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The Blue City of Rajasthan – Jodhpur is famous for its blue city and attracting thousands of tourists every day because of its quirky streets colored in Blue and the grand Mehrangarh Fort which is truly a masterclass in terms of Grand Architecture in the category of Forts in India.

Jodhpur has been attracting all type of tourist and travelers every day like you will see Old Age American couple to professional Photographers carrying their creativity and equipment all around with themselves and guess what Jodhpur is a hub for backpackers from all over India since it has been established as a big hub for cheap backpacking.

Here is the Travel Guide to complete your Jodhpur trip under Rs1,500.

With that introduction, you must be thinking where is the lip-smacking street food you are going to talk about. Don’t wait anymore here is the list of street foods a person should try in Jodhpur.

Pyaaz Kachori

Pyaaz Kachori

This the go-to street food to try in Jodhpur it will be on everyone’s lips if you will ask them what to eat here. Since it is tasty as anything could be the first bite of its thick crunchy Kachori with onions inside it and a dip in the green chutney will make your tongue go on its own trip. It will forget a person who is health conscious about everything and just dwell in every bite forgetting everything in the process.

They are available everywhere in Jodhpur there is no shop in Jodhpur which will serve a bad Pyaaz Kachori so you can eat them everywhere near the forts or near the bus stand at just 10 Rs per piece.


jodhpuri kabuli

There is nothing like Kabuli at just 10 Rs it might not be the most famous but there is no reason it shouldn’t be. WIth the mixture of perfectly cooked rice with crunchy cashews and tasty raisins mixed perfectly with the spicy spices in every particle of this dish. It is a royal dish served in the streets of Jodhpur for the locals to enjoy. You can fill yourself with nonstop servings of it with plates after plate but I will advise you not to do that. Also known as the veg Biryani in Jodhpur since originally it is an Afghani Dish with lambs in it. But it’s Jodhpuri touch is no less and should be tasted by every food lover visiting Jodhpur.

Mawa Kachori

Mawa Kachori

Jodhpur’s own dessert this mawa Kachori is no less than magic on your tongue. From its scrumptious sweetness to its delightful magic everything is just ooh-la-la when it comes to the Mawa Kachori of Jodhpur. It is filled with mawa/khoya which is the magical thing inside this Kachori since from outside it looks like a pyaaz kachori but the contrast is clear from the first bit only. It is the most prestigious desert in Jodhpur and even the people of Jodhpur feel proud about it whenever they take it for their relatives.

Aloo Ke paratha

Aloo Ka Paratha

A big surprise but yes you read it right the Aloo ka paratha in Jodhpur is a must try street food. It is so delicious with tasty paneer and chutney with the tangy Achar on the side. It creates a perfect symmetry for a perfect Breakfast in the city of Jodhpur under Rs 30/plate for 2 parathas.

The best place to eat this delicious paratha is near Clock tower in the center of Jodhpur but reach here before 8 o’ clock.

Mirchi Bada

Mirchi Bada

It’s time have some tears out of your eyes because this Mirchi Bada is probably the chilliest street food in Jodhpur and it is popular for a reason. From its amazing sight to its amazing taste everything feels hot about it. It is also cheap on your pocket with only 15 Rs take this more as a challenge if you want to reach the pinnacle of street food in Jodhpur. A hot ride throughout this Bada and guess what it even has a yellow colour which signifies hotness.

Tari Kachori

Tari Kachori

Best kept a secret of Jodhpur but there is a reason to it since the people of Jodhpur are in love with it and don’t want to share it with outsiders. This is hands down the best thing to eat in Jodhpur with the spicy kachori crushed at the bottom of Katori and then splash of Tari on top of it with the perfect amount of onion thrown on top it is the perfect harmony of togetherness which this Kachori has created with the tari(curry). Tari in itself is so tasty but it is nothing without that crunchy entrance of Kachori and together they cost only 15Rs taking you to the most addictive ride of your journey because you will remember it for months and months.

So if you are visiting Jodhpur then your trip will be worthless if you haven’t eaten these street foods since it will bug every food lover for their whole life to revisit and eat them again.

Author: Kislay from Slippery Legs

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