Top Travel Luggage Brands of All Times

travel luggage brands

Travelers who want to enjoy their journey, always looking for to light bags. For find the travel toiletry bag that will accompany you in all your adventures, this comparison will tell you everything about the travel bag, starting with its main assets to the models and brands of luggage most appreciated by travelers through the criteria of choice. You may also check this list of best mens toiletry bags to find the right travel bag for your journey in next summer 2019.

Why You Need a Travel Bag

The first thing about a travel bag you need to see is its lightweight. Perfect for containing the strict requirements for a few days, a travel bag ensures a minimum of space. Indeed, its flexible fabric or canvas structure gives it great flexibility that will facilitate all your movements.

Currently, this type of luggage has evolved greatly and some major brands like Samsonite offer more convenient and comfortable to use travel bags on wheels. By adopting a travel bag, you made the right choice in terms of storage. A travel bag with double compartment can hold all your belongings when you go on a trip.

However, when you do not use your luggage, storage does not require much space like a rigid suitcase. You can simply put it away in a closet or drawer by folding it in your own way.

A travel bag comes in several styles. Travel bag for sports, travel bag with a shoulder strap or a fantasy model, this kind of luggage is available in several versions according to the needs and desires of everyone.

The criteria of choice for a travel bag

A cabin-size travel bag is more than enough to accompany you during your weekend getaways or your week-long holidays at most.

If you plan to travel with low-cost companies, be sure to check the dimensions and weight of your luggage so that it does not exceed the limits imposed.

In case of stays longer than several days, you can choose a large travel bag that can pass in the hold. You have the choice between the XL or XXL luggage model.

Best Travel Luggage Brands of All times

  1. Eastpak Travel Bags Brand

The brand made its shy debut in 1960 by creating ultra-resistant bags for the armed forces. It was not until 1976 that Eastpak created more trendy and urban items for the public. From there, the Eastpak brand has become known around the world thanks to its quality luggage that is cracking young people and teens.

If you are looking for a suitably sized luggage that will accommodate your business during your short trips, the Eastpak travel bag collection will meet all your expectations.

Give yourself this durable polyamide luggage that promises you high robustness. Elegant and trendy, this model offers plenty of storage space for all your belongings. Do not forget its two wheels for a trip in all ease.

  1. Samsonite Travel Bags

The famous American brand Samsonite is considered the world leader in the world of luggage. Founded in 1910, its luggage collection has continued to innovate to adapt with time to all travelers.

Travelers looking for quality and comfort will certainly be seduced by Samsonite’s Spark luggage line. Modern, robust and lightweight, this travel bag made of polyester withstands any shocks that may occur during your trip.

Available in several sizes, you can choose the format according to the duration of your stay. It’s a very functional interior makes it easy to store all your belongings.

  1. The Delsey Travel Bags

Samsonite’s main competitor, Delsey, the French luggage brand, is an innovative brand that reflects modern and quality luggage. Since 1946, it offers high-end luggage lines to travel with serenity and style.

The Tuileries travel bag is proof to show the know-how of the brand. Let yourself be seduced by its dynamic design that exudes a sense of quality. Thanks to its polyester material, this travel bag is known for its lightness and strength.

It will accommodate all your business thanks to its many sizes that are suitable for all types of travel. This baggage also has the advantage of having a ZIP SECURITECH very solid to secure the contents of your luggage.

  1. The Kipling Travel Bags

Kipling’s luggage is easily spotted thanks to his little monkey mascot often tied like a key ring to his main closure. This Belgian brand has imposed its casual style in the world of luggage to seduce all travelers.

Kipling’s travel bag model, Teagan, brings together almost everything to become your best ally on the road. This travel bag for women stands out for its casual and modern look that catches the eye. It is a flagship model of the brand thanks to its practicality, strength, and quality.

Made of nylon, this baggage promises long-lasting use. It also offers a good maneuverability thanks to its two wheels to move it with ease. Choose between the different sizes available according to your needs.

  1. The Travelite Bags for Travelers

The German Travelite brand was founded in 1949 in Hamburg. It offers all travelers quality luggage for pleasant trips. The Travelite brand collection is a line of luggage combining practicality and robustness.

The Orlando model proposed by Travelite is the flagship model of the brand. Made of polyester, this travel bag resists shocks and adapts to any type of use. Even frequent travelers will be fascinated by this ultra-resistant model. In addition, its rather bulky compartment is perfect to hold everything as its wheels to move it without the slightest effort. Available in a variety of sizes and sizes, this travel bag can be used as a carry-on bag for short stays or a hold-up bag for larger models.

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