Reason to Take Singapore With Cruise Package

singapore with cruise package

I am a frequent visitor to lion City “Singapore”.The reasons for my traveling apart from business meetings is the love for this city and the grandeur cruises it offers.

Recently I met a cousin of mine at a family gathering and she asked me to help her with the itinerary on what could be the best possible way to spend 10 days in Singapore. And My answer was to book a singapore with cruise package, because cruise is one experience which not everyone experience, and 10 days is a perfect duration!

She wanted to spend 10 days fulfilling her fancy dreams in the limited resources she had.

I promised to help her only on a  condition to book a cruise from Singapore. She was intrigued to know why I was endorsing the cruise so relatively, and my words to her were” We dream in colours borrowed by sea”.Being on a cruise is a dreamy affair altogether and everyone should once live that dream.

I stated her 10 reasons why she should be cruising on her Singapore trip

  • She is adventurous: She is adventurous and lookouts to engage in some activity that can spot her adventure streaks. Singapore is a city offering Universal studio, Night Safari, Zoo, Sentosa Island, Underwater aquarium and many more places to explore and indulge in adventurous activities. The cruises of Singapore are massive and the stay in the water for 5 days is only going to add an adrenaline rush to her pumping heart.
  • She loves fancy living: Anybody who loves the chivalry and pompous can’t resist the grandeur services offered by those cruises. The cruises of Singapore are luxurious and grand, successful to make positive embark not only for the voyage but also in life. The well-maintained decks and amenities and illustrious interior will surely keep her awestruck throughout the journey.
  • She loves meeting new people: The fellow voyager becomes friends at the end of the journey. I Have made a few good friends on my cruise and I assume that even she will be meeting one, on her voyage. The small meetings in ballroom, pool, library, cafe, usually ended up in great chats in the cafe at the end of the journey. Making such a friend during the journey is also a great perk that makes the trip unforgettable.
  • She wants a comfortable stay: If the stay on vacation is not comfortable you miss the feeling of being on Holiday. Cruises of Singapore are luxuriously built to provide comfortable and safe stay all far away from the land. The ambience is such that you tend to forget the feeling of being on the water for so long and skip having any seasickness during the voyage.
  • She loves the sea: Anybody who is fond of beaches, water, the sea should not miss cruising. The morning view from your room, balcony witnessing the open sky and sea trying to meet at some point of time is so unearthly that you might regret missing it. She is fond of water and love being at beaches and sea. This makes this trip with cruise more treasured to her.
  • She is a Fashionista: The glamour, the luxury, extravaganza associated with Singapore cruise, is another heaven for any fashionista. You meet people of lavish and vogue lifestyle and enjoy peeking into the latest fashion and style draped on every esthete.
  • She loves intercontinental cuisine: Cruise serves a wide variety of buffets on their end numbers of restaurants. Every cruise has more than 20 restaurants on the same massive extended version of the boat, where you can enjoy Japanese, Thai, South Asiatic, Mediterranean, Turkish and many more intercontinental cuisines.If you are a foodie and love exploring the new cuisine than Singapore cruise is your wonderland.
  • She wants her trip to be value for money: The Singapore trip is pocket-friendly and is a complete value for money. The trip on cruises are slandered for being an expensive affair, but the quality and hospitality you receive on the ships is more worthy of what you are paying. The amenities you enjoy during cruising, the ambience that keeps you spellbound throughout the voyage, the view you get from your window every morning is utmost on cruises and you won’t mind paying top dollars for it.
  • She wants to visit Bali and Phuket: The cruise in Singapore is just not about the sea. The package is out an out expedition to the islands which are key to the Pacific ocean. You enjoy your stay in Singapore, board on the cruise and even explore the beautiful island like Bali and Phuket during your cruising. The reason you should choose Singapore with a cruise trip is to explore many more islands nearby in luxurious and comfortable style.
  • She needs to experience the hallway of dreams: The trip to Singapore ends in a dreamy way if you also choose the cruise in your package. The experience and memories I cherish from my stay in cruise keep captivating me to revisit it again and again. The dreamy world on the cruise will surely lift up your fantasies and make your trip to Singapore an unforgettable affair for West of your life.

My cousin said yes to my experience and booked her trip to Singapore with a cruise. I am sure she will have a gala time.

Please let me know if you are also planning your next trip to Singapore with the cruise package and share your experience with me at..

Let Your Dream Set Sail”

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