A Dream Voyage on Motorbike Exploring the Famous Silk Route

Motorbike Exploring Famous Silk Route

Voyages are pretty adventurous, and if it is on the famous silk route in China, and then it is nothing less than a cherry on the cake. I always enjoyed long-drives, and always considered the last trip of mine amongst the best of the voyages I ever had. The turning roads spread across many miles covered on the motorbike is actually an awesome idea if you are an explorer. My last journey as a traveler was from Hanoi to Halong Bay, and this time I am going to take you along on my next adventurous voyage on the Silk route.

Join us on our next trip to Silk Route;

Highlights of the Silk Route:

  • Is listed amongst the famous biking routes ranging to a total of 7000 km making it the lengthiest of all.
  • The bikers get a chance to explore 12 countries on the same route covering some of the famous countries in Asia and Europe.
  • Silk route was the oldest route which traders used for trading during the early stage of civilization.

Famous Silk Route

The crisis crossroads make it so enthralling that you can enjoy a different kind of happiness lying deep within.

  • A local guide who will be well-versed with many languages spoken in the countries so that you are not facing any hassles during the trip.
  • Stunning Scenic views of the countryside.
  • Many historical and Heritage sites en-route which you can explore while heading towards your ultimate destination.

Itinerary of the trip on Silk route

Silk route is amongst the oldest routes ever used by our ancient for the purpose of trading. Be flabbergasted for nearly two weeks by all that you do and see from the seat of your particular bicycle. What’s more, on the off chance that you cherish sustenance, begin abstaining from food at the present time since you’re most likely going to end this visit a couple of kilos heavier than when you began because of the ultimate food offered in various regions which you will visit on the route. You will also experience the beauty of the 6 World heritage sites, which fall on the route. Here is how your itinerary will be planned:

Day 1:

On the initial day, we will start from the famous Xian state. We will not travel on the bike rather we will explore this beautiful discovery of terracotta army which has been divided into three vaults ( the first vault has 8000 sculptures of soldiers wherein other vaults have sculptures of chariots and horses which are made up of some semi-precious material. After it gained the status of a world heritage site, the former discoveries are preserved and a museum is created so that one can also go through the vast history.

Day 2:

Travelling on the silk route, the second day will be all about exploring the beautiful scenic ventures of a town named Lanzhou, which has been amongst the top halts for travelers on the voyage of silk route. Lanzhou was famous as most of the trade was done from this location.

Day 3:

On the third day, we will move ahead and will cover a distance of 12 hours with a break of 2 hours when we will rest as well as will explore more about the location as well as the history of the place. The major halts will be Zhang and Jiangnan. On the southern end, Zhang is surrounded by snow-capped mountains while on the other hand; Jiauguan is the place where Great Wall of China is located. Localities can tell you many stories about the destruction and the restoration of the great wall over the years.

Day 4:

On the fourth and fifth day of the trip, we will discover the ancient Dunhuang where Mogao caves are located. Mogao caves are on the list of UNESCO heritage sites. These caves depict the history of Buddhist culture and those sages who traveled on the silk route. Apart from the caves where sages were used to meditate during their voyages on the silk route, this place is also famous for a crescent lake, which is actually oasis, and you can also experience the camel ride in the desert.

Actually, the silk route is filled in with various type of atmospheric condition, where on the southern end snow-capped mountain awaits you, while on the western end a never-ending desert is in store to be explored.

Day 6:

Hami is going to be our 5th day’s main attraction, as passing by the Gobi Desert, and keeping the Mongolian border to our north, you can enjoy the land of Hami melons. Drive through the various grapes and raisin gardens while moving ahead. Hami has a culture quite similar to the people living in Turkey. Hence, here the cuisine will be entirely different which you may have relished at the previous halts. The taste of the food will be so mouth-watering that you will not be able to stop yourself to do a bit of overeating here and there unknowingly.

Day 7:

Taklimakan desert, which means, “the one who enters cannot leave back” is the next en-route place to explore. From here, the next halt will be Turpan. As the route is filled with ample of elevated routes as well as some depression places, Turpan is the second lowest state near the sea level. Turpan is known for its beautiful colorful sand mountains. The seventh and eighth day will be completely soaked in experiencing this wonderful location.

Day 9:

Since the entire silk route has a lot of exploration involved, exploring the south, west, and north as well as the western part. We will change our direction towards the southwest and will head towards the Tian Shan Mountain located on the northern side of the silk route, which is also amongst the last UNESCO world heritage site on the specially created motorcycle tour. Before reaching our final destination for the day KORLA, we pass through the iron gate which holds historical importance.

Day 10:

The motorbike tour’s ultimate location will be Kashgar which will give way to ample of beautiful sand dunes on both the side and located on the western route. It is the westernmost city of China and shares border with various other countries. Since Kashgar had many rulers, the culture has a combination of turkey culture, some of the Mongolian food and even with a bit of Tajikistan architecture.

After having an enthralling experience of the tour, you can rest assured about the memories which you can cherish for your entire lifetime. As Khyatitaneja.com has developed as a website yet in addition at what number of astonishing other personal travel blogs there are out there – sharing, inciting and living.