Top Destinations To Visit During Kathmandu City Tours And Sightseeing Tours


Most of the tourists enter Nepal via Kathmandu and instantly move to any Himalayan region for trekking and other activities. Kathmandu is a little more than just a fancy airport. If you wish to stay back in Kathmandu to enjoy a sightseeing tour within the city.

Here are the top destinations in Kathmandu, Nepal to cover.

Tabitha Bahal


This is the oldest part of Kathmandu. It is located in Thamel and is an important commercial region. You can buy everything from mountain gear to antiques. This is the right place for souvenir shopping too. You can also find many restaurants in this region. Apart from luxury dishes, try the street food of Kathmandu too.

Boudhanath Stupa

Beautiful of Boudhanath stupa in morning time at Kathmandu Nepal

This 14th century stupa is the largest in the country and the most important pilgrimage site for Buddhists. The giant Buddha statue on top of the stupa is the main attraction of the region. You can find many statues, prayer flags and interesting rituals in this structure.

Swayambhunath temple


This iconic landmark is also called as the monkey temple. Located on top of a small hill, this holy destination is famous for the eyes of Buddha statue, on top of the temple. The term ‘Swayambhu’ means ‘created on its own’. It is said that the temple is more than 2000 years old.

Durbar Square of Kathmandu


Durbar Square is the heart of Kathmandu. It is the spot where the royals were crowned in the past. Today, you can find a busy lifestyle here with many temples, heritage sites and much more. It is the best place to enjoy culture in Kathmandu. Top sites to visit in this Square are Hanuman Dhoka, temples, shops, and others.

Pashupatinath temple


This is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus in Nepal. Located on the banks of River Bagmati, this is the largest Hindu temple of the country. This temple was built in the 5th century and is restricted to Hindus alone. Hindu cremation ground is very close to the temple, along the river.



Located a little away from the Valley of Kathmandu, this traditional city is also called as Lalitpur. This olden city is famous for its collection of heritage sites, monuments, temples, and palaces. This is the best place to enjoy the traditional Newari style architecture. You can find Ashoka Stupas around Patan, built by Emperor Ashoka of India. Visit the Square for some shopping experience.

National Museum


Very close to Swayambhunath temple, you can find a national museum, which allows you to explore the history of the country. The museum holds an exhibition hall, art gallery, statue collection, antiques dating more than 1800 years ago and so on. This museum also holds war exhibitions, which includes a leather canon, which was used in the Nepal-Tibet war.

Royal Botanical Garden


This garden holds numerous species of plants divided into separate regions. Top regions to explore are the cactus house, orchid house, tropical house and so on. The center of the garden has a pond with a pillar. Locals and tourists visit this garden to enjoy the plant species and to enjoy strolling and picnicking.

Apart from these, there are numerous other spots to cover in Kathmandu. Not all destinations will be at prime beauty throughout the year. Make sure to choose the peak tourism season to enjoy most of the activities in Kathmandu.

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