New with the instapot machine? No worries, don’t be intimidated with it, think more of the delicious food you’re going to cook from now on. Trust me, you can do a lot with this multi cooker, even much more than you’ve ever imagined.

It’s true that it has a good reputation in the cooking world thanks to its pros, yet using an instapot can be a bit challenging at first, that is the reason why we’ve made this list of 10 useful tips for the new users.

  • Read the manual! This can save you a lot of time and respond to many questions you might ask yourself about how to start it how to optimize the heat, the pressure, etc. but in case you’re able to use only one button, choose a manual one, so you regulate it following your desires. In brief, try to keep the user manual handy so you can ensure adhering to all safety precautions.
  • As the instapot is a multi-functional machine, you can adapt it to your needs with no problems, and keep all in only one pot, great for saving dishes isn’t it?
  • Do not open your instant pot if the pressure is not fully released. The floating valve normally drops as all the pressure is immediately released from the pot. To make sure that all the pressure had been released, just turn the venting knob to its venting position.
  • Pay special attention the silicone sealing ring, it usually deform over time. You need to change this once in a while.
  • An instant pot had two release options, the quick and natural one. If you have time and not rushing to anything, you can let the pressure release on its own, you will know that once the float valve drops down. However, if you are in a hurry, you can use the quick release option, just make sure you always keep your body parts away from the hole on top of the steam release handle so you don’t get burnt. Additionally, avoid using it for food with the high volume or starch or large liquid volume, they may splatter and shower you and your kitchen.
  • When cooking meat, always use only one cup of total liquid. Plenty of liquid will result in diluting the flavor and extending the time and pressure release time.
  • It’s common that most recipes advertise cooking time, yet it’s rare when the time required getting up to pressure and the pressure release time at the end of the recipe, are mentioned.
  • At the end, keep in mind that with your instant pot, you can cook frozen food, but this will extend the pressure cooking time for sure. You can avoid this by setting it on sauté mode once you take it out for preheating. This allows you sufficient to to warm up you gather your ingredients. Simply push up the button off to pause the sauté mode.
  • You’re done with the cooking, now comes the cleaning which is very easy. Yet, NEVER use a steel wool to do so.

Closing words

It takes some time to get familiar with your instant pot, but with practice it will become an ordinary task that you perform in an ordinary day.

Don’t hesitate to share your tips for using the instant pot!

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