How To Make More Money In Any Part Of The World

How To Make Morae Money In Any Part Of The World

In recent times of tight economy, it is always advisable to have some extra money in your pocket. You can buy a new appliance for your home or a computer for the school going children. Are you reading this article? Then you have definitely made up your mind to earn some money in an easy way.

In this article, you can find a couple of ideas to earn money the easy way.

1) Is the appraisal coming?


Is it the time for appraisal in your job? Then talk with your manager and let him/her get the required raise for you. But you should have a job. It is necessary that you point your achievements in the right way. Also, the initiatives you have taken to help the company. Did you pitch in for your colleague? Ensure you send the appraisal form in the right way and contact your manager.

2) Community


It pays to be part of a community in your locality. Is a new grocery store opening? Maybe, you can get a referral to act as helping hand in the loading and unloading of packages. Just check if you can spend your spare time with an NGO. You can earn both money and blessings.

3) Rent your car

rent your car

Do you have a spare care in the home? Then you can rent the car to a travel agency and earn money. You can also work as a part-time driver for old relatives and handicapped persons.

4) DIY things

DIY things

Are you a good artist? Does your wife make handicraft items? Then, you can sell the products on various online platforms and earn money.

5) Old Jewellery

old jewelry

Do you find it difficult to maintain your old jewelry online? Then sell it with the approval of family elders. It may go for a high sum.

6) Delivery job

Home delivery apps for food have become an instant hit with customers. You can use the two-wheelers for deliveries.

7) Teach English

teach english

There are many persons, in various corners of the world who want to learn English. Subscribe to a channel or institution and start teaching English.

8) Rent Room

rent a room

Have additional rooms in your dwelling place? Then you can rent the room for a paying guest. Or if the room is outside, a business store can use it as a storage house.

9) Sell Unwanted Electronic Products

electronic devices

Do you want to buy a new TV? Then sell the old CRT, mobile phones, computers and other electronic goods for a price.

10) Seasonal Work

seasonal work

Some businesses such as cloth shops need part-time executives on the holidays. Check with your local shop. You can make out of even two-hour service.

11) Content Writer

content writer

Freelance writing jobs have become money-spinning part-time tasks. Let us imagine a situation. You are a student in Bangalore and want to earn part time cash. Since your English writing skills are good, your family advises pitching as a freelance content writer. You check online that a company specializing in home care services in Bangalore has advertised for freelance writing services part-time. You get selected and earn part-time money.

12) Check Your Internet Cable Plans

Money saved is double the money earned. Just check your mobile and internet plans. Do you watch all the channels? Can you switch for another package? Consider them and save money.

13) Make A Blog

You can design a blog, and then do SEO, make it come the Google ranking and then offer affiliate marketing plans.

14) Translator


Do you speak more than one language? Then use your skills to earn money online.

15) Stock Photos


You can start taking good photos. You can register for photography sites and upload the photos. When they get downloaded, you earn a royalty.

16) Buy and Sell Domain Names

domain names

Now, this activity calls for smartness and some language. Just go through the various domains and register a name. You can make cash on it later. Or the best way is to purchase expired domains. You can resell them later.

17) Social Media Manager

social media manager

Not every company has a digital marketing expert. So, if you are one, help small businesses in managing their social media account. You can also become the social media marketing manager for a celebrity by editing photos and write an engaging caption.

18) Personal Social Media Profiles

social media

You can have multiple social media accounts. You can share information about products online. If they have got an engaging audience.

19) Audio and Video

audio and video

Do you have good ears? Then listen to audio and videos. Start preparing texts. The pay is good if you can put a good freelancing agreement.


So have you read the article? These are twenty ways to make money online. Do you have more ideas? Put a review in the comments section.

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