Top 7 Things to do in Kanpur

Things to do in Kanour

Located by the banks of the holy River Ganga, Kanpur is one among the mesmerizing cities that comes with a combination of spiritualism and scenic beauty. Every year 1000s of tourists tend to visit this city in order to experience historical splendor and religious insights related to the city. So, here is a collated list of the top things one can do at this gorgeous place.

1- Watch the Asiatic Lions at Allen Forest Zoo:

Allen Forest Zoo-Kanpur

Allen Forest Zoo, which is also known by the name Kanpur Zoo, was dubbed as the largest space of its kind serving as a sanctuary for various mammals and other species. It was founded by the botanist Sir Allen who was also the member of British Indian Civil Service. The zoo serves as a home to various types of mammals like Asiatic lions, White Asian Tigers, Leopards, and the Jaguars. Not just that, it also comes with its very own aquarium along with life-size sculptures defining the history of dinosaurs.

2- Enjoy Blue World Theme Park’s Wave Pool:

Wave Pool-Kanpur

When at Kanpur, especially during the months between March and October, you need to make sure your next ride gets you to the Blue World Theme. Located by the Mandhana-Bithoor Road, this water park spread over a massive 25 acres area has a line of its very own rides. This water park in Kanpur flaunts a total of 30 rides which includes Water Fun, Dry Rides, Dinosaur Villa, 9D Theater, and the very popular musical fountain-laser show.

3- A dip in Holy Ganga at Brijghat:


The Ganges or the River Ganga is dubbed as the longest in India. A river that is holy to the Hindus, it also serves as the lifeline of many people living by the banks. It serves as a place of pilgrimage for the devotees. It is believed that taking a dip in the holy waters of River Ganga will help get rid of any sins that they have committed while providing them salvation.

4- Experience rare mix of modern and old architecture at Shri Radhakrishna Temple:

Shri Radhakrishna Temple-Kanpur

Also known by the name J.K. Temple, the Shri Radhakrishna Temple is present at the center of the Kanpur city. This temple is a perfect example of architectural delight that incorporates a mix of modern and old architectural marvel. The temple has a total of 5 shrines dedicated to Hindu gods & goddesses which include Ardhanarishwar, Radha-Krishna, Hanuman, Narmadeshwar, and Laxminarayan.

5- Visit the memorial of Peshwa Nana Rao at Nana Rao Fort:

Nana Rao Fort - Kanpur

Known to have led the country’s very first fight for freedom against British back in 1857, Peshwa Nana Rao received this fort as a memorial built to commemorate his achievements. The Nana Rao Fort houses a well inside dubbed as the memorial well. Here 200 soldiers from the British army attacked Indian women and men after which their bodies were dumped into the well.

6- Amazing glass architecture at Jain Glass Temple:

Jain Glass Temple - Kanpur

Built for the Jain devotees, the Jain Glass Temple has dedicated to Lord Mahavira as well as the rest 23 Tirthankaras from Jain religion. It was constructed in traditional temple archaeology with famously exquisite glass work and intricate enamel. This temple is constructed entirely from glass which includes doors, walls, panels, pillars, ceilings, and each corner of the place. The temple comes with well-preserved glass murals & wall paintings that demonstrate the Jain religion teachings.

7- Peaceful walk at Phool Bagh, Kanpur:

Phool Bagh-kanpur

An ideal place for the family, friends, and nature lovers, this particular garden comprise of countless flowers, all from different species and colors. Together they look nothing less than a sight from heaven. The lush greenery at this locale helps you rejuvenate yourself from the core. If you are tired from the heavy office hours, make sure you plan a visit to this amazing place that aids you with serenity and solitude. The garden is open all year long for the visitors. Know more about the history of the Phool Bagh by visiting the website Nerds Travel.

As you enter the city, you will surely realize that the city comes with immense historical importance along with hints of modern comforts. The city makes you witness a legacy that has been well-preserved for ages.

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