Some of the most famous Haunted Places in Delhi

Haunted Places in Delhi


Delhi, the national capital of India, is a major tourist spot for tourists for Indians and people of other countries as well. The places to visit while in Delhi with friends or family include the historical monuments, the gardens, market places, the huge malls for shopping, museums etc.

 A proper trip to Delhi should not be less than a week and still, there will be a lot left to experience and see. In a place where one can visit alone, with a group of friends or with family. There are different tourist attractions for any type of visitors. Besides the numerous tourist attractions in Delhi, a tourist should also try out the many cuisines and famous restaurants famous for different kinds of meals and snacks. It is such a wonderful place to shop as there are so many numerous options for shopping whether it is in malls or the local markets. A common feature that has come up in malls nowadays is to have to have a haunted house in it. This can commonly be seen in many of Delhi malls. Few names are :

  1. Scary House in City Square Mall in Rajouri Garden
  2. Hidden House – Escape Rooms in Hauz Kauz
  3. City Centre Mall in Rohini


India, a place where many haunted places are believed to be there. Few of these haunted places in India are mentioned below:

  1. Bhangarh Fort: The first on any piece was written on a travel blog of haunted palaces in India would be the Bhangarh Fort. Its located at Alwar in Rajasthan. It’s a popular belief that this fort is haunted. Tourists are forbidden to be inside the fort post sunset.
  2. Shaniwarwada Fort: The belief goes that a ghost of a 13-year-old haunts this fort in Pune, Maharashtra. The story goes that, this boy was Prince Narayan who was killed as he was the heir to the throne of the Peshwa dynasty.


As the stories go, there are few places which are considered as haunted places in Delhi.  Lothian Cemetery is considered to be the most haunted place in Delhi. Many stories by many people are the reason for this. One of the scariest stories of this haunted place is that British soldier walks around with his head in his hand. Another, a house in Lajpat Nagar – Part 3 is said to be isolated for a  long time because of a fight between the two brothers who are joint owners. Being isolated for many years now, stories of it been haunted come into being. Few of the other places to be considered haunted in Delhi  are mentioned below:

  1. Malcha Mahal: This is a hunting lodge from during the Tuglaq years in Delhi. It is located in present-day Chanakyapuri. Also, known as Wilayat Mahal named after Begum Wilayat Mahal of Awadh. The Begum committed suicide in September of 1993 and visitors to this place they that they have a sensation of some energy hitting them. The property had been handed over to the Government of India in the year 1985
  2. Jamali Kamali: This is the tomb of two Sufi saints from the 16th century namely Jamali and Kamali. It is located in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. According to reports, voices are heard inside the central dome
  3. Sanjay Van: This place is the burial place for many of the Sufi saints and also a cremation place. People have felt both negative and positive energy while taking a walk there. The location of Sanjay Van is Qutub Institutional Area.
  4. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort: This fort date backs to the Tughlaq era. It has many shrines inside it. Visitors paste letters in the walls in this place as it popularly believed that djinns/genies visit this fort and wishes written in the letter are fulfilled. Some people also leave milk and light diyas for the djinns.
  5. Dwarka Sector 9: The metro station: Among the more recent places to be considered haunted in Delhi is the metro station at Sector 9, Dwarka. Many people have claimed that they have seen a woman come and go. They claim that she just appears and disappears. Some people also have claimed that she is dressed in a white saree and follows a car. Others say that they while they are walking there, they feel the presence of someone walking with them.
  6. Delhi Cantt: It’s quite strange but many people have claimed to have seen a woman in a white dress in Delhi Cantt area who tries to ask lift from cars that pass by and some also say they have seen the woman sitting in their car.


Noida, a satellite city of Delhi is now a developed area with so many existent and upcoming commercial and residential places. But people do claim that there are some haunted places in Noida. Few of these are:

  1. The place where the well-known Arushi and Hemraj murders had taken place is said to be haunted. The place is in Noida Sector -35. People say that they have seen a hooded figure standing on the roof of the apartment. Many of the flat owners have also left their flats and gone to live somewhere.
  2. The Hindon river in Noida is another place which has tales of being haunted. Old people of the village have said that they have felt odd and spooky feelings in the area near the river. Especially, after sunset, hardly anyone can be seen at the river bank.
  3. In the Noida expressway which is considered a marvel in the roadways sector, many people say that they have seen a lady crossing the expressway but they just pass through her and nothing happens to her and when they look again, she is not there.
  4. A shoe factory named as the Phoenix Shoe factory is next in our list of places considered haunted in Noida. It is in Sector 60 in Noida. Some years ago, there was a large fire in the premises of the factory and some people could not escape from the fire as they were not able to come out of the factory. Around 200 people were declared dead in the incident which included women and children. Now, the place has iEnergizer. But now, people claim to have listened to screams of women and children in the premises.

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