Top Saving Tips While you Travel

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Travelling is all we want but when we travel there are hundreds of tensions that we keep thinking about. One of the major dilemmas is money as we have to make a proper budget. If we are serious about having the best time while travelling, we have to have a plan and a proper budget to execute that plan. We do everything from redeeming discount voucher codes to waiting for sales on several stores. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that we all make. We thought to share these mistakes here, so no one repeats them. Let’s begin?

Don’t Book Before Research

People often prefer round-trip tickets, and they usually are cheap but not always. Always make sure that you have checked all the discount voucher codes, other airlines and nothing is less than what you are paying. If so, make a payment go ahead.

Hand Carry Is The Best Travel Partner

If you are not a fan of hand carry suitcase, it’s time to become one now. Most airlines all over the world allow a hand carry and a single item that fits under the aeroplane seat. If there are chances that luggage might be overweight, hand carry can be your saviour, and you wouldn’t have to pay extra at the customs.

Even if you don’t have much luggage and your hand carry is almost empty still take it. You never know what will you buy on your trip and then there will be the stress of paying extra at the airport. If you have a hand carry, you can always shift your clothes into it and make room for the shopping.

Don’t Miss Reward Programs

Whenever you travel, make sure that you have signed up for the reward program of the airline you are travelling with. Keep track of your mileage points which are added after every flight. You can get discount voucher codes on certain points or even better; you can get a free ticket.

Save Money On Water

Invest in reusable water bottles especially for your journey. Keep refilling the bottles you will save money. If you don’t have a water bottle with you, you’ll have to buy water, and it will add to the amount spent. Even if you spend one pound per day for water, it adds up to 7 pounds a week.

Don’t Do What Everyone Else Is Doing

Don’t plan your trips in summers. Now, you must be thinking why not it is the best time to travel with vacations and all. Trust us; it’s not! Fares are higher, and everything related to travel is expensive. The reason is everyone is looking for flights. If you could wait for just a little and plan your visit in fall some serious amount can be saved. The early spring is also ideal for travelling money wisely.

Say No To Expensive Breakfast

The breakfast costs a lot, and you can’t skip it all the time. We have a trick for that too, as soon as you land at your destination visit a grocery store. Buy breakfast items like cereals, yoghurt, and oatmeal enough to last the entire trip. Try to find some discount voucher codes for grocery stores to save even more. Fix your own breakfast every morning and save up to 20 to 30 pounds per week.

Stay Away From Airport Meals

If you have a transition, it is not possible to stay hungry. So, what should you do? Eat at the airport? Not really unless you want to spend a swooping amount on a regular cheese sandwich. Pack some basic snacks to tide you up and save the money for a visit ahead.

Avoid Eating At Tourist Spots

Try to eat outside the bigger tourist areas as meals cost much expensive at the tourist attractions. If you have to eat at some big tourist spot, then try to split a single meal between two-person and add an appetiser. Portion sizes are large usually, and when doubled with the appetiser it will be enough for two people. This way you’ll cut the cost to 50%.

End Note

This is our guide for you to travel and save. Have you ever imagined saving while travelling? Follow these simple tips to do it now. The amount you save through these tips can be used for other fun activities during the trip. Trust us, when you’ll be back, you’ll be content, and there will be no guilt of going overboard with the budget.

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