10 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Kodaikanal That Prove it’s a Paradise on Earth!

Top Kodaikanal Tourist Places

You will be amazed at how many awesome places to visit in Kodaikanal there are! While you may have heard about popular tourist places in the South such as Chennai, Ooty, or Kanyakumari, you may not have heard as much about Kodaikanal. However, it’s among the most stunning places to visit in Tamil Nadu and one that deserves to be on the bucket list of travelers to South India. Just glance at a couple of awesome Kodaikanal tourist places photos online and you’ll see what we mean! Check out our list below of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal on your trip.

Top Kodaikanal Tourist Places to Visit:

Kodaikanal is one of the best Tamil Nadu tourist places to explore. You need not to make elaborate plans to visit Kodaikanal. You can even make a short trip on last minute flights as there are several places to visit in Kodaikanal in 2 days. However, if you’re making a long trip, there are other tourist places near Kodaikanal you can visit as well. For now, read on to know what some of the most stunning Kodaikanal tourist places are!

  1. Kodaikanal Lake

This spectacular man-made, star-shaped lake built by Sir Vere Henry Levinge is sometime in the 1860s is among the most beautiful places to visit in Kodaikanal. The waters of Palani Hills ensure the lake is full and at its gorgeous best for visitors to gawk at. Welcoming a steady stream of visitors throughout the year, the outflow of the lake creates the striking ‘Silver Cascade’ waterfall.

  1. Green Valley View or Suicide Point

Previously known as Suicide Point, this is among the ideal places to visit in Kodaikanal if you wish to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. It’s among the best viewpoints in Kodaikanal offering you the chance to look at lush green valleys, rolling hills, and verdant plains. You can also take in views of the Vaigai Dam from here. On the way to the viewpoint, you will come across several shops that sell ornaments, homemade chocolates, and other things.

  1. Pillar Rocks

If you’re booking business class flights for a romantic sojourn in Kodaikanal, Pillar Rocks are a must-visit. Owing to its remote location, tranquil ambiance, and a romantic vibe, this is among the best places to visit in Kodaikanal for honeymooning couples. With a gorgeous mini garden and the massive 400-feet-high boulders, it’s also an ideal picnic spot. Pack a few light snacks and spend some quality time with your beau at Pillar Rocks.

  1. Bear Shola Falls

Barely 2 km from Kodaikanal Lake, this is not just among the best Kodaikanal tourist places but it’s also among the most stunning waterfalls in India. Wondering why the falls are named so? The story goes that there was a bear that made this place its favorite haunt and frequented it often. Notwithstanding the name, Bear Shola Falls happen to be among the most peaceful and beautiful Kodaikanal places to visit.

  1. Kodai-Palani Trek

This is among the most exciting places to visit in Kodaikanal for avid trekkers. The hilly region is replete with hiking trails for all types of trekkers – be it amateurs or experienced ones. Since Kodaikanal is perched approximately over 6,900 feet high on a plateau above the Upper Palani hills, the stunningly beautiful Kodai-Palani trek is among the most popular ones in the region. Take your camera along and capture amazing Kodaikanal images along the way.

  1. Guna Caves or Devil’s Kitchen

Discovered sometime in the early 1820s by B.S. Ward, an English Officer, the Guna Caves are among the most fascinating tourist places near Kodaikanal. The caves weren’t so popular until a Kamal Hassan movie called ‘Guna’ pushed them into the limelight. They are now included in every other list of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal. If you love exploring caves, this place is a must-visit for you.

  1. Coaker’s Walk

A man-made walking court stretching for about a kilometer, Coaker’s Walk is a must-visit when it comes to Kodaikanal tourist places. It’s among the best places to visit in Kodaikanal in evenings to enjoy gorgeous sunset views over stunning valleys and lush green hills. Not only can you walk this path that curves around the mountain, but you can also ride a bicycle on it. The path is a mere half kilometer from Kodaikanal Lake and can be reached easily.

  1. Kurinji Temple

Associated with the gorgeous Kurinji flowers that bloom once in 12 years and dedicated to Hindu deity Murugu, the Kurinji Temple is among the best places to visit in Kodaikanal. Not only does it hold immense religious significance for spiritual travelers, but the place also offers scenic views of the surrounding villages. The Kurinji Temple complex holds a small garden area as well as a park. Explore the temple complex at leisure and have the best time ever.

  1. Christ the King Church

This is among the best places to visit in Kodaikanal for a historical-cum-spiritual experience. Among the most prominent CSI churches in South India, Christ the King Church holds immense significance for locals and tourists alike. The church has been made using granite and depicts Gothic architecture. It also features stunning stained-glass embellished windows. Masses are held in Tamil and English both. You can visit regardless of your faith since the Church welcomes people of all religions.

  1. Kodai Chocolate Factory

Without a doubt, this is among the top places to visit in Kodaikanal for hardcore chocolate fans! Started sometime in the late 1990s, the Kodai Chocolate Factory specializes in chocolates, coffee, aromatic oils, and more. Their chocolate and other products are 100 percent vegetarian. To try out and buy different types of chocolates, visit Cloud Street, S.G. Cottage, Pot Luck, and Chocolate Factory.

Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal:

With pleasant weather all year round, any time is generally a good time to visit Kodaikanal. However, the early summer months of March through June are generally considered the ideal time to visit Kodaikanal. The weather is most pleasant during this time to explore the stunning places to visit in Kodaikanal without any hindrances. Also, the region is at its most colorful best during this time. For shutterbugs, the monsoon is a good time to visit Kodaikanal.

How to Reach Kodaikanal:

There are many ways to reach and explore these absolutely gorgeous places to visit in Kodaikanal. You can book flights to the Madurai Airport as it’s the nearest one to Kodaikanal. Alternatively, you can book cheap flights to Chennai International Airport (MAA) and board a connecting one to Madurai from there. You will find discounted airfares with Indian Eagle travel agency. If you wish to arrive by road, there are regular TNSTC buses from major cities such as Chennai, Bengaluru, and Madurai. If you wish to arrive by trains, the nearest railway station is the Kodai road.

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