How to know 6-minute walk test successful using online calculator?

6-minute walk test successful using online calculator

People who suffer from cardiopulmonary diseases are subjected to long term medical treatment. However, it is important to test the treatment and ensure that the patient is improving. The 6-minute walk test is a good alternative to check patients suffering from heart and lung problems.  During this test, the patient is required to walk for a time span of 6 minutes from one point to the other. Some important conditions that have to be fulfilled are mentioned below.

  • If the patient loses his breath, he should stop and then resume as soon as he starts feeling better.
  • Appropriate clothing is required for the patient to take the test.
  • A rest of one hour before the test is needed so that the person taking the test is in an energetic state. Similarly, no exercising / heavy physical movement is recommended immediately before the test.
  • Some equipment is mandatory for this test including a stopwatch and chair. The chair is kept at one end of the distance.
  • Heart and lung patients may suffer a relapse during the test so an emergency plan has to be in place. This plan is executed if the patient suffers an angina attack or other serious medical situation during the course of the test.
  • The heart rate and blood pressure of the patient have to be measured before the test begins. Along with that, a stopwatch is also needed to record the test timings.

The use of an online 6-minute walk test calculator

When you are performing manual calculations, you always have a risk of committing errors. Particularly in the case of medical tests, it is recommended to use a dependable calculator. The link to a recommended online 6MWT is given below.

Usage steps of the 6MTW calculator

To determine the results of the 6MTW test using this calculator, you need to perform the following steps. Visit More health calculators here.

  1. You need to start by entering the required inputs. These include gender, weight, height, age and distance walked. The distance walked would depend on the actual state of the patient. Some people are able to complete the test while others stop in between.
  2. When all the inputs have been entered, the outputs would be determined by clicking the “calculate” button.
  3. Two output values are produced on the basis of input values entered. One is the expected 6-minute walk for a healthy individual. The other output value is the percentage of recommended six-minute walk completed by the individual.


Heart problems and lung issues can prove to be fatal. Thus, it is always recommended that during the course of treatment, the condition and improvement status of the patient should be monitored. The 6-minute walk test helps in the accomplishment of this task. During this test, the patient is required to walk for a time span of 6 minutes. He can take a pause if there is loss of breath or stamina. In emergency conditions which include angina or asthma attack, the test is terminated.

To get the best results, the use of a proper online calculator is a definite recommendation. This tool is helpful because no mistakes are made while calculations are performed. Secondly, you can determine the exact 6-minute walk test performance of the patient. In an overall manner, using an online calculator is important to carry out the 6-minute walk test in a proper manner.

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