Places to visit during Chardham Yatra

Places to visit during Chardham Yatra
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Perched amongst the untouched Himalayan beauty of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, the Chardham Yatra has to be one of the most highly revered journeys for devout Hindus. Known to offer salvation or Moksha from the karmic cycle of birth and rebirth the Chardham yatra is the perfect blend of charming beauty and deep spirituality.

If you want to have the perfect Char dham yatra journey then do not miss out on visiting the nearby charming places of Chardham portals of Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri:

Places to visit near Kedarnath

Vasuki Tal

Vasuki Tal

 The crystal clear glimmering water of this high altitude glacial lake is one of the most incredible trekking destinations for outdoor adventure seekers and nature lovers which can be reached after covering a trekking journey of 8 km from Kedarnath Dham temple. Being situated on an elevation of 4,328 metres above sea level and offering some of the most stunning views of the surrounding Chaukhamba peaks, Vasuki Tal is believed to be the place where during the auspicious eve of Rakshabandhan Lord Vishnu is said to have taken a holy bath in its pristine waters.

Gandhi Sarovar / Chorabari Tal 

Gandhi Sarovar

Situated at a distance of just 4 km and at an astounding elevation of 3,900 metres above sea level from the main temple of Kedarnath, Chorabari lake gets water from the melted water of the nearby chorabari glacier. The lake has been named so since the ashes of the father of the nation ‘ Mahatma Gandhi’ were immersed in its waters. Not only is this place hold significant importance but it also offers some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring views of the surrounding Himalayan snow-clad peaks.

Shankaracharya Samadhi 

Shankaracharya Samadhi

Known for being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kedarnath and located right behind the temple this Samadhi is dedicated to the great sage, seer, and philosopher who is also credited with the creation of Char dham and Chota Char dham Yatra of Uttarakhand Adi Shankaracharya. However after the cloudburst disaster of 2013 in July, the Samadhi got washed away completely and currently, works are being done on an underground Samadhi to keep it safer for a longer time period.

Places to visit near Badrinath

Vasudhara falls 

Vasudhara falls

Located at a mere distance of 9 km from the main temple of Badrinath and overlooking the holy river of Alaknanda, Vasudhara falls is a pristine fall gushes down from an incredible height of 400 feet. A visit to the falls is a must in case you want to experience the true spirituality of Badrinath and can be visited when the journey to the falls in opened for public from the 2nd week of May to October or November each year. This is an ideal trekking journey for anyone looking to have a hint of adventure on your spiritual Yatra.

Bheem Pul

Bheem pul 

Built over the gushing waters of the holy river of Saraswati and situated inside the last village of India, Mana, this pul is named after the strongest Pandav brother of all – Bheem. The mythological account of this pul dates back to the time when the Pandava brothers were on their way to heaven and on their way Draupadi was unable to cross the river so Bheem decided to wedge the gap with the help of a mountain rock near it. The place throngs heavily with tourists and pilgrims during the open season and has become one of the prime tourist attractions near Badrinath.

Valley of flowers 

Valley of flowers

Located in close proximity to Badrinath Dham Valley of flowers is one of the most scenic destinations to visit if you have time on your side to explore some nearby attractions. although this place is not covered in your Chardham yatra package it should definitely be visited during your yatra to Badrinath. The route heading to Badrinath and valley of flowers bifurcate at Govind ghat and can be reached easily after covering a trekking journey of a few hours via ghangharia. It can be visited during the peak seasons of summer time from May to early July and some people also make it a point to visit Hemkund Sahib from here.

Places to visit near Yamunotri

Saptarishui Kund

Saptarishui kund

 Located at a mere distance of just 10 km from the main temple of Yamunotri, this high altitude glacial lake displays the stunning beauty of the Himalayas in its full vigor. This Kund is named after the 7 rishis who had decided to stay around its proximity and on its bank to perform and perfect various yoga activities and perform penance. The lake can be reached and spotted with the help of a travel guide since it is tucked away in an extremely remote location where it is surrounded entirely by the rare Himalayan flower – Brahma Kamal.

Janki Chatt 

Janki chatt

Famous for being the last motor head to Yamunotri Dham from where the trekking Yatra to Yamunotri commences Janki Chatti is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Yamunotri. Replete with numerous thermal hot water springs and covered in engrossingly beautiful sceneries, you should definitely take some time out from your busy yatra schedule to explore this hidden piece of beautiful nature. Along with being known for its incredible vistas, Janki Chatti is also popular as an accommodation option for pilgrims visiting Yamunotri.

Surya Kund

Surya kund

Situated in close proximity to the main temple of Yamunotri temple, this thermal hot water spring which holds medicinal properties is a relief from the hectic trekking journey from Janki Chatti. Taking a dip in its rejuvenating waters is now considered to be a holy ritual which every pilgrim performs prior to entering the temple. People take a holy dip here and some also experience that they get rid of all their skin related and joints related problems.

Places to visit near Gangotri



Located at a mere distance of just 25 minutes from the main temple of Gangotri, Harsil is one of the most well-preserved gems of Himalayan beauty in Uttarakhand. Surrounded by tall, lush green trees and surrounded by the snowbound peaks of Garhwal, Harsil is used as a pilgrim centre during the on the season of Char dham Yatra. There are several accommodation options available in Harsil and the temple here is utilized as the winter home of Goddess Ganga whose idol is brought down during the shutting down of the main kapat of the temple.

Gangotri national park 

Gangotri national park

Known for being the 3rd largest national park of Uttarakhand, Gangotri national park has to be one of the most pristine and stunning representations of untouched natural beauty. The terrain here is a combination of various different types of features from rugged slopes to gently rolling lush green meadows and snowy peaks, this national park is also home to coniferous forests and a vast collection of flora and fauna. You will be able to experience the glacial world of the amazing Himalayas which cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.

Jalmagna Shivling 


This holy shrine generally remains unknown to the visitors of Gangotri Dham. During the summer time when the sea level rises too much, this Shivling inside the temple remains submerged inside the clear waters of the river flowing above it. If you want to have a different and unique experience at Gangotri Dham then visiting this temple should definitely be visited. This place is relevant since it is a popular belief that this is the exact place where Lord Shiva had held river Ganga inside his matted locks before releasing it.

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