New York famous food places

New York famous food places

The Gotham city, New York, is known for its architecture, ever-evolving culture, nightlife, and glitzy lifestyle. It is no wonder that the New York food scene is tagged with a multi-cultural theme. Yet, the Big Apple is branded by signature culinary items that have no parallel anywhere. You will find wallet-friendly local food street that caters for every kind of taste bud as well as Michelin-starred restaurants where advance reservations and a lenient budget is a must.

If you are an ardent foodie or want to experience the diversity of lifestyle, stopover at some of the New York famous food places serving classic cuisine. Some of them have achieved and maintained an organizational status after years of attending to demanding and meticulous patrons.

1. ABC Kitchen


The ABC Kitchen combines the magic of farm-fresh ingredients with the exquisite details and handicraft of Michelin Star Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. That is why they serve a seasonal menu known for its farm-to-table movement. Authenticated organic and GMO-Free, the cuisine caters for all the meals with special brunch servings on weekends. Do not be surprised if you catch a celebrity-glimpse on your visit here.

2. Bamonte’s


Bamonte’s is one of New York famous food places serving Italian cuisine. The rich interiors with velvet furnishings deliver an old-school ambiance. The courtesy conveyed by the sprucy waiters in tuxedos converts the dining experience into an ace affair.

3. Katz’s Delicatessen

Katz’s Delicatessen- New York

Dating back to 1888, Katz’s Delicatessen truly represents New York’s integral culture and history. There is a single rock-solid reason behind this endurance. It is the quality of the thick-cut beef that is slow- seasoned for 30 days to exhibit the ultimate of flavors so distinctive of Katz’s. The corned beef, pastrami, and brisket paired with pickles, latkes are all part of the deli servings. The small yellow ticket would lead you to the meat cutter who cuts the beef to your liking so do tip them.

4. Spicy Village

Spicy Village-New York

The craving for Chinese cuisine goes bang every once in a while no matter where you are. New York famous food places could not be complete without one. Spicy Village serves original recipes imported from Central Henan and Xinjiang. Located in China Town, Manhattan, the restaurant is famous for bringing strong flavors with the use of spices and herbs. One of its specialty is Spicy Big Tray Chicken costing about $14, which is tough on your taste buds but easy on your pocket.

5. Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara Pizza-New York

The best comfort food while wandering the streets of New York is pizza. New York houses the first pizza joints in the whole of America, the Lombardi’s. For the best Italian flavors, pay a visit to Di Fara in Brooklyn. The owner, Dom Demarco is the celebrity who has been flawless at his work since 1965. The crispy crust with gooey inside supports the sizzling cheese. The source of the authentic flavors come from Italy and that is why you might find it a bit expensive. Yet this hand-made pizza sprinkled with fresh basil is every penny’s worth. The restaurant delivers too if you are not in a mood to walk or stand in the line.

6. Russ and Daughters

Russ and Daughters-New York

A seafood deli, Russ and Daughters is New York staple that speaks volumes of the state’s rich cultural heritage. Started in 1914 as a pushcart service, the food joint has established footholds because of excellent food quality and service. The domain of this New York famous food place is salmon, smoked and cured as well as herring. The fish is served sandwiched in beagles with caviar cream cheese spread. There is a wide variety of treated salmon like Gravlax and belly lox.

7. Meske Ethiopian Restaurant

Meske Ethiopian Restaurant-New York

New York being the cultural hub it is, caters to global cuisines. So if you want to try true African cooking, stop by the Meske, one of New York famous food places. They have vegetarian variety too. The best way to have a cost-effective meal here is by ordering a platter that comes with their specialty nibbles placed over sour bread that is more like a pancake. The place is open all seven days making a visit convenient whenever you like. A casual ambiance perfectly makes you at home without troubling your wallet.

8. Los Tacos No. 1

Los Tacos No. 1-New York

What is a food tour without some Mexican Chili? Los Tacos No.1 situated at the Chelsea Market makes to New York famous food places because of its assortment of flavors; adobada, polo asado, nopal, carne asada. You can choose a corn or flour tortilla and top it with enough smoky meat, cilantro, onions, and guacamole. To get an extra zesty touch, squeeze a bit of lemon, salsa or dried chilies.

9. Keens Steak House

Keens Steak House-New York

For the best steaks in town, New York famous food places recommend Keens Steak House. The restaurant depicts a masculine feel owing to the fact that it was once a gentlemen’s club. The ambiance turns back time to good old western mood. Serving dry-aged meat and steaks, you can get seafood and a wide variety of appetizers. Their specialty is mild mutton chops and prime rib hash.

10. Gray’s Papaya

Gray's Papaya Hot Dogs

Another New York staple is a hot dog. To get an original flavor, you will have to go uptown to the original location. The variety of hot dogs coupled with fresh juices and drinks make an excellent morsel for any time of the day. Their most famous is the ‘recession special’ that costs about $4 is easy on any kind of pocket.

11. Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine

Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine-New York

To experience the Caribbean generosity, hospitality, and flavor, a must-have is Trinidadian assortment at the Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine. Enjoy the savory curries with spice and herb-speckled vegies and rice. If you are bread lover, the roti and doubles will sate your taste buds for a good length of time.

12. Shake Shack

Shake Shack-New York

Located in Madison Square Park, the Shake Shack burgers are the ultimate revolution of the double buns. With buns made out of potato rolls, the burger meat is a combo of short rib, sirloin, and brisket. The good thing is, the meat is made fresh and not defrosted out of a frozen version. They have enough variety to satisfy your sweet and savory buds with shakes, beer, and wine. Enjoy the local chitter chatter and the lovely weather to have an ultimate New York food experience.

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