Reasons to Plan a Weekend Getaway to Sikkim

Reasons to Plan a Weekend Getaway to Sikkim

The land of fascinating beauty, mystery, and tranquillity, Sikkim is one of the most beautiful states of Indian without any doubt. It hosts travellers from every part of the country even after being a small state.

Be it history, natural beauty or clean surroundings this state always tops the chart. Many travellers are still unaware of Sikkim’s beauty. That’s why they hesitate while buying Sikkim tour packages and visiting Sikkim. Well, travelling to some new destinations should be always on your list if you are an avid traveller. Especially, when, the place is situated in mighty Himalayan ranges!

Still, not sure about visiting Sikkim? It’s ok; there should be valid reasons behind every action or trip.

So, we are going to list the top reasons why you should plan a weekend getaway to Sikkim. Read and decide for yourself!

1. The Land of Sky High Mountains:

Land of Sky High Mountains

 Nothing can beat the natural beauty of mountains; not even lofty artificial edifices. Sikkim is a part of the Himalayas that consist some of the world’s highest mountain peaks. Situated in the eastern Himalayan ranges, Sikkim boasts of its lofty mountains and high passes.

This is a reason why mountaineers and trekkers always wish to visit Sikkim. Apart from it, people who love to savour natural views from such a height loves to visit Sikkim. Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak of the world is also located in this small yet beautiful state. Isn’t it a big reason to visit a place? Think about it!

2. The Heaven for Trekkers and Campers:

trekking in sikkim

 Who can understand the significance of hills more than trekkers and campers? The undulating majestic hills covered with lush green vegetation are yet another reason that attracts many visitors to Sikkim. Adventure enthusiasts would do anything to visit a place that houses high peaks and thrilling trekking trails.

Sikkim is the favourite weekend stoppage of professional trekkers and campers. These people come here to try some of the most enthralling treks to challenging their own strength. Camping atop the hills overlooking beautiful valleys is a trending activity among youngsters. So, they stop by Sikkim to try this out!

3. Home to Richly Diverse Wildlife:

 Sikkim is blessed with many natural wonders including a large expanse of forest cover. You would be astonished to know that Sikkim owns one of the largest forest covers of India enveloping 50% of its total land. Now, you can estimate how rich and diverse would be Sikkim’s wildlife.

You can find many animal lovers and photographers while coming to Sikkim. Of course, they can’t miss to see and capture scores of animal species. Sikkim houses not only common but, also rare and endangered animal species. You can also spot lovely red pandas here! And don’t forget about the numerous colourful migratory birds that come to Sikkim. Do we need to say more?

4. The Hub of Peaceful Monasteries:

Peaceful Monasteries

 You can find many beautiful Buddhist monasteries prevailing peace in the entire Sikkim. These age-old monasteries are the source of pacifying vibes and soothing atmosphere of Sikkim. These religious centres are gaining importance as must-visit tourist spots in recent years.

People seeking inner peace often turn up to the monasteries in Sikkim. Not only worshippers of Buddhism but, people of every faith come here to feel that divine presence or for just enjoying some quality time. The top monasteries of Sikkim include Rumtek Monastery, Phodong Monastery, Pemayangtse Monastery, Ralanga Monastery and Lachen Monastery. If you also love peaceful destinations then, we think the monasteries will compel you to Sikkim!

 5. The Cleanest State of India:

Time for a shocking revelation! Yes, Sikkim was selected as the cleanest state of the entire country back in 2012. Since then, it had never missed to live up to that title and reputation. Many tourists simply come here to inhale some fresh air! People residing in most of the metro cities crave for clean and unpolluted surroundings.

If you also want to experience that pollution free life for some days then, you shouldn’t think twice before buying your Sikkim tour package. The use of plastic bags and other things that pollute the environment is completely to ban in Sikkim. The folks of this state at least try to pay back the Mother Nature for its bountiful favours.

6. Owns Luscious Cuisine:

Luscious Cuisine

 Foodies never leave a chance to visit a destination that offers them lip-smacking food. Sikkimese cuisine attracts many food lovers who just come here to try authentic Sikkimese food. Boasting hundreds of yummy dishes, Sikkim is a place where you can’t stay away from food!

Along with famous Sikkimese dishes, you can also savour various Nepalese and Tibetan food items in Sikkim. Ranging from thupka to sael roti and from momos to yak cheese, you can explore a never-ending list of dishes during your stay in Sikkim. Yes, everything that you need to satiate your food-lust is available in Sikkim!

7. Boasts of Rich Culture and Friendly Folks:

Friendly Folks

 Sikkim is one of the oldest inhabited regions of northeast India so; it holds a history dating back to numerous decades. Moreover, Sikkim has a rich culture and ancient traditions. You would see that while attending the famous festivities of Sikkimese people. Every side of its culture would invoke some new thoughts in your mind.

The folks of Sikkim are very simple and friendly. They lead a happy life without any cruel tactics. They also host visitors with full enthusiasm and love. Living on the basis of Buddhist morals and truth, these people would make your trip truly unforgettable. Stay in a Sikkimese house, and you will surely agree on it.

We know that these reasons are more than enough to plan a tour to Sikkim. Do you also feel the same? Then, why are you still waiting? Go pack your bags and make an awesome holiday getaway plan to visit Sikkim. And hey, if you find some new reason to love Sikkim then, surely share them with us!

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