10 Things to consider When Renovating your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen


If you get such an offer that you have the option of renovating only one room in your home, I would suggest that the room would be your kitchen. It is because kitchen remodeling is an investment. It will add value to your property and make your kitchen more functional. You will get benefit from a well-equipped kitchen for a long time. Besides, the kitchen is a meeting place of family members and guests where people dine together. However, the remodeling process appears to be overwhelming for many people. Consider these 10 things that will ensure a successful and speedy remodel. 

  • Design a perfect kitchen Island 

When it is about remodeling the existing kitchen, setting up a kitchen Island (if there is not any) is an important addition to a kitchen layout. It is because a beautiful kitchen layout not only enhances the decor of a kitchen but also serves many purposes. The Island supports food prep, cooking, casual meals, making crafts, socializing, and doing homework. This kitchen furniture is like a workhorse of the kitchen. 

However, how useful a kitchen Island does not matter if your kitchen is not spacious enough to accommodate a kitchen Island. Don’t set up one if you have at least 36 inches of clearance all the way around. A clearance of 42 inches is better and 48 inches is perfect.  

  • Choose the right model of kitchen cabinet 

There are dozens of cabinet styles out there. Of course, your target would be finding a cabinet at an affordable price. But do not choose one so inexpensive that might end up in a landfill. 

  • Lighting fixture

A kitchen is not a personal room like a bedroom. So, dim or faded lighting will not work here. Here you need enough illumination to facilitate your cooking task. While installing lighting fixtures in a kitchen make sure that they are not placed at the wrong location. A better way of lighting a kitchen is by installing a line of lights directly over the countertop.

  • Kitchen Appliances 

There are many kitchen appliances out there. However, make sure that your kitchen must have these 10 kitchen appliances -gas cooker or oven, blender, microwave, fridge, pressure cooker, toaster, juicer, electric chimney, food processor and a water heater. 

  • Do not forget ventilation

Ventilation is an important aspect of kitchen layout. It is because cooking fumes is a health hazard for people suffering from breathing problems like asthma. Since ventilation is an important thing, do not relocate the cooktop. 

  • Budget

If unsought problems arise during your kitchen remodel, costs can escalate quickly. If this happens, study the plans and see if there is anything you can cut back on or if there is something that you can put off for a while until you’ve saved up for it. It’s important to stick to your actual budget so you don’t end up resenting your costly kitchen when the remodel is finished

Kitchen remodeling is an expensive project. According to a house remodeling magazine, the average cost for a mid-level kitchen is about $66,000. For a high-end kitchen, it could be as high as $131,000. If unexpected problems happen during the remodeling project, the cost can increase quickly. If this happens, stall the project and review the remodeling plan. Find the place where the money is draining out and try to minimize the cost there and then restart the project. 

  • Get professional consultancy  

If you have no previous remodeling experience, get consultancy from a professional interior designer farm. Taking advice from them means you need to spend some money as a consultancy fee. But they will give you a nice remodeling plan based on your budget. Besides, the interior design company will help you to locate the probable place where money could be overspent.  

  • Install a double bowl sink instead of a single bowl


If your existing kitchen sink is a single bowl, replace it with a double bowl sink. Working with a double bowl is convenient since you can wash dishes and vegetables in two separate places. 

  • Install a pull-down a faucet with the double bowl sink

Pull-down faucets are famous in the kitchen accessory world. The unique feature of these faucets is their goose-neck style head which is highly flexible allowing you to spray water at any angle of the dish. This amazing feature facilitating you removing the hardest stains at the most difficult angle. Due to their high-demand, pull-down kitchen faucets come at several design styles and prices.

  • To reduce the remodeling expenditure, keep things that works 

If the objective of your kitchen remodeling is not selling your property, you can slash the renovation cost drastically by not replacing the old kitchen thoroughly. There a few things in a kitchen that replacing completely is not so urgent. One such thing is a window. Replacing an old window, for example, will result in spending $500 to $1000. Replacing the wooden floor with a vinyl one will even be more expensive which could be as high as $2,000. And not to change the position of appliances and plumbing fixtures saving you $200 to $500. 


If your plan is not selling your house in the near future, avoid the $60,000 renovation and go for a superficial upgrade instead. It means bringing some noticeable improvements in the kitchen while not spending much. Painting your old cabinets by spending $1,000, for example, will give it a new look instead of purchasing a new model with $5,000. The bottom line is in a remodeling project you need to spend money wisely.   


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