Diwali festival is coming soon, so it’s the time to start with the celebrations. These different varieties of mouthwatering snacks during the Diwali festivity will surely add taste to the celebrations and will be loved by your friends and family.

Wishing you all a snacky and cracky Diwali…!!

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