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There’s no doubt that street food is essential to a city’s identity and culture. Having street food, adoring the taste and environment, looking at your food being prepared and cracking stupid jokes are the kind of experiences no 5 Star Hotel can deliver. Often when you travel on road, the sight of the smell hits you and you decide to make a stop at the roadside for the street food. Yes, it happens a lot. Even though you are full, you can still make some space for your favorite street food. Sometimes, you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.

Explore the most popular street food in the world like Kaya Toast, Laksa, Som Tam, Pad Thai, Pav Bhaji.

Kaya Toast  and Laksa – Singapore

As a tourist, this is a decent checklist of best street food in Singapore. These are the cheap food to eat in Singapore when you visit. Kaya toast is a famous snack all in Singapore. This Singapore toast is sweet and savory perfection. And, undoubtedly the Laksa that Singaporeans are most familiar with, of this delicious dish derives from dried shrimps…..

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Kaya Toast
Best street food in the world 2017

Som Tam and Pad Thai – Bangkok

Bangkok beat the world as the best city to visit if you’re a food lover. There’s food everywhere you look in Bangkok. Here’s a list of the most popular street food dishes in Bangkok. At the gates of the French Embassy in Bangkok, there are many stalls that serve delicious Thai dishes: Pad Thai and Khanom Khiao. Whereas, Som Tam is the most famous Thai Street stall dish.


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Som Tam

Vada Pav – Mumbai

Vada Pav is a famous street food from Mumbai. The flavor of India is incomplete without the saffron & green together with Vada Pav in Mumbai. Let’s explore the Mumbai’s street food show.


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