Everything you need to know about Dubai Expo 2020!

Dubai Expo 2020

The date is locked on 20 October 2020; not just the UAE but the entire world is looking forward to it! Hold your breath because we are going to unveil the interesting facts about Dubai Expo 2020 right here, right now.

Who isn’t familiar to Dubai’s magnificence and extravaganza? Its marvelous creativity is known to all with the tallest ever Burj Khalifa, sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, supersized picture–frame-like Dubai Frame and twisted Cayan tower, among many others. Taking the legacy forward and adding a notable chapter to its till-date accomplishments, is the Expo 2020 Dubai.

For people unaware of the world of Expo…

Expo is a world fair of more than 100 countries participating on an international scale and displaying some mind-boggling exhibitions (yes, something like you did in the schools but on a global platform). It is opened for millions of people to engage and contribute as contestants as well as the audience. The exhibits aim to educate the public, share innovation, foster collaboration and reward human ingenuity. This World Fair is organized every 5 years, and continues for 6 months, showcasing the best products. Coordinated by the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), there is a selection of the different host every time. Bids are placed and the country with the highest votes earns the chance to present the event.

What is the Dubai Expo 2020?

Started back in 1851, in London’s Crystal Palace, where 100,000 objects were on display to tell the story of the industrial revolution, Expo has come a long way. Last year, the responsibility was shouldered to Milan, Italy and maintaining the tradition, this year Dubai has got the prestige. Thanks to its two years of passionate hard work and effort. 190 nations are confirmed to be participating and sharing their rocking expositions. It is like discovering these amazing countries without crossing borders. The festival will run between 20 October 2020 and 10 April 2021.

Senior vice-president for legacy development at Expo 2020, Marjan Faraidooni says “The way we describe it right now is as a festival of innovation, where we as an Expo are given a platform where people come together, companies come together, and they tell us what they’re doing to address challenges we all face as humanity.”

How did Dubai win?

The words “Ladies and gentlemen, Dubai wins.”, on November 27, 2013, elated the hall and the UAE with cheerfulness and excitement. The selection of hosts and candidates is placed in the general assembly of BIE in Paris. 164 nations were entitled to vote for who should be handed over the dutiful role of conducting the Expo in 2020. It was a proud moment when Dubai became the clear winner with 116 votes, beating the Yekaterinburg, Russia at 47. The Minister of State and managing director of the Dubai World Expo 2020 bid committee, Reem Al Hashemi received a wonderful round of applause for beautifully demonstrating the diversity and infrastructure of Dubai.

The Theme of Dubai Expo 2020 is…

It’s another milestone for Dubai where it is to celebrate innovation and invention. The themes of the Expo are made to impact the world and humans broadly. It must be about progress without harming the environment and ways to have a beautiful future. This is a huge affair and thus the UAE and the Vice President of Dubai-Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, have fixed on the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. This idea revolves around the concept of Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity, also the sub-themes. Last year, Milan had chosen “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

It’s the first time in MENA & SA

Beyond being once in a lifetime deal for UAE, the Expo is also the first experience for the Middle East and North Africa, and South Africa region. And overall, it is one of the biggest opportunities for UAE to connect with nations and explore the cultures vehemently. The narrative is expected to be modified and this time the Expo is not just about the most powerful and meaningful exhibitions, but it is also about coming together as a prosperous society and bringing solutions for a sustainable environment.

It is to be held in Dubai South

Located close to Al Maktoum International Airport, the Expo is to be staged at Dubai South. The site would occupy 4.38 sq km (438 hectares). It would have four main entrances for easy convenience of people. And the heart of the Expo is Al Wasl Plaza.

Each theme and nation will have a separate pavilion

It’s Dubai- and, needless to say, it is going to be a step ahead of what has already happened in the past. Dubai is known for its outlandish thoughts and out of the box architecture. And here is the proof. The Expo is dominated by the massive dome of Al Wasl Plaza which will be 65 metres tall with a diameter of 150m. It will hold about 10,000 visitors and is built of light and translucent materials. As the name Al Wasl means ‘the connection’, it is the physical replication of Dubai’s theme and connects all the sub-themes’ and nations’ pavilion together, through its seven entrances and exits. The dome is captivating as it doubles up to be a 360-degree projection for visitors both indoors and outdoors. It also contains fountains, waterfalls, and parks and courtyards, and is partly opened at the top to the sky.

Sub Themes:

Opportunity: Luxembourg Pavillion by MetaForm and Space Factory

Sustainability: Sustainability Pavilion by Grimshaw

Mobility: Mobility Pavilion by Foster + Partners


  • UAE Pavilion is designed by Santiago Calatrava and resembles the country’s traditional bird falcon’s wings that are about to fly, which expresses the country’s goal of global connectedness.
  • Austrian Pavilion is designed as truncated cones by Querkraft.
  • USA Pavilion is based on the theme “What Moves You” and is structured by Fentress Architects.
  • UK Pavilion is being designed by the award-winning artist and designer Es Devlin OBE.
  • Spain Pavilion is shaped as the inflatable canopy of nine yellow ETFE cylinders set by Selgascano and FRPO.
  • New Zealand Pavilion shows care for people and place and is devised by Jasmax.

What you can expect at the Dubai Expo 2020?

Each theme park includes performance spaces, innovation galleries, art installations, and outdoor gardens. It is all family entertainment.

  • Be amazed by the jaw-dropping architecture at every corner.
  • Watch the screening at the world’s biggest 360-degree projection surface.
  • Taste food and beverages from all over the world at more than 200 outlets.
  • Observe the entire Expo from the rotating observation tower.
  • Enjoy the art at the living canvas.
  • Keep cool while wandering under the UAE’s national tree.
  • Groove at the live performances of stars, comedians and other world-famous talents.
  • Encourage your child to be a part of robot workshops.
  • Revel in cultural experiences like digital theatre, dance shows, fashion shows, and entertainers.

The legacy plans are “wide-ranging and ambitious”

Employing billions of dollars to install the structure for the Expo won’t be wasted after the event’s conclusion. The city is not going to die after 2020. The official website exclaims that this site would further anchor the development needs. 80% of whatever is built would remain as a legacy. It is soon going to be the wheel for people to learn what is important for them to sustain in the future. For the locals and tourists, children and old, this place will continue communicating benefits spanning everything, innovation, and architecture to business opportunities.

What’s going on now?

About 60 new hotels and 450 restaurants are establishing, old ones are getting renovated and media is increasing to welcome the anticipated 25 million visitors. Since different sectors from furniture to telecommunications are on the receiving end, it has boosted the economy of the UAE and other neighboring countries. Dubai Metro line is being constructed that is said to carry 46,000 passengers per hour to and from the Expo site in under 16 minutes from Dubai Marina.

Isn’t it the planning of a ground breaking exhibition? Well, this is just the beginning; the Expo is definite to become the greatest highlight of the decade. Get set and indulge in this world-class exhibition to not regret later.

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