Royalty of Umaid Bhawan Palace through Maharajas Express

Umaid Bhawan Palace-Maharajas Express

The Maharajas Express, Royal and Opulent renowned train of India is head to many beautiful and wonderful tours. It covers India’s most famous destinations, just like an amalgamation of architect marvels, naturalistic attractive places, adventurous places, and so on.

Among them, Umaid Bhawan Palace is the place to be visited with Maharajas Express train.

Umaid Bhawan Palace in the blue city is the major tourist attraction of Jodhpur. Traveling to Umaid Bhawan Palace through Maharajas Express is an experience-able thing. Let’s see what to explore in Umaid Bhawan Palace.

What to See:

Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the largest Private residences in the world and also awarded as “World’s Best Hotel” at the Traveler’s Choice Award. It is a great massive architectural structure which reveals the royalty and lavishness of Rathore rulers. It was constructed by H.H Maharaja Umaid Singh. The reason behind the construction of this Palace to provide employment for the drought-hit farmers.

At present, this Palace was parted into three sections. One is the royal residence which is meant for royal family members and the present Maharaja of the Palace is Raja Gaj Singh. Other two parts are divided into a museum and a grand five-star heritage hotel.

Attractions of Umaid Bhawan:

The main attractions of Umaid Bhawan Palace mean nothing but its imperial architectural styles and the museum and royal five-star hotel with delicious cuisines. The total Palace comprises 347 rooms with intricate designing work and beautiful attractions. The complete Palace was decorated with Teak wood and Makrana marble. Every corner of the Palace appeals stunning architectural styles.

Durbar Hall, numerous courtyards, vaulted banquet hall, swimming pool, spa, private dining halls, marble squash courts, a library, billiards room, four tennis courts, meeting hall, and a banquet hall with a capacity of 300 members etc are all the beautiful attractions of Umaid Bhawan Palace with exquisite architectural significance.

The major significant attractions of Umaid Bhawan Palace are its Museum and the five-star heritage hotel. These two plays a vital role to attract visitors.

Museum: The Museum of Umaid Bhawan Palace exhibits the collection of clocks, photographs, murals, paintings, armory, vintage cars, and artifacts belongs to the Royal family etc. The main attractions of the Museum are Leopards, porcelain ware, and the symbolic flag presented to King Jaswant Singh by Queen Victoria.

Five-Star Hotel: Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel is the name for hospitality and royalty lavishness. Totally, there are 70 guest rooms with including Maharaja and Maharani Suites. These two suites are known for beautiful marble work and curved dome mirrors with the scenic view of lush green gardens. The restaurant in the hotel offers all variety of continental and Indian dishes.

Jiva Grande Spa in the hotel is the best refreshment area with all variety of wellness treatments like Ayurvedic therapies, Yoga, Meditation, etc. Other amenities that are available are swimming pools, croquet facilities, billiards, tennis court, etc number of options in this hotel is endless.

Best Time to Visit:

Seasonally during the winter months from October to March is the ideal time and morning hours are the best to enjoy the beauty of the Palace.

Know more about the Maharajas Express train booking and experiencing the beauty of Umaid Bhawan Palace will last forever in our hearts with its beautiful attractions. The architectural styles, lush greenery gardens in and around the Palace, a collection of historically valuable things, and grandeur of the Hotel sounds the greatness of Umaid Bhawan Palace all over the world.

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