Quick Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Goa

Quick Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Goa

Goa is the land of beaches. You would love to be at a place that’s replete with exquisite beaches and glittering white sand. No wonder it makes for a perfect destination for honeymoon in India.  Each year, married couples flock to this place to enjoy its vibe and natural beauty. It is definitely a perfect place to start a new life.

Goa is more than just the pristine blue beaches, palm trees, and parties. The traditional brown shacks on glittering sand and romantic villas can make your trip memorable for a lifetime. Goa is one of the most romantic destinations for honeymoon in India.

Party when Honeymooning in Goa

A Goan honeymoon is incomplete without hitting the best party spots. So pack your best party wear and a couple of sexy beach attire for the same. When in north Goa, be prepared to hit the hottest party spots. Do not forget to pack formal dresses for casino parties and dinners. This is the best nightlife in Goa for singles.

Buy in Goa

It is advisable not to pack everything. Packing everything you have in your wardrobe can make luggage too heavy. Since many of the cool dresses, sarongs, hats, and coverups can also be bought in Goa, you can skip packing these.

Stay Near the Beach

Staying near the beach has a lot of benefits. It helps you discover many amazing restaurants, shacks and the best of natural beauty in Goa. Additionally, you can be at the beach whenever you want! Be it sunrise or a romantic sunset, you can witness it all! So make sure the villa or resort you book for your honeymoon is near beach.

Listed below are some helpful tips to ensure you have a beautiful and memorable honeymoon in Goa:

– Choose a budget and try to stick to it as far as possible. Getting broke is not a good start for your marriage.

– Hiring one of the villas in Goa will let you enjoy a memorable and romantic honeymoon.

– Strictly avoid going deeper on the sea. It may be dangerous. Always seek guidance of the coaches and guards before indulging in any adventure.

– It is recommended that you dine on traditional food when in Goa instead of domestic and international delicacies. This is what Goa specializes in.

– Travelling by hired scooter or car is recommended to experience the real Goan vibe.

– Strictly avoid exchanging your currency with locals. You must visit the reputed authorities to avoid getting duped.

– Always remove your shoes before entering sacred (religious) places. Hurting sentiments of locals may put you into serious trouble.

– Keep public display of affection to an acceptable level.

– Are you looking for a trip that spells luxury and relaxation? If yes, then don’t forget to book a luxury villa or resort in South Goa. This part of Goa is secluded, peaceful, and more romantic than the north. It gives you oodles of opportunities and a perfect environment to brighten up your romance.

– Do not forget to pack all of your beach essentials. Sunscreen, swim suits/bikini/swim shorts, chunky accessories, cover ups, mirrored glasses, bandanas, cool beach sliders, and beach bags are a must have.

– In case, you have a plan to visit crowded beaches or flea markets, take good care of your belongings. Do not carry too much cash in bag. Pickpocketing is common. Make sure you are safe.

– It is advisable to keep at least 4 nights reserved for your honeymoon in Goa. This is important to make the best of all the Goan trip has to offer.

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