Places to Visit in Dehradun for Couples

Places to visit in Dehradun For couples

Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand, is one of the favourite places among tourists across the nation. But when it comes to spending quality time with your love or spouse Dehradun is a number one choice for couples. Dehradun is famous for its natural beauty which beautifies the time one spends with his/her partner. There are so many places in Dehradun which provide romantic yet mesmerizing ambiance to the couples who come here from across the nation.

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Here is the list of top 10 places to visit with your loved ones in Dehradun.

  1. Buddha Temple

buddha temple-dehradun

Buddha Temple is one of the famous places of Dehradun to visit. It is located in Clement town which is 1 Km away from ISBT.  This place provides a peaceful and calm environment for people who come here. This place is ideal for couples who are in search of a place where they can spend some time with their loved ones. The main attraction of this place is Buddha’s idol which is 50 (approx) meter long. There is also a building where Buddhist philosophies and teachings can be seen. Buddha temple is the largest Buddhist sanctuary of Asia which makes is the most visited place of Dehradun.

  1. MDDA Park

MDDA park-dehradun

MDDA Park is one of the most sought places of Dehradun for couples. It provides a romantic and peaceful ambiance to the people who come here. In MDDA park people feel being in love with nature. This place is good for Individuals, couples, and families. This place is located at Rajpur road which is a heart of Dehradun.

  1. Malsi Deer Park / Dehradun zoo

malsi deer park-dehradun

Dehradun zoo whose previous name was Malsi Deer Park is a fabulous place to visit for couples. One can reach here through public transport; it is located at Mussoorie road.  There are so many wild animals in this place that are caged for people’s safety. The ambiance of this place is very calm and peaceful which is conducive to spend quality time with your loved ones. There are many swings and benches which make one comfortable to stay here. This place is surrounded by forest which gives a close to nature feeling.

  1. Maggi Point

Maggi Point-Dehradun

Maggi Point is located at Dehradun- Mussoorie road. There are many shops that serve hot and spicy Maggi to customers at this root, therefore, it is called a Maggi point. This is an idol place for lovers and friends to hang out. This place has a great natural sightsee which makes one’s experience memorable. People who go to Mussoorie or come from Mussoorie usually stop at this point and enjoy hot and spicy Maggi in its cold atmosphere.

  1. Mussoorie


Mussoorie is one of the most sought places among tourists all across the nation and world. Mussoorie is 45 KM away from Dehradun, one can easily come here either on their personal vehicles or on public transport. Buses and Taxies can be boarded to visit Mussoorie from Dehradun Railway station. The environment of this place is always cold, especially at night. Newly married couples come here to spend quality time with their spouse. This place is also ideal for couples who are in the relationship or who are tired of their hectic lifestyle.

  1. Rajpur Road

Rajpur Road-dehradun

Rajpur Road is the heart of Dehradun. This road runs from the clock tower to Rajpur. This is a place where couples can roam freely and have foods and snacks. There are so many clubs and bars at Rajpur road which makes it a first choice for having fun. Mostly, couples wander and shop at Rajpur road. There are many Malls and Multiplex at this road where one can go with loved ones. It is a most favourite place among youngsters.

  1. Cloud End

cloud end-dehradun

Cloud End is located 6KM away from Library, Mussoorie. This place is covered with clouds, therefore, it is called Cloud End. The atmosphere of this place is cold which makes it a good choice to visit in the summer season. The natural sightsee and sceneries of this place make one’s experience memorable. This is an ideal place for couples to spend some romantic and quality time with their lovers. One can easily reach here in one’s own vehicle or one can also board a taxi from Mussoorie.

  1. Robbers Cave

Robbers Cave is a cave which is believed to be a hideout place of Robbers in British raj. This place is located 4-5 Km from Garhi Cant, Dehradun. One can easily reach here through public transport or one’s own vehicle. This is an ideal place for couples to wander freely holding each other’s hand, enjoying the natural sightseeing. If someone is looking for a place to rebuild one’s relationship with his/her partner this place could be proved fruitful. People can also come here with friends and family to enjoy the waterfall and pool of water.

  1. FRI (Forest Research Institute)


FRI was established by the British Empire in 1906. This place is one of the cleanest places of Dehradun. The main attraction of this place is its greenery and peaceful environment. FRI is one of the favourite places among couples who want to spend some time with their lovers. The whole campus of FRI is mesmerizing because of its beauty. One can roam throughout the campus holding one’s partner’s hand. This place is also good to visit with family and friends. There is also a Museum in the building which people love to visit.

  1. Maldevta


Maldevta is located in Raipur, Dehradun. One can reach here through one’s own vehicle or through public transport. This place is one of the favourite places among couples who want a peaceful and refreshing environment to rebuild their relationship. Couples who want to spend some quality time with their lovers or partners can come here and enjoy the natural beauty with fresh air. This place is a perfect relief from the life of polluted cities and work stress. People who come in Dehradun must visit this place for a memorable experience with mesmerizing natural sceneries.

Times spent with a lover are the most memorable moments of human life. When these spent times are accompanied by romantic and natural places this enhances one’s experience and memorable moments. Visit all these places for romantic and memorable moments with your lovers, family, and friends. And enhance the quality of your life.

This post is written by Vanshanu Raj a blogger from Dehradun. For more details, you can Google my name. Thank You.

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