Scotland,The land of food and drink

Scotland- The aland of food and drink
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Scotland is a bountiful wilderness. Their Unspoiled rivers, lochs, coastline, and land. They have blessed all of us with an unrivaled natural larder. From specialty small producers to famous global brands, their innovative producers, researchers, and entrepreneurs have created a thriving industry with a world-class reputation.


The reason Scottish food and drink is so special is, it’s the purity of the country and with a perfect climate for animal husbandry, and they’ve got generations of fantastic animal husbandry.

The waters around the coast of Scotland are as pure as they can be. The combination of all of these makes the quality of Scottish produce unmatched anywhere in the world.

The provenance of the product, to them, is hugely important, not just for them but for the customers as well. Their guests like to know because they know that they treat it with respect. They can actually tell you what boat that their fish was landed in, then who the skipper was and at what time it came over the water. The product itself, when it comes in the back door, is pristine. Any chef will tell you, with that quality of the product, it’s easier to cook to the level that they are cooking it.

There is a two-star Michelin restaurant. They have an international clientele. People expect the food to be fantastic there. And the pressure is taken off by the quality of produce that is available to them.

In January 2006, Andrew Fairlie Became One Of Only Eleven Restaurants In The Uk To Be Awarded Two Michelin Stars. And As A Champion Of Local Ingredients, Andrew’s  Success Highlights The Quality Of Scotland’s Products.

The Scots are very proud of there salmon. Salmon has been an integral part of Scottish history for so long now. There is a natural starting place for salmon migrating to the sea. The rivers around there still have good supplies of wild salmon in. The loch runs to 50 meters deep. There’s a big tidal exchange. They have four meters of tide every day. They can’t think of a better place to grow fish. The quality of the fish at the end of the day is as close to wild as one can get from farmed fish.

Scotland Salmon Fish
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Scottish Farmed Salmon Has Been Awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Status By The European Commission, Setting It Alongside Champagne And Parma Ham.

 And as a result, salmon is Scotland’s largest food export, ending up on plates. In over 55 countries around the world.

Scotch beef has built its reputation over the generations, from the times when the Scotch oxen were driven down to Smithfield market in London, and it was the best-quality beef available.

That reputation, that brand, is known worldwide for the quality, the taste, the pride and the tradition that goes into the production of Scotch beef.

Now that Scotch beef is farm-assured from birth to plate, and the whole process is independently inspected. Therefore, the provenance of the beef is as good as it can be. If one goes into a restaurant in London or further afield, and people see scotch beef on the menu, it’s something that they’re immensely happy and proud about. It is definitely amongst the very, very best in the world.

Scotch Beef Is Farm Assured And Independently Inspected From Birth To Plate.

And As A Mark Of This Guarantee Assurance, Provenance And Welfare, Scotch Beef And Lamb Also Have PGI Status.

A very brief history of whisky.

Scotland whisky
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It became, from very humble origins. It was called ‘uisge beatha’, which was a pretty harsh spirit. In the 1800s it really developed, with the merchants taking whiskey abroad. So, that was the boom time for whiskey, and now we see it being drunk all over the world.

They have five different regions making whiskey in Scotland and each with particular characteristics. The Speyside region is the biggest region, where they produce the most whiskey. Highlands, which are a little bit more smoky. They have the Islay whiskies, which are very smoky. Campbellton-quite maritime, and Lowland, the smallest region, which produces very soft malts.

Scotland is the perfect place for making whisky, because they have the three ingredients one needs – barley, which grows locally, water, which they have in abundance in Scotland, and a little bit of yeast. and their climate is perfect for making this beautiful spirit.

Whisky seems to be growing at an amazing rate. Its popularity is really stretching ahead into new countries, and that’s because people see whisky as a sophisticated drink and it reflects on them. So we’ve seen markets like China, South America, South Africa, all really developing in their consumption of whisky.

At Any One Time, At Least 18 Million Barrels Of Whisky Are Maturing In Warehouses Throughout Scotland.

Scottish seafood is so good because of the beautiful, clean waters, the abundance of life and feeding for them, and the buyers know that when they go for Scottish seafood, they, ll get a product that is at the top of its game and has been well looked after. These langoustines could end up anywhere, from Balmoral, Whitehall, through to Spanish white-linen-table restaurants.

The Provenance of the product is vitally important because everybody wants to know where it comes from. They want to know it’s been treated well, looked after well, caught sustainably.

The Scottish fishermen have always been at the forefront of conservation because, at the end of the day, they’re just looking after it for future generations, so it’s not their interests to over-fish.

The Mainland Of Scotland Has 6518 Miles Of Coastline Surrounded By Clear, Cold Seas….….Filled With A Vast Array Of Different Types Of Fish, Prawns, Lobster, Mussels, Oysters, Crab And Scallops

Scotland is renowned worldwide for its history of key scientific discoveries from penicillin to the telephone…

From salmon and whisky to oatcakes, shortbread and cheese, food and drink from Scotland are enjoyed across the globe every single day.

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