How to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Wider?

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Nowadays most homes will have a really small kitchen. My grandma was totally shocked to see the kitchen size we have as it was twice smaller than the one she used to have. However, that’s how it is and still, we need to figure out how to organize it the best way. Eventually, when I added too many new items to the kitchen it began to seem even smaller. And so I did some research and found out some kitchen organization ideas small spaces to make it look wider. Try this out and see how well this help!

Make a Tool Belt around Your Stove

We want to have our “go to” items within the reach when we are cooking. These items are of course the regularly used ones and having them anywhere good for easy access will work great. Suppose you have bottles of oil, pepper mills, and spices and of course salt as your essential items, think about having a tray to keep them all in one place. It doesn’t matter if you use an ordinary tray or something fancy. Just have any tray that meets your décor expectations. Think as the area beside your stove as the tool belt for your cooking. Having most important items here will help you as well as give your small kitchen a more organized look.

Hang Your Pots & Pan

Hanging pots and pans are something that most of the chefs will do and you will obviously notice that in pictures or cooking shows. Well, utilize that idea! Don’t worry if there isn’t a large area to hang them. Any small corner or free ceiling space would do great for the purpose.

You can have some S-hooks and screw them in that space. This is one of the most creative and effective hanging ways. Also installing a handrail against a wall and then placing few S-hooks will also make a way for hanging your pans and pots. These two ideas are the one that helped me to free up space from my cupboards. Also, they become more accessible than before. That’s how you get a classy decorative statement with effective space saving. Amazing right?

A Clutter-free Sink!

Do you dream about having a great sink that doesn’t become a depot for tools such as a scrubber, moisturizer lotions, and hand wash bottles? Well, just get another pretty tray or some pretty tiny containers. Place your brushes or sponges whatever you have in these containers. A glass dispenser would hold your hand soap with grace and make less mess. Also, you can use containers to hold the cleaning and scrubbing items. These tools won’t cost you a lot and still give your sink an uncluttered but unified look.

A Better Recycling Plan

Recycling has become so much more important and sometimes too challenging. A pull out trash bin with multiple bins will make sorting easy. But if that doesn’t sound right to you then maybe you can also make a corner with nice looking containers or baskets. These would grab all your glass, paper or other wastes and keep them in one place without making a mess all over the kitchen. Also, you can label them and then it would be much easier to know which trash bin is for what trash items. And that way you’ll get rid of piles of trash jamming in your kitchen.

Spice for Your Spices

Storing condiments and spices in canning or glass jars is another great organization idea I personally loved! Because these jars add a bit of decoration to my kitchen which I really appreciate. Also, it gives a more uniform look than just keeping them in the packets they come in. Simply put these jars on a shelf or maybe a drawer and save a lot of space. Another important point, label them up! This will make access easier when in need. Some of the spices might be your daily used ones, have them on your stove area which I already explained.

The Triple E

Better kitchen space is EASY, EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE to work in. These are the triple Es you need to remember. And to follow the rule, you need to do regular decluttering. Ten minutes of pruning the chunks out every once in a week would give you the sort-out kitchen you need to have. So make sure you give the attention your kitchen deserves. It would make a great impact on the overall organization and decoration!

Get Rid of Junk Drawers

And now let me name one thing that is a common trouble for almost everyone. Junk Drawers! There is a very good reason why we call it that way. These drawers hold everything, starting from scissors, knives, spices, bottles of vinegar and literally anything. Don’t use one space for multiple uses. This will only lead to muddling up everything. Having a drawer or cupboard space for specifically one or two items will make things so much more mess free.

Kitchen Faucet

Purchasing the correct kitchen faucet relies upon generally what existing plumbing you need to work with. Purchasing another kitchen faucet can be overpowering and disappointing in the event that you haven’t considered the details before you start shopping. There is no doubt that you will find the white shading blending easily with the current décor. Another thing is that white represents a top notch quality item. It is the reason you will get people fixated on white kitchen faucet.

Have Some Emotional Décor

Organizing doesn’t mean you’ll have to follow disciplines and rules only. We have special attachments to the stuff we get as a gift. Maybe a blender, the magnetic knife rack or simply the wine glass sets. You don’t just stuff them up in your cupboards. Try to bring it up and show off some decoration skills! You’ll find so many ways to use these stuff and make your kitchen look smarter. One idea is to empty an existing shelf and stuff some of them in that area. Now don’t use too many items or it might look cluttered. Go for the minimum.


Organizing your small kitchen is a part of decent home décor. Don’t think you won’t be able to have a good looking kitchen if the size is small. Try these kitchen organization ideas small spaces and also go for your own creative ideas. See how it changes the whole feel. Remember a kitchen with a small body but a large heart is all that really matters!

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