Things to do in Srinagar in 72 hours

Things to do in Srinagar in 72 hours

Srinagar is a perfect travel destination which never ceases to amaze any traveller through its natural charms, adventurous activities, and surreal vibes. Every travel lover must visit this enchanting abode once in their lifetime no matter from which country or city they belong to.

Well, sometimes we don’t have enough time for travel but, still, we want to embark on a trip. However, 3 days is a very brief period to explore a fascinating place like Srinagar. Nevertheless, all such travellers must plan this short tour in a way so that they can get the gist of Srinagar even in 3 days.

You can buy a 3 day Kashmir package otherwise you can plan for yourself as per your interests.

Itinerary of Things to do in Srinagar

The valleys of Kashmir calls out for all the adventure lovers to conquer the steep mountains, take a dip in fierce lakes and jump off the high cliff to fly high! So, there are plenty of activities to kick start your adrenaline rush in Srinagar. Out of them, we are shortlisting only the craziest and loveliest ones to make your short trip unforgettable.

Day 1:

Go for Shikara Ride/houseboat stay at Dal Lake:


Nothing could be a better start than visiting the most famous Dal Lake and enjoying the Shikara Ride. These beautiful houseboats are the speciality of Srinagar which you can’t afford to miss. They are a decorated wooden houseboat which looks exactly like mini-hotels floating over the serene waters of the lake.

You won’t feel like you are in a boat as it is furnished with all amenities having bedrooms, dining area, bathrooms and sources of entertainment. The ethereal feel of living amidst a lake surrounded by picturesque views is something which you will miss the most after the trip!

Visit the Magnificent Shankaracharya Temple:

Shankaracharya Temple

Located just a few miles away from Dal Lake, Shankaracharya Temple is your next destination. You should stop here for a little while to see the marvellous structure and get blessings of Gods. The stunning views of the entire city along with beautiful mountains from here will surely spellbind you!

Explore the Mughal marvel – Shalimar Bagh:

Shalimar Bagh

After having your lunch, you should go to have a glimpse at the Mughal architecture of Srinagar. You can easily reach here by taking a small walk from the temple. This abode of love is perfect for your vacation snaps with appealing flower beds, sparkling fountain pools, and mighty Chinar trees.

Shop in Famous Markets:

Shop in Famous Markets

Well, any trip is incomplete without buying souvenirs for your loved ones. Stroll in some famous markets like Lal Chowk, Badshah Chowk, Polo view market and Raghunath Bazaar for getting the authentic Kashmiri materials. Don’t get confused as you have too many beautiful options to choose from. Focus on the famous things to buy in Srinagar like Pashminas, carved wooden boxes, Kashmiri carpets, silver jewellery, and embroidered scarves.

Spend the night in your houseboat to have fun!

Day 2:

Go to Gulmarg for adventurous activities:

Gulmarg for adventurous activities

Head to your next destination which is the pristine town of Gulmarg mainly known as the favourite skiing destination. Gulmarg is a must visit destination with its snow-covered mountains to add some frost into your vacation! You can estimate its popularity by glancing at Kashmir packages as most of them contain Gulmarg into them.

Well, you would need an entire day to explore the natural wonders of Gulmarg. It is the real heaven for adventure enthusiasts. We are mentioning some of the main activities which you can do here:

Gondola Cable Car Ride:

Gondola Cable Car Ride

Try out the only cable car ride of Asia situated at an elevation of 13,500 feet above the sea level. All you can see are ice covered fields, mountains and floating clouds from your cable car. Isn’t it enticing? Well, tell your views after trying it!



The Gulmarg Ski Area which is the biggest ski area of Srinagar is a must visit place for you. Slide on the ice-coated track with an outline of big pine trees under professional assistance. Don’t worry if you don’t know skiing; you can also try snowboarding, snow scooter ride and snow bobbing here! And hey, wear the warmest clothes you have while visiting there.



The icy trails of Nagin Valley are best for trekkers to enjoy an exciting trek. You will be astonished to know that this beautiful site is opened recently after a 22 years long ban. So, explore the tricky paths of this valley covered with clouds to have maximized fun!

Day 3:

Go for Paragliding:


Start your day by jumping off a high cliff of Srinagar. And hey, don’t jump without your parachute. (In case you took the first like too seriously!) Paragliding in the panoramic valleys of Kashmir is a blissful experience which should surely be on your list. The view from such a height is something like living a dream! Paraglide above gorgeous lakes dotted with mountains and trees and enjoy a visual treat!

Walk in the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden:

Tulip Garden

Stroll amidst the fragrant colourful tulips in the most popular Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden. The charming view along with the sweet scent will take away all your tiredness and worries! This is one of the main reasons why Kashmir is called a paradise on earth. The breath-taking backdrop will be perfect for some beautiful snaps!

Go for Sightseeing:

You can spend your last evening in sightseeing of some other prominent places. Head to the old city to visit Jamia Masjid and see the architectural intelligence of Mughals. All the history lovers can also explore the Hazratbal mosque. You can also add Hari Parbat Fort in the list or walk in the markets to mix up with the locals of Srinagar.

So, in this way you can enjoy every minute of your short trip fully. You can make alterations in this plan according to your preferences. Have an awesome and memorable trip!

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