iPhone Travel Planner Apps to Plan Your Trip in Style

Travel Planner Apps

With technology taking over every field of life, iPhones have really turned out to be a trip planner and trip advisor for every avid planner out there. One might think that exactly how it can be like that. Well, as we all know, there are plenty of iPhone apps available in the App Store that serves specific functions. From health and fitness to cooking help to travel planning, you can find an iPhone app to serve all your specific needs. Talking about Travel, you can find hundreds of apps that allow you to track currencies, plan itineraries, book tickets, find festivals and events and manage flight timings and do just about everything to make your travel an ever memorable experience.

So, if you want to check out some of the best travel planner apps for iPhone, here we have listed some of the best options that you must try out at least once. Let’s take a look and find out what’s in store.

  1. Triplt

Triplt is a simple-to-setup travel planner for iPhone users. All you have to do is to import all your confirmation emails to Triplt including car rental, hotel, flight, dinner, etc. and it will auto-assemble everything as your trip itinerary that you can access from a handy interface. A free version of the app is just perfect for the casual travelers. However, if you’re a million-miler then you can go for the Triplt Pro app that requires you to pay $50 a year and adds airline refunds tracking, flight alerts, complimentary access for business lounges and alternate flight tracker to tell you if there are any open seats that you can book for the same destination. Catching last flight to your home before that storm hits would be well worth the price you will have to pay. Grab it before the next update that will probably be happening after the Apple Event 2018.

  1. TripCase

Just like the app given above, TripCase also captures all your confirmation emails and assembles your convenient portfolio for trips. It’s an ideal choice if you have to travel a lot for work then this one can be your ideal choice. The app is developed by a giant in travel-tech, Sabre, and you can expect lots of partner services to work with this app seamlessly. So, whether you need an itinerary from the popular Travelocity or you want to have some record locater from your desired travel agency, TripCase is right there for you. Another thing that sets this app apart from the rest is that it gives you free notifications for flight statuses.

  1. Hipmunk

You can easily find many price comparison applications on the App Store like popular names Hotel Tonight and Kayak that are there to assist you with international travel. There are apps that allow you to check prices for just about anything from popular hotels to activities, events and even car rentals. The latest addition to these apps is Hipmunk that gives you price comparisons and helps you in finding best websites to grab the deals you have been looking for on hotels and fights. There are some great features that simply make it better than others that you may find out there. On top of the list would be “agony meter” that helps you in minimizing stress levels as you fly by simply organizing the best way of arranging your changes and layovers.


So, if you have to travel too often, you can use any of these top 3 travel planner apps for iPhone. Each one of them offers a unique feature set of its own that sets it apart from the rest. Just explore the features and choose one for yourself according to your specific travel needs. Nevertheless, all of them fit perfectly in all major travel requirements. So, it’s more of a matter of preference.

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